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Pet Name: Lizpen, and Techababoo
Owner: mystified20
Breed: Kougra, Techo

About Lizpen and Techababoo:

Hello my name is mystified20 and this is a story about my two pets...Lizpen and Techababoo:)
This day started as any other me, Lizpen, my baby girl and Sweetie got up and went about our daily business. We did a little shopping and a little talking and playing when Lizpen said, "Lets go to sullengirl9's house so I can play with her pets and she can see Roberta"(my baby girl)

So I then said,"OK,"because I knew Lizpen was somewhat lonely and needed to be around pets her age somebody else rather then me.
I then put Roberta back on Lizpens back and we went about our way. After all sullengirl9 only lived a few blocks from us on Neopia Ave. so it wouldn't take long to get there but we took a slow steady pace just the same to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We walked and laughed all the way there... stopping to talk to fellow neopians on the way...
"Its a beautiful fall day today isn't it?" One asked.
Then another "Do you know where I can find pink lipstick? I need it for a quest and don't know where to get it." they said sadly.
By his nervous way of speaking we knew he had been new here so Lizpen politely replied, "Sure," she began smiling, "Go to the Grooming Parlour... its just left of the Auction House."
Seetie replied with a Tyrannian, "UggaUgga," as if she was trying to say she agreed. :)
The new Neopian then smiled greatfully and went on his way after thanking us for our genorosity. "Newbies," Lizpen then giggled, "You gotta luv them... hehe" then shook her head :)
We then continued about our way looking at all the beautiful trees and paths... then there it was Neopia Ave. Lizpen hardly being able to contain herself took off running til she ran smaack into our friends mail box.
"OOOOOOOUUUUCCCHHH!!", she screamed, "That hurt!"
"I'd imagine so", I replied, "You took quite a wack..." I told her trying to not laugh.
"What? Is not funny," she told me, "really its not."
"If you say so dear." I replied. With this I swooped Sweetie up and held Roberta on my right hip and there we went knocking on the door. Before she could say come in Lizpen was running in right past her, "Mind your manners young lady" I called.
"Sorry mama!" She hollered already playing.
"Sorry about that" I told her while placing Sweetie on the floor. As she took Roberta she replied, "Its Alright."
So with this we talked and talked for hours and soon it was time to go home for supper. Roberta wanted to stay with her a while longer she called her Aunt 9. So I agreed and went to get Lizpen and Sweetie. But as I came near sg9's room I came to a complete and utter stop for what I was hearing inside was breaking my heart :( it went like so...

Lizpen: "Sg you're so lucky to have a little brother," :( She sniffled, "I want one so badly, but I don't think my mama wants another pet right now." She sniffed again.
Sg9: "Look on the bright side Lizpen, you don't have to share your toys with anybody and chase your younger bros and sis' out of your room all the time."
Lizpen: "Yes, but how grand it would be if only I could,"
Sg9: "Hey come here..." she too was starting to feel bad "Let me give u a hug."
Lizpen: "OK"

Now after hearing this what my poor little Kougra was feeling how sad she was. I waited a moment then tried my best to hide my tears as I called to her, "Lizpen honey come on its time to go home and get something to eat. We will be back in about 20 minutes to pick up Roberta, but right now you and Sweetie have to come along."
Lizpen came out wiping her eyes, then all the way home til we got almost there she was silent it was all silent, until Sweetie stopped not 15 feet from the house and started whining, "What is it girl," Lizpen asked. But Sweetie stayed perfectly still until we all looked to see what was bothering her. Then right there behind one of our trees peeping his little head out was the cutest little figure we had ever seen. As we walked toward it he kinda went a little further behind the tree... then soon Lizpen was gone no where near me or Sweetie just gone disappeared. "Now where could have that girl gone," I asked Sweetie. She then looked at me pathetically and I knew she didn't know either. "Maybe shes inside, "I figured. Then we continued to go to him.
"Don't be frightened little guy", I began "Your a cute little fellow we are not going to hurt ya,"
"UggaUgga", Sweetie replied. This scared the poor little thing. He kinda bent down and hid his head.Then hear came Lizpen running directly from the wishing well... "Can we keep him mama please?", she pleaded. and Sweetie was brushing her paw against my foot...
I thought back to what I had over heard earlier and so badly wanted her to be happy. So I said, "Yes we can keep him, Lizpen say hello to your new Little brother. We shall call him... oh dear what shall we call him... hmm" then we all agreed eventually on Techababoo. So we took him straight in the house and placed him next to the fire and gave him a nice warm Cup of Borovon to warm his cold little body. Lizpen ran and got him a blanket. She was much too excited to eat... she went on about how she was going to teach him everything she knows and how she will teach him to fight the best she could and have him be smart as best she could and how she would share all her toys with him and eventually she ran into the other room picked up the phone and said, "Guess what Sg Guess what"
"What?" she replied.
"The wishing well really works it really works!!!!!"
"What how?" She replied stunned.
"I put in 25 np... cause thats all I had and wished for a little brother and it worked IT REALLY WORKED!" she shouted and laughed and carried on, "Plz tell Roberta we have a little brother now and were getting him a petpet and we will be there soon :) I can't wait for you to meet him :) She smiled.

After she got off the phone we took off after Roberta and she was singing and dancing the whole way, :) "Thats more like my special kougra I know."
After a short visit about 20 minutes later we were back home and Roberta, Lizpen, Techababoo, Sweetie, and Piglet (Techas Snorkle) were all on the floor playing with Lizpens Learn to Paint Set. Now still to this day we are happy as anything :) Yep Yep :) That is my story of my two pets! :)

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