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I love my owner!!!

Pet Name: BubbaNcellBlockC
Owner: iri_allison
Breed: Kougra

About BubbaNcellBlockC :

What our bond is made of

Some of the happiest and saddest moments were spent with BubbaNcellBlockC, or Alexi as his given name. From the minute I saw this teal shaded kougra I knew he was going to be close to me for as long as he could stand me. And then, as now, it seems like forever would be the best way to describe that length of time.

There is a story behind his nickname, as well as a story which draws us together in a bond stronger than the usual pet/owner relationship. Our bond is one of unconditional love and ultimate patience. With those two, I realize more everyday that he is perhaps one of the most wonderful and spectacular pets I have ever seen.

I am a wanderer by profession, living off of petty makings when I happened to come across the land of Neopia. It was a beautiful place with a wild ambiance au vivre. So many creatures with multi-faceted appearances and demeanors graced the lands that it wasntoo long before I myself wanted to have a companion. Having a fondness for the islands and fortune-telling, I went to see the Island Mystic. He predicted that I would come into a great trial ahead and to this day I think not even he knew just how right that is.

I exited the mystic's hut when I happened upon a Kougra sitting crouched in the bushes, watching a rambling Blumaroo with pockets over-filling with neopoints. I, being rather intrigued by the intense concentration he expelled, watched for a moment. The Kougra just shook a little, that feeling of being watched passing over him. He tried to shake it off, the fur on the nape of his neck beginning to rise in alarm. He turned his crystalline azure eyes on me with a look of a cat in a bird cage came to my mind. I smiled and nodded and started on my way. I knew what he was doing and I decided to turn a blind-eye. It wasn't my place. Something, however, compelled him to turn away and lose sight of the Blumaroo and follow me. I was almost to the Harbor on my way back when I caught a flash of blue in the corner of my eye. I stopped, whistling a bit and waited for a sound. With quick accuracy I turned and pounced, catching the Kougra playfully by the haunches, tumbling round.

I think we both laughed until we cried. I knew the friendly nature of him by the tone of his voice as we talked on the way back to Neopian Central. He followed me as I explored a bit into the different places. On the warm night-time dunes of the Lost Desert, as we lay on our backs watching a random meteor plummet thru the atmosphere, he told me of his life thus far.

He was never a rich Kougra, by far, raised by an owner who rarely spent anytime in Neopia anymore. At first, he started stealing out of necessity. He was barely weeks old before he began to starve and waste. Then, after he found that he could get by stealing, he began to do it for the rush. There was just something about taking things, the fear of wrong, and being caught that thrilled him, made his adrenaline run. I just shook my head a bit, I was particularly fond of BubbaNcellBlockC, as I called him, joking that with such hobbies he would be taken away. I let him understand that I didn't condone such activities and I didn't believe in them. I think in a way that changed his life. He never stole again.

The problem with poor Bubba was that his reputation as a theif came back to haunt him far after he stopped. When I took him as my own I was constantly reminded by others that had known him longer that he was trouble. I was told that only bad would come of him and that sooner or later he would slip back into his old life. I wouldn't believe it or have anything of it. I loved him just as he was, my neat-freak, funny, intelligent gentle little Kougra with eyes of deepest blue and a smile to melt the coldest heart.

It was a mildly overcast day at the newly discovered Krawk Island that we ran into the worst trouble of our lives. We were rambling around, just looking at new things when a little Kyrii youngling began to cry. I think everyone turned to look at once as she began to sob my new shiny dubloon, where did it go. It was at that time Bubba's eyes widened. Not only was everyone turning to look at the former troublemaker, there clutched in his paw was a dubloon. The sight of that made me cry a little. He barely had time to get a word in edgewise before he was taken away.

Of course, there are no prisons on Neopia, nor had any Neo-pets ever been incarcerated, but Bubba was placed under penalty in a little house in the ice-caves. I got to see him 2 hours a day, once a week, between a thin sheet of ice with tiny holes punched in a circle by which to speak thru. We laughed, we cried, we talked every weekend, and never once did I ask if he did it.. I knew he hadn't. After so long, too long he was set free and we were once again the daring duo explorers.

He knew I wasn't going anywhere, I'd wait for eternity for my best friend to come home to the little one room wooden house on not so prime grounds, lying on our dung sofa staring at the ceiling telling dumb jokes to pass the time. What wonderful days those were, and still are. Today we spent a good bit of time in a meadow just outside the Haunted Woods, playing and laughing, when a little Kyrii called to us from the edge of the wood.

Im very sorry for what happened the poor thing could barely get her words thru the tears.I know you spent a long time in a lonely place just because stupid me dropped my Dubloon in the street. Someone found it for me in the mud. I was so proud of Bubba, who at one time was a little angry about it. He gave the little Kyrii a hug and told her that it was all right and invited her to join us on our picnic. We sat and ate our food, drank can after can of neo-cola, diet for me.

You see, I wanted to make you proud of me.. because I like to do things for you as you do for me, so I played a game and won this dubloon for you. I was so scared when it happened I didn't say a word. My past will always follow me, and I will always be the first suspicion but at least I know that you and I know that we really do trust each other's words. That is what our bond is made of, unconditional love and ultimate patience.

For Scott: My neat-freak, funny, intelligent littleTyger with eyes of deepest blue and a smile to melt the coldest heart.. I will wait a lifetime, if need be.

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