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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > New Series > Just a -- Little Problem: Part One

Just a -- Little Problem: Part One

by stormydreamer

Sari sat in a large armchair, curled round like a cat, newspaper open on her lap. She had blonde hair, tinted pink, hung over her face like a curtain, obscuring bright blue eyes and a wicked smile. Her four pets were in the spacious living room with her. A fire Aisha and Faerie Gelert named Laeyan and Jeronik were playing a video game that involved lots of flashing lights, 'pows' and noises.

     The other two pets were slightly different. Zayei, a spotted Zafara, was reading purple power quietly, curled up in a similar way to Sari. Drushii was playing Meerca chase on a hand held game station, her Polarchuck asleep on her lap.

     "That's weird," Sari said suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence.

     "What's weird?" Zayei asked.

     "Boochi's been shooting more pets than usual recently," Sari commented. "Listen - In the past month, almost five times the average number of reports have filtered in from Boochi's 'baby gun'. Over 300 pets have reported being zapped by this pint size criminal and Chia Police are starting to warn people to use extreme caution when approaching Boochi, he is considered armed and potentially dangerous - sounds weird, hey?"

     "If that pink penguin tried to zap me, I'd tie that bow so tightly his head would turn blue!" Lae growled from the game before her attention was fully snapped on the game as bright blue things with too many legs came charging at her.

     "Well, I'm glad we got that one in perspective," Drushii muttered cynically.

     "Why Drushii," Sari smiled. "I'd almost say you'd been hanging around me too long."

     "Lucky you," Lae said, her eyes still glued to the LCD screen. Grinning, Sari ripped the front page off her Newspaper, rolled it up into a ball and lobbed it at Lae's head. Lae turned round to glare at Sari, and in that second, Jero beat Lae, causing a large GAME OVER sign on her half of the screen.

     "Sari!" Lae wailed. Sari merely laughed and continued reading. "You're like a two year old!" she continued. Famous last words…


The next day, Sari announced they would be going out. Not far, she assured them, just down to the shops to stock up on supplies they'd run out of. As it was a nice evening, they decided to walk through the park. The park was pretty nice; it was a warm summer's day and the sky was dark, stars flittering in the inky black sky. It was then that the screams started. It was almost in slow motion, one moment everything was calm, the next people were screaming and running in the opposite direction.

     "BOOCHI'S GONE CRAZY!" someone yelled, rushing past the small group.

     "What the…" Zayei muttered. Jero, in a fit of masculinity, charged forward. Sari slapped her hand to her forehead, she knew was Jero was doing -- Jero was showing off. She barely had a chance to mutter 'For cryin' out loud,' before charging off after Jero, along with Lae, Zayei and Drushii.

     A bit further up the path, they found Jero, backed against a tree with Boochi moving slowly towards him, a manic glint in his beady black eyes. Sari gave a cry of "Jero!" and rushed up the path to help him. It was in that moment of complete lack of concentration that Boochi struck. With a sense only madness induces, instead of zapping a pet, he zapped their owner.

     "Sari?" Jero yelled as Boochi ran off, cackling madly. There was a smoky haze where their owner had once stood and as the four pets approached it, it was obvious their owner was not about to pop out, laughing. "Sari?" Jero repeated, this time hesitantly.

     A high pitch wail filled their ears, the kind only a little child gives when they're scared or confused. Lae's mouth fell open at the site in front of them. Instead of a 15-year-old teenager, sat in front of them was a little child, maybe 2 and a half at the eldest. The little girl had long blonde hair, bright blue eyes and, at that point in time, was crying. Loudly.

     "Oh dear…" Drushii muttered. The girl stopped crying at the site of Drushii, and her face split into a large smile, her cheeks tear stained.

     "Cat!" she cried ecstatically. "Kitty cat!" She rushed forward, clothes almost falling off her small frame and launched herself at Drushii, cuddling into her soft black fur. Drushii looked terrified at the site of her once 15-year-old owner cuddling into her.

     "Somebody… help… me…" Drushii murmured, her eyes not leaving her owner.

     "Sari?" Jero said, approaching the toddler. She was wearing Sari's shirt, the hem running behind her, the sleeves dented slightly where her tiny hands struggled to find daylight. Her trousers lay discarded, having immediately fallen off Sari.

     "Dog!" Sari cried and rushed over to Jero. Zayei decided to take charge. He picked the toddler up, her small frame fitted into his arms snugly and immediately the girl cuddled into him.

     "We'll take her to Kauvara," Zayei said at last, looking down at his owner. "I'm sure she'll help."


"CLOSED?" wailed Lae, looking at the sign. "OUR OWNER IS NOW A TWO-YEAR-OLD, AND OUR ONLY HOPE IS CLOSED?"

     "It's open tomorrow. It's her day off," Drushii said calmly, reading the sign. Inside though, Drushii was terrified -- looking after any toddler, let alone your owner terrified most Neopets, and Drushii wasn't the exception. She hated little kids, they all wanted to poke and prod her and it very quickly got very annoying. At least Sari hadn't made any further comments about her; since the cry of 'Kitty Cat' Sari had not paid the slightest bit of attention towards Drushii, and that's the way she liked it.

     "Look," Jero said in an unnatural tone. Lae looked at Jero; he looked pretty perplexed by the whole situation -- it wasn't everyday your owner turned into a toddler, granted -- but his tone of voice was more commanding, more -- Sari like. "It's simple. We go home and come back tomorrow. We'll stop off at the food store and get some…" He winced, "baby food or something."

     "You mean," Lae said, looking down at her owner, who was struggling in Zayei's arms, trying to get down, "We've got to look after our owner for the night?"

     "Yeah," Zayei said, putting Sari down. Immediately, she charged off, causing Jero to leap after her. Grabbing her the back of the shirt, Jero gave a look most reminiscent of Sari when Jero himself did something stupid/annoying/both. "Fyora help us all…"

To be continued…

Authors note: Feedback will be loved and worshipped… Thank you!

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