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Pet Spotlight

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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

I love my family!!!

Pet Name: Xx_Hagrid_xX
Owner: lupess_of_rain
Breed: Lupe

About Xx_Hagrid_xX :

Hagrid (Xx_Hagrid_xX) my lupe is different from other lupes, as you see in the photo above. Hagrid is in a wheel chair, he is the 1st and only pet I have ever seen in a wheel chair, he isn't too social so I decided I'd tell about him myself. He is a good lupe and just as important.

He is good because he once was part of the Sakhmet police force, he always did a good job but he doesn't work anymore why is the same reason why he is in a wheel chair, also why he wants a desert paintbrush.

He was head of the force he was extraordinary at scaring people out, or dragging them due to him being a bit taller than most lupes. The other lupes in the force where desert painted due to them being in Sakhmet, although Hagrid was always just his golden yellow color. The head of the lupe team told him, "Don't 'cha worry you'll get your desert colors sooner or later, whenever the boss says its O.K." the lead lupe was also Hagrid's only friend on the force. Hagrid had many many missions easily completing them all. Easily even when he was having a difficult time why? Because he risked his life for the force's members time and time again. That's why no one was his friend they thought he was a show off. Until one day they changed their minds, he nearly died; he got a wheel chair...

Day went as normal when he first arrived until a Flotsam's call came in. Ace who was a lupe answered the phone after 2 minutes the lupe team had a mission. Ace hung up and barked "Some insane gelert is terrorizing Sakhmet! Hurting all the- er... Lupe team move out!" suddenly a loud boom was heard the lupe teams walls began to shatter, Ace repeated more frantic this time "MOVE OUT!" he yelped running out the door all the other lupes followed even the leader Ebony. Hagrid stood alone in this mission nowhere to run, he did not back off. He did jump at the right time so the walls or the ceiling didn't fall on him. Hagrid was in for the battle of a lifetime... A level 50 gelert shadowed color, against level 1 him yellow color didn't matter just something that caught the eye. The gelert laughed hysterically "You? You are part of the Sakhmet lupe team?! You're not even painted." This is when Hagrid still believed different was good he snarled managing a "SO what!?" always unsocial except to his 1 friend who sadly he never saw again.

The gelert pinned him down eyeing him with his crimson eyes he said in a dark silent tone. "Beat it buster! I don't take kindly to your kind." Hagrid gave him the 'What do you mean by your kind?' the gelert went nuts again "You're not painted I am BETTER than you." Hagrid said the most words he had said to anyone in his whole life. Hagrid said, "What?! I am just as good as any lupe just as important too! You call yourself a neopet? What happened to dignity? You have too much pride!" the gelert silenced snarling now crossing him. The gelert slashed his face lightly Hagrid didn't feel the blood, lives where in danger; if Hagrid didn't win he would die trying. The gelert said firmly "Not a neopet eh?!" Hagrid half smiled "Yea you're no neopet!" the gelert was fired up. "I have given your kind too many chances I refuse to stand for it any longer lupe." the gelert bared his teeth also showing extra sharp ears, Hagrid pushed the gelert off him. "Whatta mean?" The gelert was obviously mentally pained. The gelert muttered something looking disoriented than back to his cruel insane self "You shall feel half the pain of all your kind did to me!" the rest of the lupe team watched Hagrid with his courage. That's what made them all change their minds the gelert glared at them, eying the leader a sick smile was on the gelert's face.

The leaders face it was petrified locked on one another's gaze the gelert spoke up, "So you're the leader of the pack? I am sorry to do this my painted friends but it's for the unruly ones sake." He leaped on the one wall that was still half standing and back with agility and speed of amazing power. The wall fell atop the leader, the leader pushed off the wall saying his last words, "Sir, you are evil... that... lupe... is... my... friend..." collapsing, the wall covering him once again, now his 40 leveled commander and friend was gone and Hagrid was mad at the gelert but was too stunned to move. The gelert attacked Hagrid from the back knocking him out. Hagrid didn't know anymore other than the other officers left and ran. He didn't know what happened after that except waking up to find he must be in a wheel chair.

As I have said he isn't too social, he is too different, so he tells me. I have told him different is good, he just shakes his head and says, "No". Why he feels different its plain he is in a wheel chair the ONLY pet in a wheel chair he doesn't like leaving the house except to look in the window at shops at something he has always longed for, a Lost Desert Paintbrush. Even though painted pets caused him to feel rather insecure he just needs time. He has nothing against gelerts, and hopes he never sees that gelert again. He still is friendless if someone were to try to befriend him I am sure he would consider. There are 3 parts to a story beginning, middle and end, you have heard 1/4th of the middle, the beginning is another story, and the end no one knows yet. I love Hagrid my lupe. All pets deserve the spotlight but those who feel unimportant need to see what care really is.

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