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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love Neopia!!!

Pet Name: Gabubabel
Owner: gijinkagato
Breed: Kiko

About Gabubabel :

I think I must be the happiest kiko in the whole of Neopia. Of course I haven't interviewed every kiko out there, that would be silly, but anyway, let me tell you a little about myself. My life started about eight months ago, when my owner, gijinkagato, or gigi, as I call her, came to neopia. I was her very first neopet. Now, I must say sadly, Kikos aren't terribly popular. Many people would choose a brave Lupe for their first pet, or a powerful Shoyru, or a pretty Acara. Gigi, however, fell in love with the Kiko species the minute she saw us. She goes over the story of of my birth over and over while I play with my yellow poogle toy.

"..And there I was at the creation office, looking through all of the designs, and suddenly my heart skipped a beat! A sweet, adorable little blue kiko in the photograph, big smiling eyes and elegant fins. So sweet, so adorable, I just knew you were the perfect pet for me. I ran up to the desk at once, and said 'A blue kiko, please! A little girl kiko!' Then they asked me what name I wanted, and I hesitated. I wanted something very unique. All of a sudden, I blurted out, 'Gabubabel!' That had a nice ring to it. It fit you so well. So there I sat in the waiting room, anxious to see you. Then I heard my name called, and there you were! That must have been the happiest day of my life!"

I remember that day, although kind of hazily, since I was just a newborn kiko then. I remember seeing Gigi's smiling face, the way she hugged me and how loving she looked. I was so happy to stay with her. I had many happy days after that, playing with all of my plushies, reading books, and trips to the lake to go swimming.

Awhile after, Gigi brought home my sister, Meimiko. She's is, er, was, a red Shoyru. Sadly, the lab ray turned her into a green, male Jubjub. Time will tell if she, I mean, he, will turn back to normal. But that's another story. Meimiko and I are great friends. We both love fighting in the battledome, although Mei is just a little bit stronger than me. But that's okay, I love swimming better. Time after, my other sister and my brother came along. Belltoine is a Strawberry Usul, and Quikiquiki is a Tomato Chia. We're a big happy family. Things seemed perfect.

However, one day tragedy struck. I found a strange potion while exploring around the haunted woods. I was feeling tired and thought it might give me some energy. I took a huge gulp, and immediately regretted it. The stuff tasted horrible, and all of a sudden, my body felt strange. I felt like I had an extra set of flippers. I looked into a mirror, and to my horror, I had become a Mutant Kacheek! I was scared and frightened. What if Gigi wouldn't love me anymore? I was so hideous, she'd probably put me up for adoption. I eventually snuck back home, ashamed. Gigi was shocked, and I thought I was going to cry. But, Gigi smiled and gave me a hug, and told me that everything was going to be ok. Gigi eventually got a kiko morphing potion and a blue paint brush in a trade, and I was relieved to be back to my old self.

I thought I was pretty, but I never dreamed of going so far as to enter the beauty contest. But Gigi thought I could win, and entered me anyway. I was dressed up in my finest makeup and my biggest smile, and a special yellow-and-purple plaster that was bought just for the contest. I was scared, going against all of these Beautiful neopets. Some were dressed as faeries, and had lovely painted fur. I was embarrassed. I doubted I'd ever win. I was shocked when I checked my vote tally. At the end, I had over a hundred votes! People sent me encouraging neomails, wishing me luck for the contest. I felt so loved by the citizens of Neopia, and in the end, I won the Bronze trophy for third place in the Kiko competition. I couldn't believe it. Not just Gigi, but hundreds of Neopians loved me, me Gabubabel, just a plain little blue kiko.

Gigi's talking about me winning first place overall someday. I doubt it, but then again, anything can happen in Neopia!

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