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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 31st day of Swimming, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Editorial


I ordered a green Cybunny plushie from your online store, when I went to Limited Too the Cybunny Plushies were BLUE! The Neopet Plushies aren't being sold in the online store anymore. Does this mean that the green Cybunnies will be rare?
Yes, that Green Cybunny will never be sold anywhere else again. Other green cybunny plushies may be sold, but they will be significantly different to the original ones you could buy online. In fact, all the plushies that were sold online are ever so slightly different to the ones that will be sold in stores. The fabric, label and way they are stuffed is a little different if you compare them. If you have a plushie that you bought from the online store, look after it as it may be valuable some day :)

I noticed that a lot of the older member's names start with neo. Is there a reason for that?
Yes, when we first started Neopets, you could send a Neopet to a friend and it would actually create an account and a Neopet for that person. The account would be called Neo followed by some numbers.

What is this "Eraser of the Dark Faerie" and why was it taken out?
The Eraser of the Dark Faerie is a particularly nasty battledome artifact that destroys one of your opponent's artifacts at random when you use it during a fight. It is a one use item (it disapeers once you use it), but has the potential of destroying anything (even a Jade Scorchstone!) It was taken out as it is an immensely powerful item and we don't want too many in the game. If you get hold of one, treasure it as it is VERY rare!

My email adress has changed what do I do?
You can update your email address by editing your user preferences. Click on 'HELP' in the yellow side bar and then click on the 'PREFS' link at the top of the page. Here you can change your password, name, email address etc.

How do you get item codes for the Grundo Warehouse?
You need to go to a Limited Too store and be one of the first 50 to ask for them, or you need to buy some Neopets stickers, magnets, or notebooks.

Where do I find the Neocam?
The Neocam is linked from the front page. Go to the Neopets main page ( and click on the 'NEOCAM' link in the middle of the page.

I want to buy my favorite pet, Wocky, as a plushie, when do you think you will come out with more Neopet plushies?
Soon... lots more plushies are planned and as soon as we have expected release dates we will let you know.

Does the NeoCam change every day,week,or month?
It updates with a new picture every few seconds as long as Adam's computer is on. It doesn't move though so it may just be pointing at a wall or an empty desk now and again.

Why has neopets disabled modifying user profiles (like with "Mars" instead of a country)?
People were abusing them and using the profile modifiers to grab innocent players passwords, among other things.

How long is one day in Neopia?
24 hours, same as a normal day on Earth.

When they were talking about the Hidden Tower in The Neopian Times, it said missing page and the URL was: Is it a joke? Or is that the URL?
What do you think? Read the URL one more time :)

Is it true that sometimes the Faerie Queen get really generous and sometimes prices everything in the Hidden Tower at 1NP?
Nope, sorry but Fyora is NEVER feeling that generous...

I've heard of the Chia Clown Car and Chia Clown Flower, but I can't seem to find them or see them. Why is it so?
They are special Battledome items that only the Chia Clown can use. You won't be able to buy them anywhere on the site.

Are you planning on giving any of the Limited Too items (such as the Scorchio Tail Sword) use in the Battledome? Or will they just be collectable items that have no use?
Yes, sorry about that, they should all be working very shortly.

Are you ever going to get more different colour Neopets to choose from besides plain old red, yellow, green and blue?
Erm... I don't know what you mean, take your Neopet to the Rainbow Pool and you can paint it loads of different colours including seasonal outfits, disco patterns or yellow and black polka dots.

Is there a difference between the different coloured sticky hands?
Yes, the different colours have different strengths and rarities. The Rainbow Sticky Hand is by far the best!

Is each rare item code given among the Limited Too stores assigned to a specific prize, or is it random?
It is completely random. You could get something super rare, or something not so rare, but whatever you get, it won't be sold in the official Neopian shops.

Once the first day of the Caption Contest is passed, is there any reason to try to submit a caption of your own, or are all the spots taken?
New captions are added throughout the week and providing your caption is good enough there is no reason why it can't beat captions that go live on the first day of the caption contest. Sadly there are thousands of entries each week so not all of them will go up on the site.

For the past few weeks when ever I go to The Wheel of Mediocrity I get the following message "Fireballs rain down from above and singe your NeoPets :(" Why is this?
That is becuase you are experiencing the power of Hot Hail... it's just something that happens as a booby prize from the Wheel of Mediocrity.

How do you pronounce Chia the Neopian way?
You can find out how to pronounce Chia, Eyrie, Mynci and all the other Neopets at the Pronounciations page. You can find this by clicking on 'WORLD' in the yellow side bar and then 'PRONUNCIATION'. Tonu and Krawk will be added to the list very shortly :)

Does the Apothecary sell anything now that all the Mystic Mushrooms have been retired?
No, the Apothecary is going out of business I am afraid.

Do you get a Neopian Times trophy for a certain number of articles/comics/stories, or just one?
You get a trophy everytime you get a new story, article, comic or adventure published in The Neopian Times. If you have more than one published, it will show that you have x number of trophies in your user lookup.

How do I get a Shadow Usul plushie?
Shadow Usul plushies are sold in the Toy Shop, the same as the regular plushies. They are just extremely rare!

Could you tell me where in America the Neopets stuff is being sold because I'm going on holiday to Florida in November and I'm hoping to be able to buy some then?
Certainly, there is a cool little map that shows you all the current locations you can buy Neopets merchandise from. Click on the little black box at the top left hand side of the yellow bar (it says on it). This will take you to the main page. There is a link to the merchandising map from the 'NEWSFLASH' section.

Is there a restaurant were my Neopets can eat? If there is where is it?
Yes, the Golden Dubloon is on Krawk Island. It serves a delicious blend of authentic pirate treats and Neopian favourites. To get to Krawk Island, click on 'EXPLORE' in the yellow side bar, then click on 'KRAWK ISLAND'.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered here, e-mail it to The most common questions will appear here next week.

Quote of the Week

"Technically, nothing is impossible, and one can always achieve something they wish to."


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