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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 15th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Editorial


Where can I get a real White Aisha plushie?
You will be able to purchase Neopets merchandise including plushies, fridge magnets, notebooks and much more at any Limited Too in America very shortly. (Sorry it is just USA only for the time being) We go on sale on March 16th (March 18th on the West Coast). The White Aisha plushies are super rare and there will only be a few of them on sale at each store.

Can the Rainbow Swirly Potion turn your pet into a Robot?
It may, but it depends how lucky you are. Most probably it will just turn your Neopet a more common colour.

Are the plushies in the shops going to be as big as the one that monster is holding on the Neocam?
Yes, that plushie is actual size - just over six inches tall from its paws to the top of its head. The ears are an extra 3 1/2 - 4 inches high.

I have heared a rumour that the advent calander is open on all major holidays such as Easter?
Nope, that's not true. Advent calendars are only used at Christmas time (in the month of celebrating or December as non-Neopian's know it).

When is the Back to School Shop going to start stocking more items?
We are adding more items each week. There should be plenty to go around very shortly.

Where is the Gourmet club located where I can see all of the scores?
You can get to the Gourmet Club by clicking on 'Pet Central' in the yellow side bar. Then click on the text 'Gourmet Club' under the 'Current Competitions' sub-header. Once you are in the club, you can see all the scores on the main page.

When is the the Witching hour? I really want to fight Edna!
The Witching hour is midnight Neopian Standard Time (NST). You can find out what time it is in Neopia by clicking on the main page, or going to the Calendar or World section.

Is there a Neopets TV show?
Ha ha... No, we aren't that big... YET! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Is it true that you or Adam will freeze people's accounts if they have more than 100k because people in the chat rooms say it true?
People in chat rooms also say they are famous celebrities and that they are all stunning supermodels :) Fortunately that is just a fib, we do not freeze people just for having a lot of Neopoints. We only freeze people when they break one or more of the Rules of the site.

In multi player tournaments like Geos what happens if your opponent never shows up?
After 24 hours of either player not moving, the player whose turn it is will see a move or lose button. Once that is clicked if the opponent doesn't move before the end of the game then you are declared the winner.

Someone on Neopets claims that Adam is going to start making us pay for our Neopets accounts. Is this true, or is it just a stupid rumour?
It's just a stupid rumour!

Can the Pant Devil Steal an item in you inventory that is being auctioned?
No, it's one of the few things that pesky little fiend can't get hold of...

Are all the limited use battledome items listed in the Battlepedia?
No, only items of rarity 99 or less are shown in the Battlepedia. The super rare items are excluded to give an element of surprise. If it is a limited use item, it should say so in the description.

I heard of the Stone Lupe Claw, but no one seems to have it in their shop or up for trade. Have you guys released it?
The Stone Lupe Claw is a special item that only Sabre-X uses when you fight him in the Battledome. It is not an item that you can buy in the shops.

How come you can still buy a Glass paint brush if you can no longer use it?
The Glass paint brush is retired, this means it is much harder to get hold of. It cannot be used and will not be re-instated. It is just a rare collectable item, like the Fish Negg.

I know Chias turn into fruits when they eat a Chia pop, but what kind of fruit do they turn into if they ate a Rainbow Chia Pop?
They don't, only certain Chia pops are magical - see last week's editorial for more details.

How much are the Krawks and the Rainbow Swirly Potion in the shops?
You can find this out by going to the Shop Wizard (the little starry tent on the shops toolbar). Prices vary from day to day, the best price I found was 100,000 NP for a Krawk. The Rainbow Swirly Potion is too rare to be listed yet. Your best bet is probably the Trading Post.

I found a battldome opponent called Quiggle Warlord, yet nobody has ever faced him, who is this guy?
This is a new Battledome Challenger that will be released very shortly. Here is a sneak preview of the warlord and his trusty steed :)

Is it true that the gnomes are NEVER AGAIN TO BE RELEASED as advertised?
Those particular gnomes will never be released again, although other gnomes will be released in the Gardening shop so people who prefer not to or are unable to sign up with sponsors still have a chance to have a gnome in their neogarden.

On the Neopets calendar, why does it say on November 15th Neopets turns 3, yet December 31st/January 1st Neopia enters year 5? On the World section, it even says that it is the 4th year.
Ok, its a little confusing, but here goes. Neopets was started in 1999, so that is year 1. January 1st 2000 was the beginning of year 2, January 2001 was the beginning of year 3 and January 2002 was the beginning of year 4. This means we are currently in Year 4 and Year 5 will begin on the 1st January 2003. The official launch of Neopets was November 15th 1999 which means it will have been live for exactly 3 years on November 2002, hence we are celebrating our third birthday then.

I live in England and would love to see people working on the Neocam, can you tell me what times it will be switched on?
The Neocam is normally turned on around 10am NST(Neopian Standard Time) and is on all day until 6pm NST (Monday to Friday). This means you are likely to spot us between 6pm and 1am in the UK.

Who answers the Editorial questions? Donna? Adam? Who?
Donna mainly, although if you see any asparagus related answers, that will be Adam :)

Well, one night while exploring Tyrannia I saw a building labeled The Obelisk, the next morning when I checked back it was gone. Is this some TLW thing?
Nope, this is what happens when you edit the maps late at night. I accidentally added an old version of the Tyrannian map that had the Obelisk on it. My bad sorry :(

I mailed in a picture for the Art Gallery's Artistic Neopet special, because it said it was an upcoming topic. Why isn't it up yet?
We get literally hundreds of pictures sent in a day and we try to select the best ones to go up. Unfortunately this means not everyone that sends in a pictute appears on the site. You should know if you have won the artistic pets special very shortly, we just wanted to do the Gelert special around Gelert day.

Can you speak Welsh?
No, I can say 'I like Coffee' and 'Shut the door', but that is about it.

Who is Fyora? Jhudora keeps saying that Fyora will be mad at her.
Fyora is the Faerie Queen and she doesn't really approve of Jhudora recruiting innocent Neopets to do her bidding.

When will you make some more purple pets and petpets?
I will make sure some get added next week, including a Purple Kacheek :)

What is St. David's Day?
Saint David, or Dewi Sant, as he is known in the Welsh language, is the patron saint of Wales. He was a Celtic monk, abbot and bishop, who lived in the sixth century. During his life, he was the archbishop of Wales, and is a very important figure in Welsh history. St David's day is a celebration in honour of his life.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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