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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love to Dream!!!

Pet Name: MomoiroNeko, and HimeHanako
Owner: KonekoKurara
Breed: Aisha and Usul

About MomoiroNeko and HimeHanako :

Dreaming of Wings.

Momoiro Neko is my first pet ever. Momoiro means pink, and I think it perfectly describes my Aisha's personality.. And the color of her soft fur. Pink to me is a loving and tender color. Momoiro Neko is a very special Aisha.. She is a dreamer, and I would like to tell about one of the most beautiful dreams that ever she had. In her dream, she was running around in a field of flowers and grass. Suddenly, three beautiful butterflies came and followed her everywhere.. They became her best friends. Their wings were so beautiful, with three transluscent and holographic shades of blue with a rain of small white dots, like delicate snowflakes on a never-dying flower. Since then, her dream was to become a fairy Aisha, to have wings like these and be able to fly freely in the wind. Of course, if I could afford it, I would immediately get her the fairy paint brush, but I always thought that there was an easier solution for her to find her wings.. You see, Momoiro Neko loves reading. She has such a big imagination.. And readings so many books has given her wings already. The most beautiful wings in the world. I believe that she is one of the smartest pets in the whole world. Besides reading, there are two other things that Momoiro Neko likes the most. First, it is her adoptive sister Hime Hanako the Usul. Even though they have different personalities, they both love reading together and telling each other stories.. They have done this since they were baby pets. I know that they will always be the best friends in the world.. And the second thing is, sleeping. Yes, I have to admit, Momoiro Neko can be a bit .. lazy at times. She loves spending time daydreaming while relaxing on her favorite pillow. Momoiro Neko is a very calm and peaceful little Aisha. She is very laid back and she would never hurt any other pets. She has a few friends, because she is a bit shy, but many pets come to her for advice, which I'm very proud of.

I am a flower princess!!!
A crown of flowers.

Hime Hanako means Flower Princess, which totally describes my little Usul. When she was born, the first word she ever said was "flower", and her delicate pale yellow fur can remind someone of soft flower petals. Hime Hanako has one beautiful dream in her heart, it is to own a flower shop one day.. She once described this shop to me: It would be a very small but adorable shop that would sell a lot of different species of flowers from all over the world. She is very romantic at heart, and loves anything soft, pretty and old-fashioned, but she's always also very cheerful and friendly. She has a lot of friends and she's always ready to meet new pets. She truely believes that everyone has something unique and special about their personality. But she will always be waiting to find her own prince charming... Just like in fairy tales, which she loves reading. Yes, like her dear sister Momoiro Neko, Hime Hanako is very smart and is a bookworm. But Hime Hanako prefers reading outdoors, specially while sitting under a tree, just like Alice in Wonderland. She loves nature and you can almost always find her picking flowers or collecting sea shells on the beach. The last thing Hime Hanako loves the most, is food.. She has a very big sweet tooth, and loves candies, ice cream, and ice lollies.. Whenever she has the time, she goes to the Chocolate Factory to get something good to eat and she shares it with her adoptive sister. I must admitt that sometimes she eats a bit too much, but if it's something she specially likes, I won't stop her..

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