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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 63 > Articles > Just in Time for Halloween

Just in Time for Halloween

by ladee_sarah

TROUBLED WOODS - As many people will know Halloween is on the 31st of October and getting closer. Halloween is a day when all of the spirits come out to play and wreak havoc among the land of the living, so it sound like a good time to go and visit all of those scary places in Neopia. Preparing for Halloween has never been so easy - except there's no shop for Spooky Food.

Preparing for the day
Spooky PetPets: The petpets that can be found in the Haunted Woods are in the Halloween spirit. There are ghosts and petpets made out of pumpkins. Halloween is the perfect excuse to buy your pet a nice respectable looking petpet from the Haunted Woods of course.

Catering: Spooky and gross food is a must have for Halloween this year the only catch is that there isn't a shop. To get your hands on some of these tasty and not so tasty treats you will have to begin doing Edna the Witch's quest for Spooky Food and visiting the Tombola in hopes of getting some Gross Food. But if you have absolutely no patience or time for quests you could always go and have a chat to the Shopping Wizard, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to help you look for some. Chocolates and lollies from the Chocolate factory would be another good things to stock up on; the Pant Devil may come trick or treating too.

Dressing Up: If you would like to go trick or treating with your pets but don't really have time to make them a costume a Halloween Paint Brush is just the shot. But for those who cannot afford one a slightly more cost effective solution would be to get either a Halloween Petpet or a normal petpet and paint it using a Halloween PetPet Paint Brush. Or you could just pretend that your costume is invisible…

Games to play on Halloween
Magax: Destroyer: In this game you play Magax a blue Wocky with a rather nasty scar and a horrid earring. Your job is to shoot all of the ghosts that have been awakened by Hubrid Nox as part of yet another of his dodgy plans to take over Neopia.

Haunted House: This is like one of those choose your own destiny books only it's not a book. You are driving down the road in a fierce storm and you can either pull over or continue down the road - your choice.

Korbat's Lab: Just like the Microsoft game brick but there are a few changes and added obstacles. Just like the old game there are bricks that need to be hit several time to break them but that's about when the parallels stop. Potions and moneybags fall from the sky and there are evil Korbats and Spyders flying around and dangling on their threads just to be annoying so the game isn't as easy as it sounds.

Carnival of Terror: Were you scared of clowns when you were a kid? Well your gut feeling was right, they're EVIL! And they've taken over one of the most popular carnivals in Neopia. Your job is to shoot those evil Chia Clowns without being hit by the cream pies that they insist on throwing at you. Just to make the game that much harder there are different points for shooting different parts of the Chia Clowns and you have limited amounts of time, ammo and health although you can top these three things up at different points in the game.

Fetch!: You're falling apart! And you're the servant of… I don't know what actually. But you have an evil master who needs weird things and for some reason they're all kept in a maze. You have to find your way through the maze, collect the item and get out before you drop to pieces.

Some scary sight seeing
The Haunted Woods: This is an obvious choice because it has the word 'haunted' in it so it must be scary… right. There are lots of things to do including Braintree, Esophagor and Witches Tower quests, all the games listed about and there are some pictures that you can print off and colour in.

The News Page: "The news page, that's not scary," I hear you say. "But oh it is I say," in return, "You just haven't been looking at the right part." On the news page there is an archive of past news and it's a lot bigger than you first think. If you click the 'older news' link you'll be taken to a page where you can choose to view the news items from January 2000 onwards. If you look at February 2000 Neopets had just added Safety Deposit Boxes and if you have a look at January 2000 you'll see that date of the very first issue of The Neopian Times as well as the pictures that the Lupe and Elephante very based upon.

Halloween is a fun time in the 'real' world so why shouldn't it be fun on Neopets too? Perhaps your guild will organise trick or treating or you'll be able to pick up some extra rare items at the Money Tree, people tend to be more generous on days of celebration. Even if your country doesn't celebrate Halloween I have to say that now is the time to start.

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