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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Continuing Series > Living In The Shadow: Part Three

Living In The Shadow: Part Three

by frostedfalcon

"Now you will suffer!" The shadow flew down and went into Laeyan, it kept engulfing more and more pets, making it more powerful, the faeries looked on in disbelief as the evil grew bigger and stronger.

     "Attack now!" Fyora screamed and all the Faeries put their wands together sending a powerful blast of energy towards the shadow, Mikey and Fran watched.

     "We have to help, their power isn't strong enough!" Fran looked at Mikey and flew over to join the faeries, he did the same using their wands to help destroy the shadows.

     "We still need more power!" Illusen screamed as she became weaker from the blast the faeries were sending.

     "FAERIES, JOIN US!" Fyora yelled and all the faeries in Neopia stopped in their fight and sent their power towards the uber faeries, "Now send one more bolt of energy!" Fyora looked around as all the uber faeries and Mikey and Fran sent a final bolt of light towards the shadow, they were knocked back from the force and were joined on the floor by the pets that had been in the shadow.

     Mikey looked around, the once dark and dingy castle was bright and airy, the sun was out and he could hear Pteri's in the trees. All the faeries lay weak on the floor, and he himself was weak. That bolt of energy had drained the faeries and drained him.

     "Dae?" Mikey managed to stand up and scan the room, he could see no signs of his pet, nor Shinum, Laeyan or Sari, or the red Usul.

     "This isn't over!" Fyora stood up and walked over to Mikey, "We may have contained one shadow, but the shadows that are in Shinum, Laeyan, Sara and DeepMirage are powerful on their own, the only way to destroy the shadows in them is to destroy this!" Fyora placed her amulet in Mikey's hand. "But if I destroy that it will destroy the good?" Mikey looked shocked.

     "Yes, I am saddened it has come to this, but there is no other way to defeat the shadows that are in them, once the amulet is destroyed everything will return to the way it was, there will be no more shadow, no more battle and indeed no more faeries, I have faith that there will be no more evil left when this is destroyed, in fact I know there will be no more evil, I wish there was another way but there isn't!"

     "There has to be, what if all the evil isn't destroyed, what if there's some left, there will be no more faeries to help when they decide to attack, there will be no more watchers of Neopia, no more defenders of the pets, I can't destroy this!"

     "Then I will, there is no other way, goodbye!" Fyora picked up the amulet out of Mikey's hand and smashed it against the wall, she disappeared, as did all the other faeries in the room, Mikey and Fran were left alone.

     "What happened?" Fran stood up and looked around at the empty room.

     "The Faeries, Fyora destroyed them all, and herself."

     Mikey placed the remains of the amulet on a cloud, the faeries would never be forgotten he would make sure of that.

     "What happens now?" Fran looked at the amulet.

     "We find the others, they will be good, or at least I hope they will, if not the destruction of the faeries has been for nothing.

     "Pesky faeries, failed again, failed!" Dae paced the room, the others watching him.

     "Not so much failed master, more set back!" Lae backed away as Dae walked towards her.

     "I don't want set backs! Need I remind you that the biggest evil is coming soon, if we don't have Neopia ready we will be destroyed!"

     "You'd think he was the Usul or something!" Shinum whispered to Lae.

     "What was that? I may not be the Usul but I was her successor, she made me evil because she needed a partner and I'm him, I'm left to fix her stupid mistakes, Sara get that amulet off your neck and put it on that Usul, an evil pet is better than an evil human!"

     "But, this is all that's keeping me alive!" Sari looked shocked.

     "I'm well aware of that!"

     "Where do you think they will be?"

     "The last place anyone would think of looking for them, this castle, and if I know Dae, the basement!" Mikey laughed and walked down the stairs.

     "Footsteps master!" Shinum jumped up and looked around, "What should we do?"

     "Nothing, its just humans, the faeries destroyed themselves in a vain attempt to think they would destroy us, they have of course failed, this room protects us from Faerie magic!"

     "Dae?" Mikey pushed open the door and looked around, Sari, Dae, Shinum and Lae were all stood around, and were still evil.

     "Mikey they're evil!" Fran pointed out their glowing eyes.

     "Give her a star, she's a genius!" Dae mocked Fran.

     "You should be good!" Mikey looked shocked, "The faeries destroyed you, you're good, good, GOOD!"

     "A dream?"

     "Yes, you've been unconscious for about five hours, not surprising you were dreaming." Fyora smiled.

     "But it seemed so real, you were all gone, and they were evil!"

     "Many of us experienced similar dreams, the bolt of energy when mixed with the shadow caused a powerful dream spell to be cast on everyone in the immediate vicinity, in theory you couldn't distinguish dream from reality."

     "Now what? What do we do with the shadow now that its contained?" Fran looked at Fyora.

     "It must be placed somewhere no-one will ever find it to use again, we will put it in the Faerie castle under constant guard, if anyone gets it they will immediately me destroyed by the power of the faeries.

     "Fyora, there's still one think I don't understand, why did the Usul want Dae?" Mikey sat down at the table and looked at Dae.

     "Only DeepMirage will be able to find that out, he's been living in the shadow for a long time and will never escape it, only he knows what she wanted with him. You'll have to ask him that!" Fyora smiled and left Mikey.

     "Dae?" Mikey walked over and sat down next to Dae, "What did the Usul want with you?"

     "I resisted her power the night she tried to get me, she knew I was strong." Dae looked at his drink, not looking up at Mikey.

     "But, what did she want you for on that night?"

     "A partner, I wasn't born like normal pets, I was created, created by evil to be the shadow Kougra, the companion of the Usul, but somewhere along the line I never quite got that title, I became good and got an owner."


"The tales of DeepMirage are that of heroism and power. There are of course many different twists to the stories, like why did Mikey dream what he did, what is the evil that was spoke of in this dream? To be honest, no body knows, but what they do know is this evil has never come and hopefully never will, now are there any questions?" The Faerie looked around at all the amazed pets, "Yes, you!" "What happened to everyone in the story?"

     "They continued on with their lives, much in the same way they once had but they were heroes so as you can imagine they were showered with praise at every opportunity, most of them have passed now, all except DeepMirage, he is very old and weak and now resides in a tower of the Faerie castle safe from harms way. Now if you follow me I will show you where the shadow is kept!" The Faerie walked off with the pets following.

     "This isn't what I dreamed of Fyora, stuck to live eternally because of that shadow, it needs changing! Something needs changing, and I know exactly what, that night when the Usul tried to get me, she needs stopping, I need your help!"

     "DeepMirage, need I remind you of the risks of changing the past? The entire future we know will be destroyed, you yourself will and there's no telling what will happen with the Usul should she not find you!"

     "I know Fyora, it's worth the risk, now take me back to that night!"


The moon was high in the bleak night sky as Dae ran away from the bakers with some bread he'd managed to steal. He stopped in the park and sat down on a nearby bench to eat. He admired the stars, the way each of them had their own individual twinkle, their own individual shape and place in the vast sky. He hoped one day he'd have a nice warm home where he could watch them from the window but he knew that wasn't happening anytime soon. A neopet and owner passed by him. They both stuck their noses up. No one wanted to associate with a thief, especially a mutant thief.

     Dae hated this, he hated being mutant, and his old owner had done it, and then chucked him out like rubbish. He continued eating ignoring memories of his childhood. He heard the wild Pteri's twittering in the trees as he finally decided to sleep. It was a warm night and he was thankful for this. He rolled on his side and dreamt of a warm home and a fire.

     "DeepMirage!" Dae turned around to find himself staring at, well himself, but an older version, "I do not have time to explain, you must leave here and go to Mystery Island, there you will find a boy who will care for you, do it DeepMirage, if not your life will never be the same, something terrible is about to happen here, something that will haunt you for the rest of your life, just as it has haunted me, go now!" Dae watched as his younger self picked up his belongings and ran away.

     "Then it is done, the shadow will never be with me, I'm free!"

     Dae stopped to take one last look as the old Kougra gradually faded away.


Dae never did quite figure out why his older self would tell him to find this boy who he now lived with, but he was thankful for it, he had an owner, a nice petpet, a small mutant Puppyblew called Fang as well as a nice basement, sorry laboratory, a robot assistant turned brother and two siblings who he could torture. But wait a minute… Dae turned the way he was from the shadow, why is he like that now? I guess some things never get an answer…

The End

Authors Note: Feedback is greatly appreciated, I'd love to hear what you think of the story so please Neomail me :) I will do my best to try and reply to all Neomails but please remember, I'm human (contrary to what some of you may believe) and have a life outside of the PC as scary as that may be for someone of you.

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