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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 102 > Continuing Series > Living In The Shadow: Part Two

Living In The Shadow: Part Two

by frostedfalcon

"DeepMirage why must I accompany you, the queen holds you in very high esteem, you were the only pet to resist her powers, there must be some mistake." Lae looked at Dae, her head not moving as she spoke, not blinking, not breathing.

     "There is no mistake Laeyan, the queen has ordered it, it seems she has something special planned for you." Dae walked ahead along the dirt track following the footprints Mikey and Sari had left.

     "Okay, we're here now what, we just barge in and hope they're home?" Fran stared up at the large wooden door.

     "I suppose…" Mikey pushed open the door and walked in, "Hello?" He looked around, the walls were made out of cloud, so was the floor, there seemed to be no ceiling just sky. Candles floated on clouds above his head as he entered.

     "Yes?" A Faerie ixi floated down to Mikey, Sari, Fran and Shinum.

     "We wish to see the faeries."

     "Do you now, and do the faeries know you're coming."

     "No!" Sari ran at the ixi and pinned her to the floor, Mikey and Fran looked on shocked, "GO!" Sari screamed as she wrestled with the ixi, Mikey and Fran did as they were told, they didn't want to end up like the ixi. This increased Mikey's suspicions that something strange was going on with Sari, and he knew it was to do with the Usul.

     "Here!" Dae stopped outside the doors of the Faerie castle and turned to face Lae.

     "There will be guards Laeyan maybe it is time to use the special gifts the queen has given us." Dae's eyes began to glow as he rubbed his paws together, he was covered in black armour and had a black stick in his paw. Lae did the same and the same thing happened.

     "Stop right there!" A group of Faerie Kacheeks circled Mikey, Sari, Fran and Shinum, "No-one comes this far without the ixi, where is she?"

     "Oh, her, she's been disposed of!" Sari rushed at the Kacheek who was speaking and at this point Mikey noticed something strange, Sari was wearing a black necklace. As she ran the evil flowed through her and a shadow engulfed her.

     "Sari?" Fran looked shocked as Sari turned around to go after Mikey and Shinum. Mikey looked in horror not being able to move as Sari ran to pounce on him, nothing could save him. Just as he finished that thought a bolt of purple light flew at Sari.

     "Quickly!" Fyora picked up Mikey, Fran and Shinum and flew them into another room, "You didn't do a good job checking your friends!"

     "Is she…" Mikey looked at Fyora as she placed him on the floor.

     "She's evil yes and no she's not dead, merely stunned. Now am I to assume you are here to get help to defeat the Shadow Usul?"

     "Yes!" Shinum looked up at Fyora as she flew around the room.

     "Very well, you don't appear to be engulfed by her powers, just to be on the safe side, wear these!" Fyora threw 3 amulets at Shinum, Mikey and Fran, they did as they were told and put them on, in the same way that the shadow had engulfed Sari, goodness engulfed Mikey, Shinum and Fran, "Now seen as though you know about her I guess you'll have to help us, follow me." Fyora flew off towards a door on the opposite side of the room they were in, "Michael, Frances, Shinum meet the faeries!" Fyora flung open the doors and a mass of colours came out towards them. Fran looked in disbelief, thousands of faeries were all gathered together. Fyora picked Mikey, Fran and Shinum up again and flew them to a table in the middle of the room. Sat at the table were the Uber faeries.

     "Sari!" Lae rushed to Sari's side as she entered the room.

     "Laeyan do not sway from our mission, let the shadows take her back to the queen." Dae touched Sari and she disappeared in a black shadow.

     "Stop!" The Faerie Kacheeks that Sari attacked blocked the doorway to the room where Fyora had took the others.

     "Move Kacheeks!" Dae and Lae pounced on them as the shadows engulfed them.

     "Attack the queen!" The Kacheeks stood up as their bodies and wings turned black. Dae and Lae turned their attention to the other attacking pets not noticing one Kacheek, one good Kacheek, slip away to warn the queen.

     "My queen 2 pets have invaded the castle, they are under the influence of the shadow!" The Kacheek burst into the room where the faeries were gathered.

     "Scatter faeries!" Fyora yelled and all the faeries darted out of the room through the ceiling. "Here!" Fyora zapped Mikey, Fran and wings appeared on their backs. Mikey rushed up with the faeries, Fran and Shinum closely following. Just as all the faeries had scattered Fran managed to take a look down, she saw Dae stood on the ground, she hesitated and flew off with the others.

     "You may have escaped this time faeries but soon the shadows shall capture you, soon you shall be mine, soon the queen will rule!" DeepMirage watched as the last faeries disappeared into the distance, the shadows would have their day, he was going to make sure of it.

     "I give you life my shadow!" The Shadow Usul placed a new necklace around Sari's neck and she woke up.

     "My queen!" Sari bowed at the Usul. "I apologise for not being able to complete my mission, the pesky Faerie queen got involved."

     "That is fine my dear, make sure you don't fail this time or you will join your friends in the fires of Neopia when I rule, now go!" The Usul glared at Sari and a shadow took her away just as it had brought her there.

      Sari looked around to find herself inside the faeries castle again where she had fallen. She joined Lae and Dae as they fought off attacking Faerie pets.

      "We don't have much time, we could have been followed here. Take these!" An air Faerie gave Mikey and Fran wands, "The magic in them will protect you for now, the Usul has many clever tricks that can stop Faerie magic from having any effect on her, you will need to be cautious."

     "Yes, caution is everything. We will attack at dusk at the change over of guards. This is a mission many of us will not see the end of, I do not order any of you to do this nor will I be disappointed if any of you refuse to do it. You know the faeries who work under you and you know yourselves. I do not need to point out the dangers so I would ask anyone who does not want to go ahead with this mission to leave now!" Fyora spoke to her Uber faeries, "Good, now deliver the message to your faeries, an all our attack of the haunted woods at dusk!"

     "All troops report ready my queen!" A Chomby flew over to Fyora and her group.

     "Good, tell them to wait for the signal." Mikey watched as the Chomby flew to the front line troops. They were hidden in the trees around the castle, every species of neopet imaginable as well as faeries and humans. The evil was a threat to everyone and it needed to be defeated. Mikey looked at the sky, the sun was beginning to rise above the hills in the distance the attack was coming any second. Fyora flew up to block the sun, the signal. The first wave of Neopets jumped out of the trees and charged at the castle, the faeries zapped at the walls with their wands making entrances, the pets swarmed in and were knocked down by the Usul's shadows. The pets turned and charged at the waiting troops.

     "Retreat!" A fire Faerie flew away and all the faeries and pets followed, all of them except Fyora's group, the plan was working perfectly. Fyora, Mikey, Fran, Shinum and the Uber faeries all flew into the castle, it was silent. Fyora made her wand light up and she led the way through the castle. Cobwebs covered the walls and all the doors. Straw covered the floor. Water dripped from the roof giving a damp, dreary atmosphere.

     "This way!" The queen walked down the corridor leading her troops, little did they know this had been her plan all along, occupy the other faeries with the evil pets and have the Uber faeries fight, the only way for the Usul to be defeated was to have the power of he Uber faeries combined and with other faeries there, this wouldn't happen.

     "My shadow queen, a group of faeries and humans have infiltrated the castle, they are strong and flowing with good, all attempts to make them into shadows are failing, what should we do?" A Poogle gasped for breath as she stopped in the throne room.

     "Relax dear Poogle, they shall not get me, I'll make sure of it, bring DeepMirage to me, oh and capture that little Shoyru that's following the faeries, I have a hunch Mikey and Fran won't attack their own pets!" The Usul cackled as the Poogle ran off.

     "Shh! I hear something," Mikey stopped the crowd and looked around, "Footsteps!"

     "Where's Shinum?" Fran scanned the area; the Shoyru had gone.

     "Here!" Shinum jumped forward and pounced on Fran.

     "Shinum?" Mikey looked shocked.

     "The shadow!" Fyora looked as Shinum's eyes glowed, "Mikey look out!"

     Mikey looked around, Dae was ready to pounce on him. "I bet your queen thought I wouldn't hurt you, well she was wrong!" Mikey zapped Dae with the wand he had been given, Dae fell to the floor and got straight back up.

     "No, we did expect this dear owner, you see she's not my queen, she's my follower!" Dae laughed and sent a shadow flying at the group, they were all transported to the throne room where the Usul was waiting.

     "Welcome everyone, are you ready to face your own destruction? No? Oh! Too bad, guess you'll just have to suffer then!" The Usul laughed and sent shadows towards them all.

     "The amulets!" Fyora lifted her amulet off her neck and instructed the others to do so, the shadows floated into them and were destroyed.

     "Impressive, but its going to take a little bit more than that to destroy the shadow.

     "Then how about this!" Mikey darted at the Usul knocking her down, the shadows left her, leaving a small red Usul lying on the floor…

To be continued…

Authors Note: Feedback is greatly appreciated, I'd love to hear what you think of the story so please Neomail me :) I will do my best to try and reply to all Neomails but please remember, I'm human(contrary to what some of you may believe) and have a life outside of the PC as scary as that may be for someone of you.

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