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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 10 > Short Stories > The Life and Times of Frank Sloth

The Life and Times of Frank Sloth

by Me_160286

Frank Sloth was born on a planet we don't know the name of, two thousand three hundred years ago. He was a smart boy, and finished school easy. Nobody knows what corrupted him, but inside of young Sloth evil was brewing. After a few years he was a well-known genius. But the dark inside was stronger that ever. He constructed complicated machines and studied the effect of radiation on living creatures. When he was two hundred years old he started developing a brand new machine. The Transformation Ray. This ray was to mutate whatever it hit. Unfortunately, this was not as easy as Sloth thought it would be. The evil side of him was the strongest now, and it showed on him. He became a bitter man. His parents, noticed this, and tried to stop his research in fear of that he would hurt somebody with his machine. This was something Sloth couldn't tolerate. Without thinking too much about it, he activated the machine and fired the ray at his parents. If his theories were right, his parents would now mutate into stronger beings, but loose most of their IQ and free will. They would become Super strong slaves. BUT, the ray was not perfect yet, and all it did was turning them into slugs. This was not good for Sloth. The entire planet would turn against him and perhaps destroy him. He quickly loaded all his equipment into his spaceship, and fled the planet.

Sloth traveled the known universe for a while. Until he came to a planet covered with swamps and barren plains, and a thick, poisonous smog was wrapped around it. This place was the most beautiful place Sloth could imagine. He landed his spaceship and used robots and machines to dig out a lair underground. Here he set up a lab, and continued his experiments creating and changing creatures. He stayed in his cave most of the time, and got up to the surface only to collect information or set up machinery. He lived like this for four hundred years. Soon his misshapen creatures were living all over the planet. He had created what was, to him, a paradise. He named his planet Neopia. But one day, while he was on the surface collecting samples, something happened, something that he did not expect. A beam of light broke through the thick purple clouds above, and shone down on the rock in front of him. Sloth edged back nervously. Where the light was shining, grass was starting to grow at an amazing rate, soil was forming, and wild flowers started to grow on the rocks. Sloth hissed, where the light had touched his skin he felt searing pain, he had not seen the light in many hundreds of years. Back in the safety of his underground lab, Sloth used his network of cameras to find out what was happening on the surface above. The light was spreading, and the planet above was changing rapidly. A few of his mutant creatures that had got caught in the light above were melting, turning back into the foul mud from which they were created. This would not do, thought Sloth... his work, his science was being ruined.

'No!' Sloth slammed his fists down on his desk, 'This cannot be! I must leave this accursed planet at once.' He got up out of his chair, and began to make the preparations to leave. As he walked down the corridor, a metallic computerized voice echoed around him.

'Lifeform Detected... Lifeform Detected'

Sloth, puzzled, turned around and walked back to his desk. Who could possibly be here? Neopia had been desolate and uninhabited for as long as he could remember. A screen flashed up in front of him, showing a location a couple of miles away. A small dragon-like creature was sitting in a field of grass, with bright light shining down from above. The thick cloud had parted, and Sloth could see trees and rivers around.

'What is it? WHAT IS IT?'

Sloth sat staring at the screen... the small dragon creature looked confused... it was looking intently at its new surroundings, taking in every last detail, eyes wide with astonishment. Sloth continued to watch his monitor. Suddenly there was a flash of light and another creature appeared next to the dragon, this one was a smaller creature, a ball of fluff with large feet. It too looked confused.

'What are these... things? What are they doing in Neopia?'

As he was moving his belongings into his new spaceship, a plan, a brilliant, perfect and evil plan, shaped in his head. He set of with a smile. He would be back... and then...


After this Sloth traveled all over the universe. During his time in Neopia he had almost finished his Transformation Ray. And when he reached a new solar system he completed it. And immediately started looking for someone to test it on. And on a planet named Doran he found them.

On Doran there lived a species called the Grundos. They lived in peace and happiness. Until Sloth came. He landed in his giant spaceship and greeted the Grundos by firing the ray at them. The transformation was successful this time. The Grundos became big, strong and extremely stupid monsters who existed only to serve Dr. Sloth. He immediately gave the a job. They were to build a giant space station to be his base. While the first mutated Grundos started working, Dr. Sloth traveled across the planet mutating the rest of them. Except a few that he just captured to perform experiments on. These were stored in his space station. Soon the station was finished and Sloth could leave Doran. Now he had an army.

After this Sloth traveled a lot doing many things....The Grundos that he hadn't mutated reproduced and became more during these years. This way, Sloth always had new ones to mutate if the old ones died. During this time, Sloth conquered a thousand worlds, and left most of them in ruins after stealing all resources. He won the third price in the Three-legged man race, and founded the Rtyargs empire. After a while, when he saw that the other leaders didn't want him there anymore he destroyed it. He traveled to Earth and stole a whole city, called Atlantis.

And then, finally, after two thousand years he returned to his old world, Neopia. He was shocked to see the changes that had taken place. There were now hundreds of these creatures, and there were humans, owning them, controlling them. There had come faeries, and there were new things everywhere. But all of it worked with his plan. He started kidnapping NeoPets to experiment on and adapt the ray. But he was soon aware of that the entire planet was working against him, under the leadership of a faerie. His plan was to mutate all the NeoPets and turn them into VirtuPets. And it looked like he was going to make it. He tried to talk people into abandoning the NeoPets.

One day the Neopians suddenly landed on his space station. This didn't worry him. They couldn't reach his quarters. He soon understood that the Space Faeries powers were in the pets.. The more he enslaved, the weaker she would be. Finally those unmutated Grundos were useful. Soon the space faerie was powerless. And he captured her. After this he didn't care much about her...He thought she was completely defeated. But he didn't know that Neopians were setting the Grundos free. And that the faerie got stronger every day. And on the day that he was ready to fire the ray, she broke out of her prison. As everybody fled the space-station, se stayed to take care of Sloth. Dr. Sloth was sure he had won now. He clicked the button and fired the Transformation Ray at Neopia.

BUT, the Space Faerie stood up before the beam, and got hit by it. She absorbed the beam, so it did not his Neopia, but was reflected back at the space station. The faerie used all her power to send the beam back, and destroy the ray with it. There was a huge explosion, and the ray was destroyed. Sloth was defeated. The station continued to orbit around Neopia. The faeries and some of the Neopians started rebuilding it. Soon it was a popular vacation place All evil things in it was removed. Everybody thought Sloth had died in the explosion. But do you really think as smart guy like Dr. Frank Sloth didn't have a back-up plan? When he realised he'd lost he escaped in a small spaceship with only a few Grundos and some machinery. Plus a disk containing all his research. Because he was not finished with Neopia. He would have his revenge. Sooner or later. He traveled down the planet and set up a base under the sea, where he continued to plan his comeback and the destruction of NeoPets.

After a while he discovered the story about the Battledome. He understood that if he could take control of it, he could control the entire Neopia. He traveled to the lost, underwater city of Maraqua, right after the people on the surface discovered it, and kidnapped the only Battledome expert, professor Chesterpot. He built a giant robot to destroy all resistance. But it didn't work. Maraqua had a protector. A giant, ancient monster who destroyed his robot. Then the nasty NeoPets came to set the professor free. Sloth had failed again. Neopia was clearly a bit harder than the rest of the universe. Sloth escaped in his submarine, and his thirst for revenge got bigger.

Soon he realised that his earlier presence in Neopia were still having influence. His old lab from the time Neopia was still a poison dung had been found by some crazy scientist. One of the old, imperfect Transformation Rays were still intact, and now Neopians were using it to change their pets at random. The lab was still secret, but now people were selling pieces of maps showing how to get there. He was a bit mad at first, but then he realised that it could help him. Some of the pets would surly mutate. Some of his failed mutants were still alive too...they stole and destroyed and ruined. The called themselves Swam Ghouls, pant devils and Ghost Lions.

After this he got himself a base on ground. He studied the history of Neopia and the work of wizards. He learned himself how to brew potions. He combined this knowledge with his old research, and made morphing potions. Not the kind Kauvara sold in her store....but potions that would do the work the Transformation Ray failed to do. Potions designed to turn the NeoPets into mutants.

After finishing these potions he gave them to the easy-fooled magic-shopkeeper, Kauvara, who sold them to NeoPets. Unfortunately the effect came out soon, and Kauvara withdrew them from the market. So he started handing them out himself. For free. And many Neopians liked the mutant look, and wanted to mutate their pets. This helped Dr. Sloth. But it was no solution in the long run. He had to give up this plan soon, but he continued to hand them out when he could.

He continued to do as much bad as he could...He let out the Itchy Scratchies-virus at the money tree, for instance. And he shook the entire planet with his new machine designed to control the geology of Neopia. It didn't work, and it blew up after creating a giant earthquake.

The earthquake revealed a lost world, Tyrannia. This gave him the idea of other lost things underground, and he started looking immediately, digging deeper every day. And one day, deep under a volcano he found him. THE MONOCERAPTOR. This ancient creature was easy to manipulate for someone like Dr. Frank Sloth. He took control of the Monoceraptor, and all the creatures the Monoceraptor controlled. Now Sloth had a plan ready. He was going to first conquer Tyrannia, and go from there, up the crack and into the ice caves. Then take Terror Mountain and Happy Valley. Go from there to undersea Maraqua and the Haunted Woods. The Faerieland, and finally win his Space Station back, repair the Transformation Ray and go back to the original plan of mutating every NeoPet in existence. He started by sending in thousands of prehistoric Korbats, thinking that they would finish Tyrannia. But the Tyrannians got help from the outside. NeoPet after NeoPet climbed down through the crack in the Ice caves and fought the Korbats back. So he sent out the prehistoric Grarrls and Skeiths. These were stronger, and tougher. But they were fought back too. So he sent out the Chia bombers. His plan was in danger now...if this went on, he might be unable to take the rest of Neopia, if he ever got Tyrannia. After these prehistoric Chias were defeated, he sent out ten thousand fire Grarrls And as these were defeated he sent a thousand Tyrannian Buzz'. After this he sent the one hundred Grarrl Battlemasters. And after this the Monoceraptor himself went out to crush what was left.

But it failed. The Monoceraptor was destroyed by a brave Lupe, and Sloth had lost again. His urge for revenge grew stronger and stronger. This time he broadcast it all over Neopia, that he would be back, with his revenge.

Shortly after this, Sloth discovered that if the mutated Grundos was hit one more time by the Mutation Ray, they became stronger (and stupider). The became Grundo Warriors. Finding this interesting he fired a third dose mutation on a Grundo...And discovered the Grundo Commanders.. The slowest, strongest, and most brutal of all Grundo Warriors. After firing a fourth dose, the poor Grundo became a spider. Sloth found that Spiders was something he did not need and settled for the Commanders. The spider was chased away, ad is now terrorizing all who cross its path.

After this, Sloth began researching the history of Neopia. Perhaps there was something he could use there? Soon he found the legend of Pharaoh Neo-ankh-amon's staff. It was to hold immense powers. With it he could take over everything...starting with the desert, then the Haunted woods, and in the end his space station. The staff was with the rest of the Pharaoh's treasure, and the treasure was hidden in the Pharaoh's pyramid. And, according to the legend, the key to the treasure was a old, old artifact. A coin. Research found that the coin was currently owned by a Brucey B. A famous Cheat! player who believed it gave good luck.

It was easy to get the coin. Brucey B couldn't resist a good Cheat! match, and with a little cheating, Sloths helper won the coin.

Sloth now traveled to the pyramid. He got a small problem when it turned out that the gate would not be blown apart and he couldn't get in. After hundreds of failed blows he threw the coin at the door in pure frustration. And as luck would have it, the coin zoomed into the keyhole it was meant for, the keyhole Sloth had completely ignored, and the door opened.

Sloth and his minions walked into the pyramid and through the ancient corridors. In the end they reached the treasure. And buried under a lot of gold he found the Pharaoh Neo-ankh-amon's great staff.

The Grundos loaded all the gold into the spaceship they traveled with. Then they headed for Sakhmet, the capital of the Lost Desert. He broke the wall protecting the city, and his Grundos began to take over the city.

But in the meanwhile Brucey B didn't just sit there and watch....He had followed Sloth, and now he was in the Lost Desert, helping the citizens to fight back. He alerted the whole of Neopia, and they came to help. The Grundo Troopers were defeated.. As were the Grundo commanders. With the staff, Sloth summoned Mechanoid Warriors, but they to were defeated. Then he created an army of clones to fight for him...They were beaten in the end. Sloth found it as hard to take over the Lost Desert as it had been to take Tyrannia. He created a giant rock monster. That was beaten. Just as he was about to wake it again, Brucey B came, and tried to take the staff from him. The staff slipped and hit the wall. It broke in half and was ruined.

Sloth knew that he was beaten. He ran to his escape-ship and disappeared.

Today Sloth is in hiding, plotting new ways to conquer Neopia. Nobody knows where he is. There is a rumour that he has Malkus Vile in his service, and that he was responsible for the stealing of King Coltzan's crone, to get revenge on the Lost Desert, but it is only speculation and have not been proven yet.

As I said, nobody knows where Sloth is today, but you can rest assured that the minute I shows his face, I will write down what he does, and complete the tale.

The End

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