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Pet Spotlight

Submit your pet to the Pet Spotlight!

- Today's Pet Spotlight -

Our Spotlight!!!

Pet Name: DigitalFur, and Kameyko
Owner: Inked_In
Breed: Kougra, Zafara

About DigitalFur and Kameyko :

"Hmmm, I wonder what Inked did now, eh Digi?"
"Pah! She probably entered us into the Beauty Contest! No makeup for this kougra, thank you very much..."
"What, scared you can't win?"
"Shut up, Mey. Shut your big fat..."

A short girl enters, clinging to a large cardboard sign with the words "KAMEYKO + DIGITALFUR'S SPOT-LITE" painted sloppily over it. She hurries off stage, accompanied by glares from the two pets, a purple zafara and a large white kougra.

The purple zafara chews her lip for a while, remaining silent. "Digi, we might as well make the most of this," she whispers, leaning over towards the kougra.

The kougra clicks her tongue and sighs. "You're prob'ly right. Okay, you're the first and oldest pet, you start." The kougra creeps off stage, and a bright spotlight turns on to the zafara.

"Hello, ladies, gents and neopians! I'd like to welcome you to DigitalFur the kougra, and Kameyko the purple zafara's spotlight! I'll tell you how the family started...

"Inked_in was a new neopian. She'd been here before, but had left early in Neopets's history. Everything had changed since she'd been here, and she was starting her neopian life as a newbie. Being a newbie is tough: you're tormented by the asparagus plants and sat upon by the heavy staff people floating around. (But don't worry, she's made friends now.) After playing games to earn about 1,000 NP, she decided it was time to adopt her first neopet. She chose a beautiful, talented, although hyper and probably not very modest red zafara, who she immediately formed a strong bond with. She christened me Kameyko, or Mey for short. We got along great for a while, but something was missing. One day, while sitting at the fountain in Pet Central, Inked saw the pound. It was a friendly-looking building from the outside, with big windows and a very nice shade of soft cream paint. She had nothing else to do (I was out shopping for zafara plushies) and she knew no better: she couldn't remember much of her neopian past, and was - and still is - INCREDIBLY naive. She toddled in, and saw all the cute abandoned little pets with puppy dog eyes. Well, she had to take someone home now. She strolled along the aisles for a while, until, out of the corner of her eye, she came upon a yellow kougra named DigitalFur, who was looking traumatised and hungry. She adopted her... ASPARAGUS JUICE!! I was no longer an only child. I was..." She pauses and sniffs, taking a handkerchief out of thin air. "I was cramped by her 125lbs and 60cms..." Mey is accompanied off stage by a slightly embarrassed Airax, as Digi stomps back on. She laughs nervously and sits down. "Well, Mey was intoxicated by Borovan fumes from the English guy who's sitting in the front row. Er, not that I have anything against the Brits, after all I have to put up -- er, "live with" Inked..." She coughs and looks around for a while. "MORE HISTORY!!

"Well, after I was adopted, Mey was just starting to form relationships. She had a journal, and she'd seen some other people with them staggering around, so she quickly made friends. Eventually, a certain past-Spotlighted alien Aisha gave her a purple paint brush. We were all very thankful, but meanwhile, I was feeling left out." Cries of "Awww!" and "Poor li'l kougie!" come up from the audience. DigitalFur grins deviously and continues. "Then, one day, a white paint brush was delivered to my our door, with the label 'We thought Digi might need a present! From Catchacha, Juliet949 and the gang'. Mey's friends were finally coming in handy! Erm, I mean... being... er..."

The short girl creeps on stage again and drags Digi away by the collar. Digi screams and kicks. "BUT THERE'S SO MUCH MORE! STARRY!! AND.. AND...!!"

A small Mallard springs on stage, a strange metal device around her neck. She quacks, and the device beeps. She quacks again, and it suddenly starts translating. "Thank you, neopians, for listening to our spotlight presentation. I hope you all enjoyed the show, and please, don't neomail us asking for the bomb recipe. That was a one off incident involving bad luck, a purple Negg and a fresh seaweed pie..." The Mallard quacks again, and the device beeps. Then, the red curtains close, and the audience claps.

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