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I am finally a desert Aisha!!!

Pet Name: KatOfDerkholm
Owner: Dickens1234
Breed: Aisha

About KatOfDerkholm :

Hi, Im Dickens1234 and I am entering this because neopets always gives to me a happy place in which to escape the sometimes not so great goings on of the rest of the world. I chose to enter with Kat because of her outstanding personality and divine way with words :) The drawing I included took me forever to draw because Kat kept saying, "Am I really that fat?" and "Honestly, you could make my eyes a little cuter!" not to mention, "My fur is much more silky then that! Try to make it look more smooth!" She can be a little like that sometimes, but how can you not love her!

Hello, I'm Kat. I live in a generously sized house called Derkholm. My master called our home Derkholm because of some sort of book she read, but since this book doesn't exist in Neopia, I just have to hope that she hasn't completely lost her mind. If you are wondering why it is that my sisters and I have OfDerkholm at the end of our names, I can't tell you for exact sure. My master said something about our names being better that way, but I'll admit that I'm frankly confused about the whole thing.

Anyway, I'd like to tell you a little about myself if you're interested, so don't you dare stop reading now! I am an Aisha, if you can't tell that already. My master, who you will know as Dickens1234, adopted me not too long ago. I have two older sisters (they aren't technically my sisters but I call them that anyway), who are Eyries. Well at least they both were Eyries until a recent incident (my master didn't exactly know what would happen if she played with Elda with a magical meerca plushie and well I think you know the rest. She didn't want a Meerca though, so a very kind neofriend gave her a kougra morphing potion and then she bought a Christmas paintbrush and BOOM there was the brand new Elda:). Their names are Elda and Kit. They're real sisters, in fact, they're twin sisters. They're also (annoyingly) older then me.

I have a pet that my master gave to me when I promised that I would take very, VERY good care of it, but let me to tell you that she isn't always easily convinced. When she did give it to me though, I was delighted! I can still remember the day in perfect detail, but I doubt that you're interested so I'll just tell you that it was a very special day. I named it Phrog at first, but as the little guy's (hes a Greeble) personality developed I realized that he needed very badly to have a new name, so I renamed him Trig. It suites him much better. Most of the time he doesn't do much, but lately he's started playing tricks on Lulu (Kit's Angelpuss), which proves that he has intelligence of some kind (but don't tell Kit that I said that or she might get me in trouble) I love bright pretty colors! Therefore it makes sense that I asked my master to find me a rainbow paintbrush if she could. She had taken me to the Rainbow Pool and shown me what I could look like with a rainbow paintbrush, and I was enthralled. Naturally, she did her best to find me a rainbow paintbrush (I think she must on some level comprehend what it's like to be the youngest of three). I have to admit I was rather surprised when she showed up at Derkholm one day, with a paintbrush dripping with fresh (and kind of smelly) paint in her hand. It was just the way I knew it would be, its bristles covered in thick stripes of attractively bright color. She smiled at me and held the brush up. "Up for a trip to the Rainbow Pond?" She asked, grinning that ridiculous grin that I hope none of my friends ever see. Anyway, needless to say, I was overjoyed. She took me to the Rainbow Pond that very day, and I got to get painted! OK, so Ill admit that after that the number of mirrors in my room at Derkholm doubled ;)

Well anyway, as I've been getting older my dear master has been letting me explore Neopia with her. Its a delightful process! We recently took a trip to Terror Mountain! It was sooo much fun (even though she was being kind of overprotective and making me stay with my sisters).

Well, one day I was playing on my rainbow patterned (of course) bed, when I heard someone knock on the door. My master went to get it, and I peered out of my window to see whom it was. I think that it was one of her neofriends but I'm not sure because my room is so high up it's hard to see the front door. Anyway, my master was talking with the neofriend (it was a he) and when he left she sounded very excited. But when I went downstairs to see what had happened she just grinned and said I would find out soon enough. In the mean time, she took me to play the Wheel of Excitement, and we won a petpet called a Searex. That was the second petpet that we had won playing that game (she had given the other to Elda. It was a Stego). She said that if I wanted to I could have the Searex as my pet instead of Trig. To be honest the only reason I hesitated was for Trig's sake, because I didn't know what would happen to him. Don't worry, master told me, "I have a neofriend who's interested in having a Greeble, he'll be in good hands, I promise." Now that that concern had been taken care of I had nothing to worry about. I decided that I would keep the Searex for my own, so I named him Sinada.

A few weeks later my master told me to come outside with her. I put down the quiggle toy that I had been playing with and followed her outside. There, on the back porch, was lain my dreams come true. It was another paint brush. This one had stiff bristles and was layered in tan paint. On top of the tan paint were thin blue stripes. I knew what it was, as I had been to the Lost Desert and seen pictures with my master before. How did you- when did you- I didn't know what to say.
"A very dear, very kind neofriend gave it to me. The one who came over that day, remember?" I did remember.
"Can we go now?" I asked.
"Absolutely!" she said, smiling.

Since then I have been the beautiful queen that I am now. I L-O-V-E my beautiful new look!! And I'd just like to say THANK YOU to the neofriend that gave my master the paintbrush!!!!

Anyway, that's all I have for now. I think you've learned a lot about me huh? :)

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