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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 22nd day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 103 > New Series > Jhudora's Neopet: Part One

Jhudora's Neopet: Part One

by opalgirl26

Who am I? Well, I am the Neopet of one the the most powerful people in Neopia. No, I am not Donna's Buckley. (I am not Plushie, nor a Grundo.)

     So who am I then? My name is Jhuisa. I am the Faerie Nimmo of... three guesses who! Well, let's see, the 'Jhu' sort of suggests that I'm Jhudora's pet -- and I am.

     And who is my best friend? Well, a while ago, my Petpet (a stupid Bartamus called Jhupiter, guess who named her) was my best friend, but that all changed when I found out something about my mum. So who IS my best friend? Well, it makes perfect sense. You see, I'm Jhudora's Neopet, so of COURSE my best friend would be ILLUSEN'S Neopet!

     But, before you yell at me for being my mum's spy, (yeah, like I'd want to be my mum's spy!) let me tell you the story. If you don't believe me, ask my mum, she'll grumble 'yes' then yell at you, ask Illusen, she say 'yes' and then say how evil I am, and last of all ask Hannah. She'll say yes and then ask why.

     So, this was about 4 months ago, we were having dinner... cherry-tastic Faerie pie. Mum was drawing AGAIN -- well, she liked to draw, but oftentimes it was not art. (But I didn't know that then.)

     I'm pretty sure that time it was art though, 'cause every so often she'd show me a picture of the night sky. (Around our NeoHome it was always night -- maybe that's because it was a Dark Faerie's house.)

     "I have a meeting tomorrow," mum said, not looking up. "You get a baby-sitter."

     "Who?" I asked. I'd had all sorts of baby-sitters before -- Fuhnah, Maelstra...

     "The Uber-Dark Faerie," Jhudora replied.

     "Right," I said, thinking, "but wasn't she the one who--"

     "Yes, yes, I know!" Jhudora responded angrily. "But everyone else was busy!!"

     "Right," I said, "and you're absolutely positive that they made up an excuse just so that they wouldn't have to sit for me and not get paid?" (Mum refuses to pay baby-sitters, for some reason I cannot work out.)

     "Would you rather I ask you to stay home alone for six hours?"

     "It'd save you a lot of trouble every time you had a meeting."

     Jhudora shot me the evil eye. She's very good at that -- just as she is at talking quickly, shooting withering looks at people, the Battledome (and the Cloud Dome, for faeries only) and cooking. Yes, cooking.


The Uber-Dark Faerie arrived 5 minutes before mum left, at eleven.

     She practically locked me in my room. I guess she didn't not like Jhudora -- she was scared of her.

     She gave me lunch at one, and a snack at four, and at quarter to five she finally let me out and warned me she must not tell mum where I'd been the past five hours and a half.

     "Your mum's evil," she said, "Fyora knows what she'll do to me -- well, she won't, actually -- and you are her Neopet. She'll turn against you someday... when you find out who she really is..."


I lay on my bed, thinking. I guessed that Jhudora and the Uber-Dark Faerie hated each other. And the Uber-Dark Faerie was right -- I barely did know my mum. I had to investigate her.

     I crept downstairs, and found a box, labeled, 'Cutlery'.

     I took a look at one bit of paper.

Illusen - As of 25/3/5 - remember in stupid tree, not hope to be invisible :P If Hannah comes again, attack, too. Hope she doesn't. Make it look like Draconians.

     "Jhuisa, what are you doing?" I saw mum stand in the doorway.

     "N-nothing!" I said, trying to smile.

     "You saw," she said, agitated.

     "Uh... well... um -- no, I... um..."

     Jhudora raised her eyebrows.

     "Uh ... um ... yes I read ... and I'm going to warn her!"

     I sped up, and she tried to get me, but couldn't. And I did fly all the way to Meridell -- it took me an hour.

     "Is that... JHUISA!" yelled Illusen.

     "I'm NOT my mum's spy!" I protested.

     "Uh-huh," she said, sounding a lot more like my mum and a lot less like the Illusen everyone said was so great.

     "She isn't," said a voice. I soon found that the voice came from a -- Faerie Ixi? The Ixi had beige fur and green wings.

     "Hannah, you don't know her -"

     "I know her better than you do," replied Hannah. I wished I could say that sort of thing to MY mum!

     "Oh yeah, I'm here to warn you--"

     "What?" asked Illusen, again sounding like my mum.

     "Mum wants to attack you -- tomorrow," I said. "I found out tonight, and she's mad."

     I could see Illusen was facing a dilemma. She could let me stay, and make Jhudora mad, or send me home, and put herself in danger.

     "Oh well, stay for the night," Illusen invited me in. "You can stay with Hannah," Illusen added.

     "Ok-ay..." I said, slowly. Hannah was nice, but I wasn't sure I could stand much more Illusen.


I slept pretty soundly. Except for one tiny -- um, major -- part.


     I woke up. So did Hannah, and I think Illusen did too, because I heard her yell, "Hannah, STAY PUT!"

     It suddenly went quiet. And then came the big one ...


     Hannah and I jumped, but no noise after that was heard -- for half an hour, we waited.

     "Wonder what happened," I said.

     She nodded, then replied, "Let's go see."

     We crept a little way out of our room, and took a peek. Illusen's room was slightly smoking.

     We entered.

     "ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ILLUSEN??" boomed a voice.

     "Mu-um," I said.

     "Jhuisa," said Hannah, "it's a recording."

     I saw a cassette player spinning away with some purple/green tape.


     "Like that's gonna stop us," I said, "I LIVE there."


     "I know," I said, "you forget how powerful I am."


     "WHAT?" I yelled. "Why would my mum hire a pet with a Dark ability?"

     "It's easy," said Hannah, calmly, "if it is dark, yet can defeat a dark creature it's a guard perfect for Jhudora -- she doesn't want you nosing around -- as long as she always keeps it on her side."

     "Yeah, someone under my mum's power can just resign. She probably CONTROLS them, you know."

     "This is serious, Jhuisa," Hannah said. "Fact is, your mum holds my mum captive, so we need to work together to defeat your mum to save my mum!"

     I giggled.


     "Oh, shut up, stupid tape," I said, "you're probably just playing to us what my mum really did say, then recording OUR voices."

     "Wow," said Hannah, "you know that?"

     "Nope," I replied, "I know my mum."

To be continued...

Author's Note: How will they end up saving Illusen? Maybe they'll need to defeat the Scorchio. And how will they do that? Find out next issue!

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