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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > Continuing Series > The Snow Faerie Files: Part Three

The Snow Faerie Files: Part Three

by nightflame46

The Journey 14th night of Awakening, Year 1

It was the same night. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as Taelia packed for her departure. Already a crowd was gathering around her house, to see the exiled Faerie off the cloud of Faerieland. Poof, her cirrus was gray with sadness. But Taelia didn't want all of the people to see and point to her and laugh. So she took her time packing, making sure nothing was forgotten and that nothing would break on her journey. Finally at around 3:00 am NST, the last of the crowd left. Taelia waited a few more moments and finally opened the back door. She crashed headlong into Alyce.

     "Ow!" Taelia said exasperatedly. "What are you doing here?!"

     "I wanted to say a last goodbye to you," Alyce said softly.


     They both hugged each other fiercely, with tears leaking out of both their eyes.

     "I'm going to miss you so much!" Alyce exclaimed.

     "We have to keep in touch," Taelia said determinedly. "I'll send you my address once I settle down. But I really should go now before Fyora gets mad at me even more."

     Alyce laughed weakly and dried her tears. With a last wave, Taelia set off to the port where the ferry would take her directly to Neopian City. She was silent as the boat left, and she watched her home from when she was first created fade away in the darkness. She hugged her coat tighter around her body against the cold and smiled. How she loved the cold! It seemed like it was her only consolation in these sad times… except for Poof, who was currently trying to cheer her up by making cloud formations.

     "Oh Poof, I wonder how my new life will be," Taelia said sadly.


It was just getting lighter when the ferry touched lightly on the ground. Already people were coming out, hoping to get some early shopping in before the day started. Taelia spent about an hour in the back of Kauvara's magic shop restocking on her supplies and talking to Kauvara.

     "The one thing you must remember Taelia," Kauvara said as Taelia got up to go, "that you are the Snow Faerie, and none of the silly Faeries you talked about can rival you."

     Taelia smiled, suddenly much happier.

     "Thank you so much Kauvara, I'll always remember that," Taelia said with a smile. "Oh, before I leave, do you know where I can settle down peacefully and not be disturbed?"

     "Why don't you try Terror Mountain?" Kauvara said. She was referring to the newly discovered and still uncharted mountain to the north of Neopia. "The Negg Faerie lives there, and I am quite good friends with the Kiosk Wocky."

     "Okay… how do I get there?"

     "The journey is long and hard and would take months… we can't have that. Here, take this potion. As you drink it, state clearly in your mind 'Happy Valley'. Be sure to drink it all."

     "Oh thank you, Kauvara! How can I ever repay you?" Taelia said joyously.

     "With the amount of magical supplies you have bought from my shop, it is payment and then some!" Kauvara replied with a chuckle.

     With a last smile, Taelia closed her eyes and drank the whole potion thinking Happy Valley over and over. It tasted awful, but with a grimace Taelia drank it down to the last drop. And she drank that too. When she opened her eyes, she was blinded by a moment by all of the whiteness. It took a moment for her to realize that it was all snow! She whooped and started twirling, loving to crisp air and the sharp blue sky. Poof, who had popped out of her pocket, whirled around her head. Out of breath, Taelia started up a hill with a sign that read "Happy Valley" on it.

     She grinned when she opened reached the top. There was a pretty little village in the valley below. Neopets were throwing snowballs at each other and making snowmen in the snow. Houses were dots of color in all the whiteness.

     Taelia walked up to a cluster of Chias building a snow fort.

     "Hi! I'm Taelia, what's your name?"

     At first the little Chias just stared at her. Then two ran away, one started screaming and the other started crying. Worried parents came out of houses took one look at her, grabbed their children and ducked back inside. An old Lupe was the last one outside.

     "So you're the one," he said.

     "What? I don't know--" Taelia tried to say.

     "We've heard. You're the exiled one."

     "Oh no… I thought I had escaped this!" Taelia exclaimed.

     "We do not want you here. You take bad things and use them in our spells. Please leave."

     "But-but--" Taelia sputtered.

     "Leave," the Lupe said again.

     Taelia had no choice but to do as he said. She would not be happy here and she did not want to live in disgrace. Sighing, she moved on. Maybe the negg Faerie would accept her. She started down into what looked like where the Ice Caves. It got very cold there, colder even then Happy Valley. Poof, hid inside Taelia's coat and even Taelia hugged her coat tighter around her body for warmth. There were many passages and dark niches and shadowy corners, but Taelia had a feeling she needed to stay on the main path. She kept slipping, since the ground was mainly ice. Suddenly, she tripped on a piece of rock. There was a sharp downhill slide and Taelia flew into a huge cavern. She landed in an embarrassing heap right in front of the Neggery. The Negg Faerie opened the door.

     "Hi," Taelia said from the floor.

     The Negg Faerie laughed and opened the door so Taelia could go in.

     "Hi, who are you?" she asked. "We don't get many travelers down here."

     "I'm Taelia, the Snow Faerie," Taelia said. "I was ex-- I left Faerieland and am hoping to find a place to stay around here."

     "Well you can stay here if you want. Like I said, I don't get much company and would be happy to have a friend."

     Taelia spent about three months with the Negg Faerie. It was just enough for her to learn more about Terror Mountain, and about how to survive in it. But she wasn't happy in the Ice Caves. She wanted to be around snow. After all, she was the Snow Faerie. So she finally left the Negg Faerie. They promised to keep in touch. She decided to journey up to the mountain peak. Hopefully, she could find peace and be happy there.

Peace at Last 16th day of Eating, Year 1

The journey up the mountain was long and hard. It took two months for her to reach the top. The time she spent with the Negg Faerie helped her survive, but she was always hungry anyway. Finally, as she topped the peak, she looked down on possibly the most perfect place in all Neopia. Even in the middle of a snowstorm she felt peace at last. It was almost empty, except for a small shop, a lone igloo, and some people building some large structure that resembled a castle. She cried for joy and ran down into the valley. She would have to build an igloo for herself but that was okay. She was finally happy.

     The couple who lived in the Igloo were happy to help her build a home for herself. Mike and Carrassa they called themselves and they had lived alone on the mountain for years, collecting random items they hoped to sell soon. They taught her the basics of Igloo building, and helped her build her own. The Lenny who owned the shop was always free to help out and bring refreshments. He sold wintry foods.

     Finally, the Igloo was built. It was large, but cozy, and surprisingly warm enough for living in. It was two rooms. One was a bedroom/kitchen/living room/dining room, and the other was her special spell room. Obviously not much news reached Terror Mountain since Mike and Carrassa didn't question her spell room at all. She felt no need to show them her items. She sent letter both to the Negg Faerie and Alyce finally letting them know she had settled down and was happy. The Negg Faerie's response she got fairly quickly. She sent her best wishes and gave her a negg. Alyce's reply took almost a month. Taelia was ecstatic when she got the letter. It read:

Dearest Taelia,

I'm so happy you've finally found a place to live. I had been getting worried when I didn't hear from you. Mike and Carrassa and the Negg Faerie seem like good friends, and I'm relieved they haven't heard about what happened in Faerieland. It has become a scandal. There must have been an article in The Neopian Times about it every week since you left! I have good news though. Everyone hates Tilaena now. No one wants to have anything to do with her since what she did to you was so heartless. Well, I have to go. Say 'hi' to Poof for me, I hope I hear from you soon!




It was three months later. Alyce had been keeping her updated with all the news and gossip from Faerieland, and Taelia was glad for it. Soon she would visit, she said. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. That was weird; Mike and Carrassa were on vacation. When Taelia opened it, she was surprised to see a young girl with her three pets.

     "I've heard about you," she said. "May I come in?"

     Taelia was so dumbfounded she let the girl in.

     "Did you come up here all the way from Neopia City?" Taelia asked wondrously.

     "Uh-huh," the girl replied. "There are rumors that you can help people."

     "Really?" Taelia said skeptically. She had never heard this. However…

     "Well, I am having trouble getting parts of this spell I'm working on. Perhaps you can get me these items?" Taelia asked. "I'll give you a little something in return.

     Taelia handed her a list and the girl grinned at her pets. The pets grinned back. She flounced out of the door. Taelia stood there for a while, regaining her composure. It had been a weird experience.

     The next day, the girl came back with her pets, and this time she brought a friend.

     "Here are your items!" the girl said happily.

     The items were all there. Now Taelia could finish her spell!

     "Wonderful! Thanks so much! Here, you can have this," Taelia handed her a lava mote as she said this.

     The girl's eyes bulged as she took it. She was speechless. Suddenly, her friend spoke up.

     "Can-can I have a quest, too?" he asked tentatively.

     Taelia grinned and gave him a list.

     "I'd like these items in an hour if that's okay," she said. The boy nodded.

     "By the way," the girl asked. "What's your name?"

     Taelia smiled and replied, "Just call me 'The Snow Faerie'."

The End

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