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- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Life is good!!!

Pet Name: GoldenLight_of_Love
Owner: Lupess_of_Ice
Breed: Lupe

About GoldenLight_of_Love :

Oh hi there. I am GoldenLight_of_Love you can call me Golden if you wish. How I came to this owner, met my pack, and got my pair of wings is a long story but... that's what I am here to tell.

I was born on the beach of Mystery Isle. My father, I can remember, was a fire Lupe. My mother was a white Lupess. My brother Chanomire, who was blue, is still with me today. I got my name because when I was just a pup my mother thought that I had a heart of gold.

I made many friends at that point in my life on Mystery Isle. Until one day, when mom was walking home with all of us. A nearby white Wocky, who now fortunately I know, took away my other brother and my sister. My remaining brother and I scared him, and he ran off. My mother brought us back home.

That evening Papa went out into the forest leaving all of us behind. When I woke up I searched for him. My mother picked me up and said "I don't think your Papa is coming back..." I miss him still. Dr. Sloth invaded our territory and took my mom away to experiment on. Mom didn't leave with out a fight he grabbed my sister at the last minute. Now both my parents and my sister were gone. Only my brother and I were left and there was nothing more we could do about it.

I soon learned to hunt on my own. I hated killing things and I still can't stand to kill a Chia! So my brother Chanomire took care of most of it not letting me know what it was that he killed, which was a good thing most of the time. We went a long distance everyday. finally, we found Terror Mountain but a blizzard was brewing. We found shelter and I heard a loud yelp coming from outside.

Still a kid, not a little baby any more, I went out in search of the noise. I found three little pups one blue, one green, and one yellow, two boys and one girl. Chanomire and I looked after them. Imagine a kid watching over a baby... We let them go soon Chanomire paced up to me I knew this wouldn't be good. Chanomire said "Hey Golden I have got to go. You have your path and I have mine even if we are still pups, I hope we meet again."

Tears filled my eyes I ran up to him "No you can't." He pulled away from me. "I will be fine!" He was turned white by the snow he looked cool but he left me as an outcast...

I kept on exploring searching for a home or pack. Everyone turned me down. It had been a year since I had seen Chanomire and then I met Ice, my owner, she found me on the streets when I was sleeping. She picked me up and took me home. I woke up next to a fire on a pillow. Had I found a home?

I turned around to see a chocolate chia and turkey dinner behind me. I gobbled it down, but I was still very hungry. Then I heard a voice, a girl's voice. It was calm so I looked up and I saw a blue-eyed, blonde haired girl about 11 years old looking at me her hair up in a pony tail she said "So you're awake huh? Here, I brought you more food." she set down an omelet I wasn't hungry anymore.

I stayed with Ice she comforted me. We played, I ate, and it was paradise compared to my past. After a few years time I saw a boy and his white Lupe run down the street. The white Lupe was a fully-grown adult male. I was only a young adult and I still am. I thought about Chanomire but the other Lupe looked nothing like him. He had big fluffy fur and yellow eyes. Chanomire didn't have that thick of fur and he had brown eyes I padded up to Ice.

"Will you help me find my brother?" I said. She looked at me and smiled "Of course I will. First I have got to find you a pack though.". I agreed she and I searched all of Neopia then I met Gazy, and the ~Spirit Lupes~ I knew I was welcome there. I fit in well after a short time Ice left me at the pack to meet all the lupes and lupesses!

Ice came back a few minutes later with a brown-eyed lupe, semi thick fur, and a welcoming feeling about him. "Chanomire!" I ran to him he smiled and said "Yea good seeing you too!". He stayed at a cliff above the sea near the pack. He watched for 3 days. finally, he came to meet the pack, and he soon fit in as well.

One day, when I wasn't with the pack, I went to the beach. I was sad and alone, no other lupes except my pack liked me. My owner Ice talked with two owners I got curious and listened. One said "Here have my Faerie paint brush. "I never felt so exited in my life. I chose the faerie one but another stranger a lupess grabbed it and ran off I was disappointed but I ran after her.

"Hey, you stole something!" the other lupess laughed "I know!" I caught up to her and got it back. I didn't need to fight I just grabbed it back. The other lupess just padded off. I got painted faerie! I went back to the pack. A mud fight had started in between several lupes and lupesses. For fun I attacked by air! When Chanomire was gonna go explore a desert lupe followed him.

He looked really nice so Chanomire decided he wouldn't go. He wanted to stay here instead. So, I met the desert lupe after a little while he said "My name is Killikk. And yours?" I grinned shyly "My name is Golden". I liked him a lot! A feeling I had never felt for a lupe. Now together we are invincible!

Well that's my story please come again. Sometime we can chat I love making friends!

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