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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 30 > Continuing Series > Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Four

Doomsday Rider: The Final Rush - Part Four

by yugo149

Last time on Doomsday Rider IV, Kaltex finally obtained a third of the power he was after. The Thunderstone is now an empty shell. Amun-Ra is fighting Anubis III, one of our heroes taken over by Kaltex's dark magic. If Kaltex is not defeated soon, chaos will spread throughout the universe.

Kaltex drained every ounce of energy from the Thunderstone. He stood up, walked over to his chair, and sat back down. Kaltex was already the most powerful warrior in the universe.

"I believe this much energy should be more than enough," Kaltex said. He opened a screen of light, and halted the fight between Amun-Ra and Anubis. "Anubis, I want you to go destroy Casi. I'll take care of them myself," he said, getting an evil grin on his face. He removed his helmet, and his hair, which was all white, except the ends, which were blue, snapped back as soon as the helmet was no longer touching his hair. Anubis, obeying Kaltex's commands, flew away toward the Air Tower. A few moments later, part of the base of the tower we were at blasted open, revealing Kaltex, already charging up an energy ball with both his hands.

"Now you will all feel the full extent of my new power!" Kaltex shouted as he stepped out of the tower. He immediately fired the energy ball at Shadow, throwing him across the small area, into the castle wall.

"Whoa!" Amun-Ra shouted. We were all shocked about how much power Kaltex was packing. He began charging another energy ball, moving toward us with a pure evil plan in mind.

"Once I destroy all of you, I will conquer the universe," Kaltex said, preparing to throw his energy ball at another one of us. "Wait, I don't want to use up all my new power out here. Tell you what. If you get to the top of the Lightning Tower, I'll fight you there," Kaltex said, disappearing in a flash of blue light.

At the Air Tower...

Anubis typed the access code into the keypad. He threw open the doors and entered the tower. He slowly walked over to the power grid. He entered the access code into it, too.

"Complete system shut down," Anubis said. A window of light opened up with Casi's image on it. She stared at Anubis.

"Anubis, you don't have any power here anymore," Casi answered. "I can't do a complete system shut down without Ako, Koujii, Amun-Ra, or Geicjo telling me to." The window with her image closed.

"We'll do it the hard way, then," Anubis said, raising his fist, ready to destroy the power grid. He slammed his fist down, shattering the centre of the console. He tore it open the rest of the way, reached in, and cut the four black wires. He began to walk out of the tower. He pushed open the doors and left them open after he left.

At Kaltex's castle...

We nudged Shadow until he came to, and then we began our trek through the Lightning Tower, which we had no idea how long it would take. About an hour and a half later, we were reaching the top of the tower. As we slid open the gate in our way, we spotted Kaltex against the back wall in his chair.

"Well, it's about time you got here. I don't feel like fighting right now. Enoma, would you mind destroying these little fools?" Kaltex asked. Enoma stepped forward. He was covered in thick armour. His only exposed area was his head. He slowly walked toward us. After what seemed like an hour, I ran forward, clenching my sword, and swung it forward, slicing Enoma right in the head. He flashed red for a second, and shot across the room into the stone wall.

He stood up, wiping the small stream of sweat from his face. He jumped onto the wall, ran up onto the ceiling, and sat there, firing small energy balls at us. Finally, Shadow jumped up and punched Enoma right in the face. He flashed red again, and fell to the floor. Now he started charging at us and tried to head-butt us. After Enoma rushed us a few times, Amun-Ra tripped him, and slammed his weapon into the back of Enoma's head. He flashed red, and started glowing red, too.

Enoma's next move was to destroy the ceiling and walls of the room. He slammed his fist down on the floor as hard as he could, and the walls began to crumble. Three walls collapsed, causing the roof to fall and form a ramp. Enoma knocked the roof off the building, and destroyed the last wall.

Enoma started rushing us again, and Amun-Ra tripped him again, punched him in the back of the head, and knocked him out. Enoma's armour shattered, and he was still flashing red.

"No! What did you do?" Kaltex asked. He fired an energy ball at Enoma, knocking him off the side of the building, and back down to the ground. "You will pay. I'll see you in the Inferno Tower," Kaltex said, disappearing in another flash of blue.

"How many towers are there in Kaltex's castle?" Boomdogg asked.

"Six," Ako answered. "We just fought on the Lightning Tower, and so there are still the Sunken Tower, Inferno Tower, Shadow Tower, Doomsday Tower, and then the Main Tower."

"Then what are we waiting around here for? Let's get to the Inferno Tower!" I said. "Amun-Ra, do you think you could change into something that could carry us to the next tower?" I asked.

"Well, I suppose I could try something," Amun-Ra answered. As soon as the words left his mouth, he began changing into a rather large eagle. Boomdogg, Midnight, and Ako got on his back, and he took off for the Inferno Tower. Me and Shadow stayed for a moment.

"Now, I know we're not friends, and I know you know I worked for Zing-Lau, so let's not fight, deal?" Shadow asked me.

"Deal," I said, we both took off flying after Amun-Ra.

A short while later...

When we caught up to Amun-Ra, he was hanging onto the wall of the tower, trying to break a hole in it. When he did finally break it, we all flew in, and saw Kaltex against the northern wall, and at his side was Reo.

"Well, it's about time you got here," Kaltex said, grinning evilly. "Reo, please release Draegon. We'll see how these NeoPets measure up to his power," Kaltex said, eyeing us. "We'll see you in the Shadow Tower." After he said that, he and Reo disappeared in a flash of blue. A few moments later, I heard a creaking noise.

"Did you guys hear that?" I asked very quietly.

"Hear what?" Midnight asked. I looked down at the floor.

"It sounded like it came from down there," I said, pointing to the floor. I stopped pointing and looked at the others. I heard what sounded like a loud cracking sound, but I ignored it. Midnight pointed to something behind me. I turned around, and there was a red, clawed fist, sticking out of the floor. Another one shot up nearby, and then a head jutted out of the floor. The head was red, and had long, slender horns coming from the back. It's neck was long and slender, and had spikes running down the back.

"Oh my god..." Boomdogg quietly said.

"That would be Draegon," Ako whispered. Draegon's eyes were fiery red, and his claws were a faint yellow.

"He looks like he's going to be hard to defeat," I said, unsheathing my sword and clenching it tightly. Boomdogg ran up to me, and used his new special ability, the Phoenix Uprising, which was a combination of all twelve of his abilities. Draegon flashed red, and like Enoma, began glowing red. Boomdogg ran forward and rammed Draegon right in the chest as hard as he could, and Draegon didn't react much, but we could tell he was weakened from the jolt. I ran forward, and slashed Draegon in the neck with my Million Degree Sword. He flashed a really bright red, illuminating the dimly lit room, and fell back down the hole in the floor.

"Now we move on," Amun-Ra said. "Our next destination is the Shadow Tower."

An hour and a half later...

We hurried up the winding staircase toward the top of the tower. When we got to the top, the doors were wide open. The chamber here was quite large. At the entrance, there were two statues of dragons facing each other, with their heads aimed down slightly. All of us walked through with no problem, except for Amun-Ra. When he walked through, the dragons shot what looked like fire at him. When the fire burned out, Amun-Ra was fine. No burns or anything. He tried to shape-shift into something, but nothing happened.

"Kaltex, what did those statues do to me?" Amun-Ra shouted.

"They simply drained your shape-shifting power and isolated it under the ring as pure energy," Kaltex answered, grinning evilly again. "Whirlpoolwarhead, bring me the gemstones. Reo, you know what to do," Kaltex said, looking to Reo. A few seconds later, a blue Techo brought Kaltex the gemstones. Reo stepped up, and behind him, a fence started to rise out of the floor. I stepped forward, and the same thing happened to me. The fences sealed off everybody else from the fight, and sealed off the others from Kaltex and the Techo.

"You will be destroyed, my friend," Reo said, grinning slightly. Kaltex began draining the energy from the Shadowstone and Firestone just before the fight between me and Reo started.

"Didn't you see what arrogance did to Enoma?" I asked him.

"Oh, yes I did, but I'm much more of a warrior than he was," Reo answered. Still grinning, he slammed his fist into the floor, and the entire floor of the ring we were in turned into somewhat of an antigravity arena. There we were, floating in nothingness. Even the back wall Kaltex was at became part of the arena.

"Excellent choice of an arena, Reo," Kaltex said. "Now, destroy him whatever you do. I'll see them in the Doomsday Tower," he said, disappearing in another flash of blue with the Techo who brought him the gemstones.

"How does he do that?" Boomdogg asked. Reo's first move in the fight was to knee me in the gut, hit me in the head with his fist, and hit me in the back of the neck with his elbow. The combination was extremely powerful, and sent me flying back towards the back wall where Kaltex had been. I managed to rebound right in front of the wall, and then once I'd regained control, I unsheathed my Million Degree Sword. The inferno on the sword had burned out, and I was left holding what the sword really was underneath. I flew forward, and tried to slash Reo with it, but he dodged, and used an Inferno Kick. I tried to get away, but he still hit me with it.

"Had enough yet?" Reo asked, grinning like he had already won the fight.

I didn't say a word, but he flew straight to me, and used the combination again, and sent me hurtling to the fence. I couldn't rebound in time, and the side of my head hit it. I flew over to Reo and tried to slash him with my burnt out sword. I landed the hit, but it didn't do much damage. Only one flash of red came from Reo, but it was enough to end the fight in the arena, and set my sword back on fire.

"You little freak!" Reo shouted, wiping a trickle of sweat from the side of his head. "I don't know how you did that, but I'm more than mad, now!" He rushed me with his fist in the air, and stopped right in front of me. "Wait, I have a better idea," he said, putting his fist through the floor again. This time, we both disappeared in a flash of blue, and reappeared in a strange arena that looked like a race course.

"This is the Gladiator Attack arena. It's set up so that only the first person to the finish line will escape. Attacking somebody in this arena means you forfeit the race. The race begins when the red platforms turn green," Reo explained. "Are you ready?" I nodded. "Then grab your Flyer, and let's start," he said, pointing to a strange device. He walked over to his section of the course and grabbed his Flyer, and I walked over and got mine. We both walked over to our red platforms and waited. The platforms went from red to yellow, yellow to blue, and then blue to green. Our race had begun. Reo darted straight forward and I was left in the dust, but I eventually started to catch up.

The first obstacle was a huge cliff. I used the Flyer to go from ledge to ledge, and Reo did the same. At the top of the cliff, we were tied. Then there was a left turn in the course, and I made it no problem, but Reo slipped off the edge and used his Flyer to get back on the course. Shortly after the turn, there was a ramp going down. I ran onto and started to slide down. There was a small leap on the ramp, I got over it with a small problem. I had to use the Flyer to clear it, but Reo just had to jump. After we got to the bottom of the ramp, there was a right turn, and again, Reo had to use the Flyer, but I made it without a problem. By this time, I was ahead of Reo.

Shortly after the turn there was a huge gap between the ledge we were on and the next one. I had to jump off the ledge, and use the Flyer to clear the gap. Clearing that gap took almost fifteen seconds. At the next ledge, there were a couple streams of lava. I used the Flyer to get over them, but Reo only jumped over them. The next obstacle was a giant pillar. Around it were two smaller pillars spinning around the larger one. I used my Flyer to get on one of the small pillars, and used it again to get to the top of the larger one. Reo was starting to catch up, and we were close to the end.

I jumped as high as I could and then used the Flyer to get to the last ledge. Reo just jumped, and was inches behind me when I crossed the finish line. As soon as I passed the finish line, I disappeared in a flash of blue.

"I can't believe I lost!" Reo shouted, stomping on the floor. He was now trapped in the Gladiator Attack arena.

Back at the Shadow Tower...

Moments after leaving the Gladiator Attack arena, I reappeared in the Shadow Tower in a flash of blue, and the fences making the ring slowly went back into the floor. I walked out of the ring with my sword back in it's sheath.

"Well, what happened?" Shadow asked.

"Reo was defeated," I answered. "Now, let's go to the next tower." We started to leave, and when Amun-Ra passed between the statues that drained his shape-shifting ability, they gave it back to him.

Two hours later...

We were reaching the top chamber of the Doomsday Tower, but when we got there, the gates were closed.

"Stand back, I know how to break down the gates," Amun-Ra told us. He jumped up, and slammed his fist down, taking out one of the gates. He did the same to the other, breaking it down. We ran into the chamber, and kept going forward until we were a short distance away from Kaltex.

"Well, you defeated Reo? You're stronger than I thought, but I doubt you're strong enough to defeat the warrior in this tower," Kaltex said, grinning evilly. His chair floated up, and he disappeared in a flash of blue with Whirlpoolwarhead, and the two gemstones.

"Is he ever going to face us?" Ako asked. Shortly after Ako finished his question, two large gates slowly slid open. There was absolute silence. Not a sound came from any of us. We all knew who it was.

To be continued...

Next time on Doomsday Rider IV, the next opponent is revealed if you don't know who it is. And then, they finally get to try their skills against Emperor Kaltex, who has become Hyper Kaltex. It should be good...
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