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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Continuing Series > Doppelganger: Part Four

Doppelganger: Part Four

by the11thwiseman

Day and Night
"Have you ever heard of the Demons of Rei?" Ghaleon asked.

"Hmm... four demons created by invaders of Neopia that were destroyed many hundreds of years ago," Aerowin recited, from his lessons in History class.

"The history books write destroyed... but that is not entirely true..." Ghaleon started pacing. "The defenders of this world were only able to hurt the demons in inefficient means... it appeared that we were going to lose."

"But then a few scientists banned together, and created the Alpha-Omega Spliter."

"Catchy name," Aerowin muttered.

"It was amazingly effective against the Demons, but they could not be destroyed using the ray, only the historians imagined this," Ghaleon continued.

"But wait... if it was so effective, then what did it do?" Aerowin pressed.

"It split the demons into three parts," Ghaleon began staring at Aerowin as he talked. "The physical form, and the two pieces of the soul."

"I hold in my arm the physical form of the great AeroDemon, trapped within this orb."

"But what does this have to do with me?" Aerowin asked, staring at the orb, which for some reason seemed to be moving.

"The two soul pieces could not be contained like the physical form of the demons... so they dispersed into a dormant state."

"Using the physical piece I activated them with a spell several years ago." Ghaleon was sneering now.

"One was the day piece, one was the night piece... when I activated these pieces... they created two new creatures, that were placed in random locations throughout Neopia."

"To my surprise, one fell very close to my lair..." He turned to look at Deres. "It was a baby shadow Shoyru, whom I raised ever hoping to find the day soul piece." Ghaleon started laughing. "Can you guess who that soul piece is?"

"Hmm... Ferez?" Aerowin guessed, a creepy feeling now crawling through him.

"YOU IDIOT!" Deres suddenly yelled. "YOU ARE THE DAY, I AM THE NIGHT! ACCEPT YOUR FATE!" Deres caught himself after a fierce stare from Ghaleon.

"The fact the emotional dampening spell is being deactivated by Aerowin's presence is all the proof I need," Ghaleon said as he lifted up the orb, "Now the AeroDemon shall be released... and this miserable planet shall be DESTROYED!"

"Who are you?" Aerowin said, still recovering from his latest shock.

"I am Ghaleon Arca Boleven... heir to the throne of Kali..." Ghaleon stared further, "I assimilate other creatures bodies as my own using this orb... and in this way I have been able to live for the past five thousand years."

"But why do you want the Demon released?" Aerowin pressed, noticing Deres in the background paying close attention to Ghaleon's every word.

"Well..." Ghaleon paused, "I will assimilate the demon's body... and anything I desire shall be mine." Ghaleon laughed.


"Deres... release Aerowin's seal," Ghaleon ordered. This followed by Deres moving near Ghaleon and Aerowin, and him lifting his arms.

"So you would assimilate my body after I combine with him?" Deres asked Ghaleon.

"More or less..." Ghaleon said, keeping his eyes on Aerowin. However, he did not notice Deres grabbing the orb from his arms till it was too late.

"You are pathetic without this... " Deres smiled, "And this increases my magic to quite a high level... I wonder if I could cast the releasement spell with this."

"No, you fool!" Ghaleon glared, casting a bolt of fire that Deres easily dodged. Deres, lifting the orb high, began chanting words under his breath. Slowly, a type of steam released from the Aisha, and the Aisha fell to the ground.

"Ghaleon is no longer alive... I wouldn't have tried that if I hadn't had emotions pressing onto my every action... and he knew that..." Deres muttered.

"Wow... I didn't expect that..." Aerowin said, thanking his luck. Deres then released Aerowin's seal.

"Now I shall destroy you..." Deres said, a sneer across his face.

"What? Why!?" Aerowin panicked.

"These emotions... they are unpleasant... that fool was using me, and it was only right to rid myself of him... yet I steal feel this... unpleasant sensation," Deres continued, a few tears welling up, "AND IF I DESTROY YOU, THESE EMOTIONS WILL STOP!" Deres followed this by blasting Aerowin to the opposite wall with a strong gust of wind.

"But that was a barrier that guy placed on you!" Aerowin reasoned, recovering from his blow.

"I don't care... if I destroy you, it should reactivate!" Deres said, firing another blast of wind, that Aerowin dodged.

"Maybe being closer to him would do something besides transfer emotions..." Aerowin thought, and he got an idea. Charging into the shadow Shoyru who was conjuring another blast, Aerowin began to cast the barrier spell that had been placed around him.

"You fool... you could barely produce a slight breeze the last time you tried!" Deres yelled, still charging for a spell.

"Yeah... but I didn't focus on it before," Aerowin reasoned, "AND NOW I TRAP YOU WITH YOUR OWN POWER!"

A barrier much like the one that was around Aerowin concealed a furious Deres.

"HOW!?" Deres yelled, pounding and blasting the sides of his prison.

"If we share the transfer of emotions, then we share other things as well... so I focused on using your power... and I did, to conceal you."

"You... I loathe you..." Deres said, calming down a bit, and giving into udder hatred.

"Maybe... but you'll be able to get out of that in a few days... and I'll be long gone," Aerowin responded.

"Whoops... looks like you still have the orb in there... oh well... I hate to leave it, but I have to go, see ya!" Aerowin said, flying away from the lair.

"And as he leaves... my emotions stay," grimaced the locked up Deres.

Suddenly the Aisha got up from the ground. "Where am I?" he said, looking around, "last I remember was some Grundo casting a spell..." the Aisha walked out, ignoring the trapped Deres beside him.

As Aerowin flew away, he saw a band of about a hundred NeoPets below him. He swooped down, and saw Ferez leading them.

"So... what are you up to?" Aerowin asked, flying down in front of the army below him.

"Aerowin!" Ferez said in shock. "We were just going to rescue you, following the path that shadow Shoyru took.."

"You don't think I could get out of trouble on my own?" Aerowin asked the bewildered captain.

"No... it's very surprising you did," Ferez added.

"Well... I think we should go home for now... I think I found my new job too."

"What is it?" Ferez asked.

"Fighting in tournaments! I WILL BE THE BEST MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" cackled Aerowin as he flew off to return to his home.

"I will get you Aerowin..." the trapped Deres muttered.

"I WILL GET YOU!!!!" Deres yelled.

The End

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