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Pet Name: Spyro276
Owner: sweetpea1414
Breed: Shoyru

About Spyro276:

Hello, I'm sweetpea1414! Like most pets, my shoyru is very unique. Her name is Spyro276 and she, is the guardian of fire. She is special because she is brave, funny and smart.

Ever since I was small I had a great interest in fire. I would watch the flames as like I was crazy. I would stare all night just at the flames. I knew there was something about the flames that connected me to something but I hadn't found it yet. Flames were not only an element, but to me, a friend.

This is Spyro, my fire shoyru.

When Spyro was born, she was blue. She also loved the flames. In fact one of our favorite thing to do was to sit by the fire and read about the fire faerie. She is our hero.

After we had read all the books, me and Spy decided to meet her! Sure that seems unreal, we both knew it, but it was too strong of a feeling to meet our hero to give it up. So we planned for nearly 3 weeks, our rout- First we would travel through the Lost Desert and make our way into the haunted woods, then we would take a plane to faerie land, were we would stop to visit the great queen faerie and ask her if she could give us any clues. (Yes, we know were it is!) Then we would head for Mystery Island. We would then Take a space craft to the space station (Skipping Maraqua, why would the fire faerie live under water?) Then fly to Tyrannia were we would later hike to Terror Mountain.

Our journey began, We went high and low far and wide. Fought off (and ran away from) many monsters, met nice pets and great people. In total the trip would take 13 months.

On month 11 we ran into a very spooky forest. we hiked through, afraid we would still be within the forest come night fall. Just our luck night fell and we were lost! We decided to pitch the tent and call it a night. Although I could tell Spyro was scared she wouldn't admit it, but I shouldn't be one to talk! We heard a lot of strange, scary noises. One was the worst. It was a sort odd screaming noise (Which we would later learn was a owl) Spyro couldn't hold it in any more she S-C-R-E-E-E-E-E-C-H-E-D the most terrifying noise I had ever heard "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed. Spyro then apologized, that was before we heard the footsteps.

The zipper on our tent slowly unzipped. Spyro found her instinct and got ready to fight for me. Some one peeked in and spy zoomed at her. *Whack* *Pow* *Bang*! "Spyro stop!" I screamed. It was too late for Spyro to realize that she was beating up our hero.

The fire faerie (Her real name soon came up as "Just call me Sakura!") brought us back to her house telling us the woods were no place to stay at night. Spy apologized to her for beating her up and volunteered to do the dishes (Sakura had given us a late snack). Sakura told her it was all right and showed us to a room.

Her house was cozy and warm, and made you feel special. And we slept like a rock. The next morning Sakura told Spyro what she did for me was brave and deserved a reward. The great Fire faerie named Spyro the guardian of fire and made us promise we would visit her every week and we gladly excepted the invitation.

So now Spyro is guardian of fire and I am so proud of her. We get to visit Sakura when ever we want and we are all happy- Let the flame burn on- fire hugs- Spyro276 and sweetpea1414

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