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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > New Series > Krawk Island Captives: Part One

Krawk Island Captives: Part One

by squieshie

Just about a week after I had settled into my new surroundings, gotten used to my new siblings, and was familiar with my owner, squieshie, something came upon my mind one night while reading the news with my younger sister, Xraie.

     I was reading an advertisement, while lounging on the couch, Xraie sitting right next to me. It was a stormy night, outside it was pouring down rain, and the thunder was booming. It had been like this for about a week, and it may sound miserable, but the best part was waking up, and going outside to fetch the newspaper from the paper-Zafara, and sprinting across the fresh green lawn looking into the misty atmosphere, and feeling the little drops of dew on you're hooves while trotting along to get the paper.

     The advertisement was dark and gloomy, very similar to the outside of our peachy, cheerful house, just houses away from the Soup Kitchen. It was about how some Neopets found Krawk Island, and were celebrating and stuff. It was a lousy ad, but it still made me think.

     "Xraie," I started, turning to face my sister, who was just about asleep. "What's Krawk Island?"

     "Oh, uhm," Xraie started to rub her eyes and get up. "It's a place where... every neopet can fly, even if they aren't Faeries, and all the food is free. There is also other stuff that's free, like toys, candy, you name it." The purple Draik grinned, and closed her eyes again.

     I, of course, was awed at her explanation of this fascinating place. "Whoa..." I gasped. "Lets go there right now! C'mon!" I got up, and started to run around, excitedly. I was so excited, I ran up to my room, and gathered all of my belongings I thought I would need on my trip. I also grabbed my blue yo-yo, and a map of Neopia. I then dashed back downstairs, but only to find Xraie standing in front of the door, blocking my only way out of the house.

     "You're not goin' anywhere!" Xraie's eyes hardened, and soon became a cold glare. I didn't know what else to do, so I just ran straight for her, without even thinking about running into her. I of course, ran into her, and she landed with a thud on the hard concrete outside. I snickered, and ran down the driveway without looking back.

     Once I was at the corner of Soup Alley, I heard faint calls coming from my house. It was Xraie, blabbering away about how my brain was so small and I didn't know anything. But I did know something: That it doesn't effect how smart you are by the size of you're brain.

     "WAIT!!!" I heard Xraie call. "I'm coming with you!" I saw my sister dashing towards me, panting the whole way.

     "Why didn't you just fly all the way over here?" I asked, considering she was a Draik.

     "Because one of my wings got torn because you ran into me and I fell down!" The purple Draik pointed to her right wing. It was scraped up. "I can barely move it,"

     "Oh... okay. I guess we can just walk to Krawk Island, then. Hey, did you leave a note for squieshie telling her that we were gonna be at Krawk Island?" I asked.

     "Yeah, of course I did! She'll be worried sick when she comes home. We'll take the ferry from Meridell to Krawk Island, okay?" Xraie replied.

     "Okay," I agreed. We were well on our way to Krawk Island -- the place where all Neopets could fly, and everything there was free.


Xraie and I stepped off of the Ferry - the ride seemed to last for hours. I walked up the dock, and stopped at a sign that said, 'Welcome to Krawk Island'. I looked up, and all I saw was a ark, gloomy place. It was raining. It looked like a sad, sad area.

     "Xraie," I muttered. "Where's Krawk Island?"

     "Taitl... this is Krawk Island," Xraie replied.

     "But... where are all of the Neopets that can fly even if they aren't Faeries? And all of the free stuff? What about that? What about it, Xraie?" I was very disappointed at this, Xraie had told me it was a wonderful place, and it turned out to be a rotten ugly world. "And why in Neopia are there ugly lumpy alligators everywhere?!"

     The my sister sighed. "I lied to you, Taitl. I'm sorry. There is no free food, or Neopets that can fly even if they aren't Faeries, and all of the other things I told you about. There is no such thing."

     My lip trembled. "There... isn't?" I barely squeezed out the words. My throat was hoarse from disappointment.

     "I'm really sorry," Xraie apoligized.

     "I forgive you," I replied. "We can still have fun here even if there are no free things, and if we can't fly. Right?"

     "Yeah, I bet we could!" Xraie agreed. "Lets go in there!" She pointed to a little shop made of wood on a small dock by the shallow waters. The little shop clearly said, Little Nippers.

     "Okay!" I replied, as I ran towards the shop, Xraie closely following. I opened the creaky wooden door to reveal a scary Blue Kyrii with a wooden peg for a leg, a crutch, and one of his ears pierced. He was also wearing an eye patch. He was standing at the counter where people would hand over Dubloons in return for weird 'Little Nippers'.

     "This is a weird place," Xraie muttered under her breath.

     "Tell me about it," I replied. "Say, What are Little Nippers, anyway?"

     "They are Krawk Island petpets. In Krawk Island you have to pay Dubloons for everything," The purple Draik said.

     "Oh... lets get outta here," I suggested. "This place is freaky!"

     "Yeah," Xraie agreed, as we walked out of the shop, looking for something else to do.

     "This place is--" I started. But I didn't get to finish, because somebody grabbed me from behind.

     Whoever it was, plastered a piece of tape over my mouth, and picked me by my scruff. I saw another figure grab Xraie, covering her mouth with a piece of tape, as well. I caught a glimpse of the figure from the corner of my eye. He was a pirate, like the man in the Petpet shop. Xraie tried to escape from the Mynci's clutch, but he just kept holding her, while the other pirate was holding me back, too.

     "Yer comin' with us," the Mynci pirate grunted, pulling Xraie back. The next thing I knew, we were being dragged onto a huge pirate ship. The pirates opened a trap door which was on the deck of the ship. The pirates then tossed us down into a small dark room.

     "Mff! Mphhhpfh!" I tried to shout, but I had forgotten there was a huge piece of tape covered over my mouth.

     "Hahaha!" The Techo pirate who must had been the one driving me into the ship chanted. "Yer gonna stay in here for quite a while, Captains orders!" Then the Techo pirate slammed the trap door shut and locked it.

     Xraie looked at me.

     What do we do now?! I thought to myself.

     Xraie started to bite the tape on her mouth. She then chewed it up, and spat it out. "Finally, I can talk," she said, relieved.

     I did the same as her -- I chewed the piece of tape off of my mouth and spat it out onto the dark dusty floor of the small room we were thrown into.

     "What do we do now?" the purple Draik questioned.

     "That was the same thing I was thinking," I replied. "Lets look around and try to find something to help us get outta here!" I got up onto my feet, and searched around the room. I came to a stack of wooden boxes in a corner of the room. Curiously, I picked one up, and looked inside. There was a blanket, and a petpet inside. I picked the petpet up. It seemed to be a Flightning Bug.

     "Hey! That's a Flightning Bug!" exclaimed Xraie, walking towards me. "It's so cute! I wish I had a petpet!" Just then, a shuffle came from the same box. Xraie looked inside, and under the blanket, lay a small Poppit. She picked it up, thoughtfully.

     "Well, it looks like your wish came true!" I replied, grinning.

     "Yeah. Where did these come from, anyway?" Asked Xraie.

     "I have no clue," I said, looking at the mysterious box where the petpets came from. "Well, they were in that box,"

     "Lets look in another box!" suggested Xraie, picking up another box from the sack of boxes, and opening it hurriedly. Inside, was a rope. "Cool! I bet we could use this to get out of here--" she started.

     "But there's no way out," I finished.

     "Yeah. I guess there's no way out, after all," Xraie confessed, drooping her head.

     "Wait! Look over there! There's a window! If we broke open that window, I bet we could get to the deck of the ship with the rope and our petpets!"

     "Great idea!" Xraie said, cheerfully.

     "Okay, lets do it," I replied, picking up the rope, and walking towards the window. "We're gonna hafta break open the window," I said softly.

     "Okay! That's no problem!" Xraie walked up to the window, and tried to break it by punching it. Nothing happened to the window.

     "I know," I said, grabbing out my blue yo-yo from my backpack. I threw the yo-yo at the window as hard as I could, and a great big whooshing noise flew past us.

     "That worked," Xraie, giggled, shocked. She looked out of the window. "The only problem is, how are we going to get the rope up there?! The deck of the ship is at least 30 feet away from down here!"

     "We can use Comedian-Buggy to hold the rope, and fly back up there. It will be a piece of cake for the little guy," I suggested, scratching underneath my new petpet's neck.

     My Flightning Bug burped, and then smiled willingly to do the job. I handed the rope to Comedian-Buggy. She flew out the window, and up to the dock.

     "How's she doing, Xraie?" I asked my sister, who was watching her from out the window.

     "Good. Now she's tying the rope to the rail of the ship, and now he's letting the rope come down! Let's climb up!" Xraie grabbed hold of the rope, holding tight onto her Poppit, and hoisted herself up to the dock where Comedian-Buggy was holding the rope (I think she would have just flown up there, but her wing was damaged). She helped him hold it tight so I could get up the rope safely.

     "I can do this," I muttered to myself, spitting on my hooves so I could get a good grip of the rope. I stuck my head out of the window, then my body, and grabbed hold of the rope, carefully. Just do what Xraie did, I thought to myself. I was really bad at climbing ropes, so I just tried my best. When I came to the middle part of the rope, it was really raggedy. It hurt my hooves. They were burning like crazy, but I had to go on. A few moments later, my Ixi hooves lost grip of the rope, and I slid down the rope, still clutching it, with my stupidity. My hooves here really burning now. I was still clinging onto the rope, just inches from the water. I tried to hoist myself up like Xraie did, but at that point, the rope started to unravel.

     "Come on, Taitl! You can do this thing!" Xraie shouted, encouragingly.

     The rope broke, and I fell into the sea with part of a broken rope in my hands.

     "What are you doing here?" asked a calm, but creepy voice. A chill ran down my spine, as I turned to face a Jetsam which was ready attack me at any moment.

To be continued...

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