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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 8 > New Series > Elemental Distortions II: Part One

Elemental Distortions II: Part One

by selphie_tilmitt

For all those that didn't read the last story, I'll just make a short explanation of everything. Viator, the fire Shoyru, is the knight of the Fire Dragon, Ignus. In the past, she met the water dragon Hydrola, and the knight of water Ethine, the faerie Peophin. She also learned of the mazoku, and her enemy Mythril_Javelin the desert Shoyru. She also learned of something big that was supposedly going to happen in the semi-near future, at which point, the Fire Dragon explained to her that if it were to ever happen, she would have to team up with the other 3 dragon Knights. One for each element, Viator the knight of Fire, Ethine the knight of water. The other two representing Earth and Air remain unknown. But, that's a short recollection, if you want the whole, read the other stories!)

As darkness set in, over the quiet central Neopia, the street lights flickered, beginning to turn on. Across a few streets, in a small restaurant, laughter and many voices could be heard from within. Inside, a large table of friends sat and laughed happily as they enjoyed their dinner. Across the room at the bar, the manager was slumped over, thinking about how late it was getting, and wondering when the large group would leave. At the large round table, Viator, the fire Shoyru, sat with a large tray of various foods in front of her. Her best friend Sholady, a purple Shoyru, sat next to her, as well as the rest of the large group of Shoyrus. Sho, making sure Viator was distracted by someone, began to reach for a piece of fruit that was on the platter.

"GAH!" Viator turned quickly, and swiped away the large platter, holding it over her head. "If you want some Sho, order for yourself!!!" yelled Viator as she put the dinner plate back on the table.

"Maybe I would, but I don't want to look like a pig!" laughed Sholady as she went for the basket of bread sticks in the middle of the table.

"I'm not a pig," sulked Viator as she popped a large meatball into her mouth. The crowd laughed, and Viator sunk down into her seat to finish her meal.

"Via, you still haven't told us where you went three months ago," said Ghwely, a stars Shoyru as he reached for the butter.

"I don't think I really have to tell you about it! Especially since you laughed at my being called a pig!" yelled Viator, as she waved a french fry in an accusing manner. Ghwely rolled his eyes, as Flames, a fire Shoyru, reached across the table for the salt.

"Via, you shouldn't be so uptight!" said Flames, sprinkling salt on her soup.

"She can be uptight if she wants to!" grinned Rainbow the rainbow Shoyru, as he put his hand on Viator's shoulder. The Shoyru sitting next to him, named Redflare, burst into laughter, soon followed by everyone at the table except Viator.

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY????" yelled Viator, throwing an olive at Redflare. While she was distracted, Sholady reached over and took a meatball from Viator's plate, and quickly popped it into her mouth.

"Argh," said Viator as she took a drink of her soda. She was quickly hit by a crouton that had been flicked at her by Flames, who sat with a large grin on her face. Viator just ignored it and blew bubbles in her soda.

"Let's not have a food fight here," said a small Shoyru named Veil. And Ghwely smiled in agreement. Viator shot Flames a look that seemed to say, "Just wait until we get outside!" Flames grinned again, and sat back to finish her meal. Viator closed her eyes and went back to eating.

Suddenly, she felt a cold brush of air. Viator opened her eyes and searched the table. Everyone was still happily eating, and laughing. No one had seemed to notice but her. Viator's eyes continued to search around the restaurant. She saw the manager in the corner, banging his head on the wall.

She then looked to the bar, and made a silent gasp.

At the bar sat a desert Shoyru, he turned and stared at her with purple eyes. He smiled smugly, and continued to stare. Viator did nothing but stare back at him, she knew it had to be that mazoku she had met before, named Mythic. She frowned and continued to stare. All at once, he winked quickly at her. Viator gasped and fell out of her chair. Everyone gasped and stared down at her, she got up quickly and looked at the bar, naturally, Mythic was gone. She looked around at everyone, who was waiting for an explanation.

"Heh... it was a REALLY spicy sausage," laughed Viator as she put her arm behind her head. Everyone stared, and then burst into laughter once more.


Later that night, Viator and Sholady were both heading home, flying quietly in the night, talking and laughing softly.

"That manager sure was happy to see us go!" grinned Viator as she flapped her wings quickly.

"S'cause you ate his entire menu Via!" smiled Sho as she turned quickly.

"-_- Thanks Sho," said Viator as she grimaced, then smiled again. "I only had to order more ‘cause YOU ATE half mine, you piece of sod!"

"I did not!" said Sholady as she hiccupped.

"HAH!" laughed Viator, swooping down towards her home. As she landed on the roof, she waved once more to Sho, and walked towards the skylight. It had recently been built, since everyone in the family liked to fly, and landing on the roof was quicker then going through a door. As she approached it, she felt the rush of cold air against her back again. She turned quickly, and vehemently stared at the mazoku before her.

"What? I can't visit you now?" he said as he gave her a chilly smile.

"Don't touch my family! Or my friends!" said Viator as she stood and crossed her arms.

"Fine, I'm not here for that," said the demon.

"Then why? Just plain here to pester me?" sniffed Viator, as she turned away from him.

"Yes, and to warn you about a danger," grinned Mythic.

"Warn me? About what?" said Viator, looking puzzled.

"I suggest you go ask your ‘Master!' about it," said the demon again.

"What...what what? What danger? Tell me!!" said Viator, as she began to get into a battle stance.

"Well now," said the mazoku, as he began to rise into the air. "That." And he closed both his eyes and smiled. "Is a secret!" and he quickly disappeared in a brilliant flash of purple light. Leaving Viator to wonder what he had meant.

To be continued...

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