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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 30 > New Series > The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part One

The Mystery of The Battle Faerie Treasure: Part One

by purplepokadotz

One day a couple of NeoPets were outside in Central Neopia, not knowing what was in store for them that day. They were playing happily as all NeoPets usually do. There was a red Shoyru, a green Gelert, a purple Eyrie, and a white Lupe.

"Try and catch my fire ball, Gyro!" the red Shoyru said, throwing the ball so high in the air that it went down with strong force but the white Lupe caught it in his mouth with ease.

"Ha, I caught it, any other special moves you guys want to try on me?" Gyro said, throwing the ball to the purple Eyrie.

"Yeah, I have one... I call it my fly ball!" the Eyrie said, swooping up into the air and throwing the ball far.

Gyro went after the ball but before he could get it the green Gelert caught it in her mouth.

"Ha, I got the ball," the green Gelert said, waving it in Gyro's face.

"Hey, give that back, Earthy!" Gyro said, running after the green Gelert.

"Ha, you can't catch me!" Earthy said.

They ran and ran till they came to the street, that's when a small transport came roaring by, and through something out the window.

It landed right in front of Earthy.

"Hey what's this?" Earthy asked herself. She picked up the small package.

"Hey what is that?" Gyro asked, walking up to Earthy.

"I am not sure, there is something inside this crinkled up package. Lets see what's inside," Earthy said, opening the package lid.

"Hey, what is that you guys?" SunRays the red Shoyru asked, the Eyrie right behind.

"Hold on let me open it, SunRays," said Earthy.

"Well, hurry it up! It's not like it's a bomb or something," the purple Eyrie said.

"Well it could be, Keenac!" Gyro pointed out.

"Then I am not opening it up! You open it up!" Earthy said, pushing the package into SunRays hands.

"No way! You open it Keenac!" SunRays said, pushing the package into Keenac's hands.

"No no no no and NO!" Keenac said, pushing the package back into SunRays hands.

"I'll open, you wimps," Gyro said, snatching the package out of the two NeoPet's hands.

Gyro flipped the flap of the envelope that held the package. Every one stared intently, when the flap was all the way open and when Gyro started to pull out the object everyone gasped at what they saw!

Inside the crinkled package was a small charm on a necklace. The charm was the shape of a heart; it was made of gold and had a small diamond in the middle.

"Oh, it's just a silly necklace," SunRays said.

"I think it is pretty. I'll take it if none of you guys want it," Earthy said, snatching it out of Gyro's hand.

"Hey it might be worth something!" Gyro said, trying to get it out of Earthy's paws.

"Is that all you think about Gyro... money?" Keenac asked.

"Yup," Gyro said sarcastically.

"Well, it looks really old so it might not be worth a Neopoint or two," SunRays said, grabbing the necklace.

"But it could be an antique," Gyro pointed out.

"Well that's true, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to go to the gift shop and see if it is worth anything," SunRays said, pointing down the street to what looked like a shop in the distance.

"All right but if it is worth something what do we do with it then?" Earthy asked.

"We can put it in my owner's shop, and split the profits," Keenac said with hope.

"Okay that sounds like a plan," Gyro said, taking the necklace and putting it back in the crinkled envelope.


When they made it to the small Gift shop they walked in a little nervous.

"How can I help you little ones?" said a red Scorchio behind the counter.

"Umm, yes you can, sir," Earthy said nervously.

"We were hoping you could tell us if this is worth anything," Gyro said, handing the crinkled package to the Scorchio.

He pulled the old jewelry out of the package, "This is old; it might be an antique, hmm... let me just check some books in the back that might tell me what this is," the Scorchio said, walking to the back room.

"Thank you, sir," SunRays said, a few minutes later he came back with an old large book named Myths and Legends of Neopia.

"What's that for sir?" Keenac asked.

"If I am mistaken, I think that might be the legendary Battle Faerie Defence Amulet. But that is only a myth," the Scorchio said, blowing off the dust that covered the cover of the old book.

"I see you don't use that often," SunRays said, choking on the dust, "Well, it's not often we get this kind of stuff," the Scorchio said, opening the large book.

He started to read the entry in the book:

"A long time ago when Neopia was young, there was another faerie, by the name of the Battle Faerie. She was a great battle; she would only teach NeoPets with good experience. She would teach them her techniques. But there was one helpful thing of hers that would give life when she needed it in a Battle. The rare Defence Amulet, it was given to her by the Faerie Queen herself. But Neopia started to change and the Battle Faerie dropped from sight. Some say she is somewhere practising to become the strongest in Neopia. But others say she is waiting for a great challenger to battle," the Scorchio continued, "Some people believe that they have seen her in Neopia. But there have been not that many sightings."

"That's all it says guys," the red Scorchio said, handing them back their necklace.

"How would we know if this is the Battle Faerie's Defence Amulet?" Earthy asked.

"I am not sure, maybe if you get a book on the Battle Faerie it might tell you more about the Amulet," the Scorchio said, snapping the book shut.

"Off to the book store Guys!" Keenac said.

When they walked into the door they saw many people in the bookstore search for what they need. They walked up to the counter, where a blue Nimmo was fiddling with some things. "How can I help you younglings?" the blue Nimmo said looking down. "Well umm do you have any reading material on the err Battle Faerie?" Keenac asked nervously.

"Yes we do let me show you were," the Nimmo said, walking to the front of the counter. "Right this way," he said, leading them done a few aisles filled with books. "Here we are--Myths and Legends," the Nimmo said, handing them a large book entitled The Mystery of the Battle Faerie.

"Thanks, sir. Umm, how much will this be?" SunRays said, taking the book from the NeoPet.

"That book cost, well, let's see, ummm... eerr... well, I can't seem to remember. I'll give it to yea for 189 Neopoints," said the Nimmo in deep thought.

"Thanks, sir. Here's 189 Neopoints on the dot!" Gyro said.

They ran out of the bookstore and to their Clubhouse, which was in the back yard of Keenac's owners house.

"OK, let's start to read," said Earthy, skimming through the book.

"The Battle Faerie was known to be the best of the best. She was strong and noble helped the weak when they fell. But Neopia started to change and the battle Faerie just vanished. But pets still remember the Amulet that she held around her neck at all times. She would never take it off, until one day, she was battling a pant devil when more pant devils showed up then all of a sudden Dr. Sloth came into sight. The pant devils grabbed the Faerie around her arms and legs and held tight. She couldn't get loose, Dr. Sloth snatch the Amulet that hug around her neck and just walked away. The pant devils dropped her and left quickly. That's when they say she disappeared. Some pets say that she is practising to get her revenge on Dr. Sloth but others say that the Queen Faerie was furious with her that she let Dr. Sloth take it and banished her to the shadows," Earthy finished.

"Hey here is some info on the Amulet. It says that it was the most powerful defence weapon in whole Neopia. And that it was part of a secret TREASURE!!!" Gyro read.

"Hey, and here is a treasure map!" SunRays said, pulling an old paper out of the back of the book.

"But that is just a legend guys, we don't know if this is true," Keenac said nervously.

"I am going for the treasure, if any of you wimps want to join me you are free to come," Gyro said, rolling the map up.

"Hey what do we have to lose?" Earthy asked.

"I guess nothing," SunRays said.

"WHAT!!?? Are you guys stupid we could get lost or we could get seriously hurt or worse! And all of that for a little bit of Neopoints! You guys are NUTS!!!" Keenac yelled, walking back and forth in the clubhouse.

"We're not nuts, we're just not a wimp like you!" Gyro said, yelling back at his friend who called him stupid.

"All right, stop your fighting, Keenac is right... we will bring a first aid kit with us, and a compass. Is that all right Keenac?" Earthy said.

"Yes, I guess. We do have to have some kind of adventure," Keenac said finally caving in.

"Then off to the treasure we GO!" SunRays said, pointing to the exit of the hut.

To be continued...

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