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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 13th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 11 > Continuing Series > Elemental Distortions II: Part Four

Elemental Distortions II: Part Four

by selphie_tilmitt

"Welcome!" The Earth seemed to be rumbling the welcome, and the ground shook as it greeting was said. The ground in the clearing parted, but for the first time, Viator didn't fall over. The three dragon Knights stared up at the rising Earth dragon.

The Earth dragon resembled a large lizard. Its gaping maw was covered with rows of sharp teeth. Its colour reassembled the ground it had parted, and its two large wings flitted quickly. They were large, and clear, most like a bug's wings. Spike's covered the large monster's body, and its tail curled quickly, as the dragon's bright green eyes stared down at the three.

"Uh oh, quite a bunch of Dragon Knights!" said the dragon in its booming, yet friendly voice, as its mouth curved into a smile.

"Greetings Earth dragon! We've come for Murikaze!" said Dethonis, as he straightened to stare into the Dragon's bright eyes. Viator quickly followed, assuming the more comfortable position of leaning on her tail.

"Aha, I guessed my friend! He comes quickly!" said the Earth dragon, as he pointed a scaled claw towards a batch of trees. Viator quickly noted how much more friendly this dragon was, Perhaps this was why more people said they had seen this one before?

The ground shook again, and Viator, curious of what was coming, stared into the trees the dragon had pointed at. She quickly gasped, and held a hand to shield her eyes from the glint coming off the figure.

Dethonis smiled at the figure and quickly waved his hands. When the glint was gone, Viator looked up, at the large figure of a gold Grarrl standing at the edge of the clearing where the trees had parted. Ethine let out a quick gasp, she had been equally caught off guard at the large Dragon knight.

"YO!" Boomed the large Grarrl as it flicked its tail towards Dethonis.

"Murikaze! My dragon Knight!" Boomed the Earth dragon with pride. Viator silently pondered if the Fire Dragon was as proud of her.

"Murikaze, I have explained all, please, take these other Knights to the armoury. Equip them, for the terror is almost upon us!" said the dragon, suddenly in a rush. "I must go!" the Dragon quickly disappeared into the crack from whence it came. Viator shivered quickly, because she knew if the Earth Dragon was getting worried, then the Dark Dragon must have been on its way.

"Yes! Please follow me to the armoury!" growled Murikaze, as he began stomping in the direction that he had come. The other three followed suit quickly, and before Viator knew it, she was standing in the cool confines of a lit cave. She was about to open her mouth, but Ethine was one step ahead of her.

"Why are you giving us weapons? We already have some!"

"Well, it just so happens, that Weapons forged here, were forged with the techniques of Gaia," said Murikaze, as he walked towards a corner of the room.

"Gaia is not only the name of the planet, but also of the earth dragon," whispered Dethonis to the two dumbfounded others.

"Well, I'm really only good with an attack fork," said Viator, scratching her head.

"You think we don't have them? We have everything," said Murikaze from a dimly lit corner, as he flung an attack fork to Viator. She grabbed it, and swung it twice for a test.

"So we get all sorts of cool armour and weapons??" said Viator, beginning to get excited. She quickly stopped as she heard Ethine snort.

"Please. These are the only things we need," said Ethine as she reached for an Ice scimitar.

"Besides," Dethonis began as he grabbed a sword from off the shelf. "Dragon armour and Weapons can only be forged by Dragon sages."

"Dragon sages?" said Viator, dumbfounded again. And Ethine snorted again.

"Those are a myth. They died out a long time ago, in the war with the mazoku. That's how most of the knowledge of dragons was lost. The end result, is that Dragon armour and weapons can't be made any more. Not without their magic."

"Quite so. Our masters have never mentioned trying to bring them back either," said Murikaze, as he suited up with a large staff.

Viator quietly wondered what the sages were like, but quickly dismissed the thought as she started for the entrance of the cave. Things were getting confusing, and she wanted a breath of fresh air. She gasped, and nearly dropped her attack fork, when she saw what was in the sky.

"An Eclipse?"

Quickly, the other 3 were at her side, staring up at the darkness in the sky. Viator turned to face them, and saw the determination in their faces.

"The planes are shifting. We have to get up there and stop anything that comes out," said Viator, as she swung her attack fork again quickly, and flapped her wings. The others nodded, and Viator made her final preparations for the battle.


Viator was the first to get to the rip. She looked down at Ethine and Dethonis, who flapped their wings vigorously. On the ground, Murikaze was waiting for anything that slipped past their first defence.

Before she could get her thoughts together, the sun was totally eclipsed, leaving the world in complete darkness. Viator let out a muffled cry, as she tried to see around her. She felt someone come up beside her.

"Use a light spell," said Ethine quietly. Viator nodded and thanked her lucky stars that Selphie had given her that Light Faerie for her birthday. She created a small glowing orb, just in time to witness the large dark form in front of her. It began to take the form of a NeoPet.

Viator wasn't sure how many of these things there were, but she could feel them all around her. She felt a wash of fear come over her, but was quickly pushed aside by Ethine.

"You -can't- give up at the beginning!" Yelled the Peophin to her in the dark, as it flung a quick ice block at the dark figure in front of Viator. Viator grinned quickly.

"Who would have thought we would ever work together?"

"Forget that! Fight!" screamed Ethine as she flew off to take care of some more enemies. Viator's smile faded into a fierce scowl, as she lunged at another dark figure in front of her. She swiped a few more with her attack fork, and blasted quick fire ball towards another batch.

After a few moments, Viator was beginning to wonder if these things would ever stop coming from the eclipse. She heard Ethine let out a quick wail, and could tell Dethonis and Murikaze were beginning to struggle. She quickly counted off that she had beaten around 54 dark ones, and began to doubt they would ever stop. Viator heard a quick laugh, and all at once her light spell flickered, and went out, leaving her in darkness. She screamed quickly as she sensed the danger looming around her. She tried to aim her attacks, but she couldn't see anything.

She felt some tug at her tail, and she was quickly pulled away. Viator screamed again, and thrashed in the darkness.

"LET me GO!" she cried as she flapped her wings faster.

"That's what I get for helping!" replied a voice in the darkness. Viator turned quickly, and saw a pair of bright purple eyes staring at her from the darkness. One of the eyes closed quickly in a wink. "Mythic?" gasped Viator.

"I couldn't just sit around while my favourite dummy was destroyed!" laughed the Mazoku.


"Besides, I have orders to help. Mazoku don't want that beast coming back," said Mythic in a more serious tone. "I, can see in the dark Viator. I'm doing what I can. So I suggest you start working."

"Don't think this changes anything!" yelled Viator at the Mazoku.

"I wouldn't dream of it!" said Mythic, as his voice grew farther away into the darkness. Viator smiled slightly, but scowled again, as she lunged her attack fork into the darkness, aiming for anything in front of it.

After about an hour of fighting in complete darkness, Viator was beginning to get fatigued. As she attacked again, she felt something hit her on the back of her head. Her eyes closed, and she couldn't tell if she had stopped flapping her wings. Her last sensation was of her attack fork falling out of her hands. As she fell, she thought quietly.

"What am I doing........we...can't possibly win? Did the dragons lie to us? What am I gonna this rate I'll be dead by the time the darkness dragon shows up." Deep in thought, Viator didn't notice the pain when she hit the ground.

To be continued...

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