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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 14 > Short Stories > Oputuk and Cumulo: Mystery Island Mishaps

Oputuk and Cumulo: Mystery Island Mishaps

by blueberry13579

“I got it!!” Cumulo the Triffin yelled as the ball came sailing towards him. His eyes widened as he noticed the ball was bigger than him. “I don’t got it!” He turned to run but the ball nailed him in the back and sent him sailing into a tree. WHOMP!

“Oops,” Oputuk said flatly.

The ball fell from the tree and bounced to Oputuk’s huge feet. “You know Cumulo, Trees aren’t all that soft,” he said to the tree-flattened Triffin. Cumulo mumbled something into the tree bark.

“Hang on, I’ll pull you off.”

Oputuk grabbed the Triffin with his tail and pulled. Cumulo peeled easily off the tree, but there was an indent where he had smacked into it. “Next time tell me when the ball is the size of Neopia!” Cumulo yelled as Oputuk set him on the ground.

“It’s not that big!" Oputuk protested as he picked the ball up in his mouth.

“Well, excuse me! But do I look like a Chomby!?” Cumulo pointed to himself.

Oputuk thought for a second, “I’ll have to get back to you on that one,” he said, his face looking rather confused.

Cumulo rolled his eyes and sighed, “Your brain would be a good size to play ball with,” he began to walk back towards their NeoHome.

“I’m sorry Cumulo, I didn’t realise you were so small.” Oputuk bounded up beside Cumulo, knocking him to the ground.

“Would you be more careful!” Cumulo yelled, rubbing his behind, “You weigh 300 pounds, not 30!!”

Cumulo continued to walk towards the NeoHome, he might possibly be able to get there without being trampled by the huge Chomby.

“Well what do you want to do today?” Oputuk said, walking up to Cumulo a little more lightly this time.

“I have a great idea!” Cumulo said sarcastically. “We sit at home and stay out of trouble! How does that sound?” He ended dryly.

Oputuk stopped as Cumulo entered the NeoHome. “What does ‘stay out of trouble mean’?” he asked thoughtfully.


“You two be good while I’m gone okay,” Blueberry said. She was going out for a while and Oputuk and Cumulo were to behave themselves. “Cumulo, I want you to take care of Oputuk and make sure he stays out of trouble.” She gave him a pat on the head and kissed Oputuk’s nose. Then she was gone.

“Let’s go on an adventure!” Oputuk bounced around the NeoHome, shaking it.

“Are you deaf!” Cumulo yelled as he bounced with the vibrations of their home, “Blueberry said we had to be good! Do you understand what that means!?” Cumulo grabbed a lamp as it fell off the table.

Oputuk stopped bouncing and looked questionably at the three eyed pet, “What does ‘be good’ mean?” he asked.

Cumulo rolled his eyes, “Sometimes I think you lack the vital organ which I like to call the brain.” He shook his head.

“Come on!” Oputuk grabbed Cumulo with his tail and raced out the door.

“Oputuk!! Slow down!” Cumulo yelled as he flapped up and down with Oputuk’s tail. As he shook back and forth, Cumulo wondered where he was going this time.


Oputuk had gotten on the ferry which would take the to Mystery Island. Cumulo, a little dizzy from the ride there, was feeling rather seasick. He tried to yell at Oputuk, but he fell over. When they arrived on Mystery Island Cumulo was feeling much better and could now yell at Oputuk, “I told you we were suppose to stay home!” Cumulo yelled from atop of Oputuk’s back, “Blueberry is gonna kill us when she finds out where are!” Cumulo threw his short little arms into the air as a sign of anger.

“Ahhh, don’t worry about it! We’ll be back before Mum even gets home!” Oputuk said as they entered the Mystery Island Market Place.

“We’re not buying anything here,” Cumulo said, “we don’t have any Neopoints and you know what happened last time!”

“Yeah I know,” Oputuk sighed, “I don’t feel like running anymore either.” Oputuk hung his head.

“BOO!” A little coconut man jumped out in front of them.

“AHHHH!!” The two screamed. Cumulo jumped off of Oputuk’s back, landing in a bush, and Oputuk jumped into the air, landing with a hard thud. “You buy food me!” The coconut danced around holding a Zeenana and a Chokato.

“Sorry little...erm...thing, but we don’t have any Neopoints,” Oputuk said, bending down to the coconuts height.

“You buy!” The coconut smacked Oputuk on the nose with the Zeenana.

“Oww!” Oputuk yelped.

“Leave him alone!” Cumulo said, storming out of the bushes. “We don’t have anything to pay for your little items with so leave us alone!” Cumulo walked up to the coconut and pointing a finger in its face.

“You fuzzy thing fall in bush of itch!!” the coconut said, dancing around some more.

“Huh?” Cumulo questioned, letting his finger fall to his side.

“Uh, Cumulo?” Oputuk said, “Your fur is turning purple.”

Cumulo looked down at his changing fur. “AHHH!!” He screamed, jumping into the air. “It itches!” Cumulo ran around, rolling on the ground trying to scratch himself.

“You look stupid,” Oputuk said flatly.

“I know that!” Cumulo yelled, “Help me!”

“Go jump in water silly-fuzzy-thing!” The coconut was still dancing around. Cumulo ran for the water and jumped in. “He is gonna smell some bad after this,” Oputuk said, shaking his head in dismay.

Cumulo dragged himself out of the water, looking rather annoyed, but back to his normal colour.

“I help silly-fuzzy-thing! Now he have to buy items!” The coconut was still dancing around.

“Oputuk, give that stupid coconut something so it’ll shut up,” Cumulo said, annoyed.

“But I haven’t got anything Cumulo, what do I give him?”

“I know what big cloud thing can give! Come with me!” The coconut danced into the woods.

“Should we follow him?” Oputuk asked Cumulo.

“May as well,” Cumulo said, “I hate dancing coconuts, maybe if we follow he’ll pipe down.”

So they followed the coconut into the dark woods.


“Why did we follow the stupid coconut?” Cumulo asked dryly, “well at least your dry Cumulo!” Oputuk said.

“Oputuk, I look like I just stuck my finger in an electric socket!” Cumulo yelled. He looked like one huge fuzz ball, all Oputuk could see wad his three eyes.

“Well I may be dry, but being eaten for supper is not what I planned on!!” Cumulo roared. The two were tied to a stick with fire burning near the bottom and a whole bunch of coconuts dancing around them.

“Oh don’t worry Cumulo, they’re not gonna eat us for supper, they just wanna see how long it’ll be before someone comes and looks for us!” Oputuk said cheerfully.

Cumulo sighed, “We could be here for a long time.”


The coconuts turned out to be rather nice inhabitants. Except for the poking and a few run-ins with a hungry Kougra, Oputuk and Cumulo were okay. But...erm...they’re still there. So if there are any Kougra tamers that aren’t afraid of being poked by dancing coconuts, could you please contact me, I need my NeoPets back.

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