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Neopedia : Shenkuu

Location: Far north of Altador
Government: Unknown
Society: Merchant Town
Primary Means of Transportation: Flying/sailing ships
Areas of Interest: Wondrous Weaponry, Fanciful Fauna, Remarkable Restoratives, Culinary Concoctions

At the moment, little is known about this exotic Neopian land that was discovered in Y8 when the crew of The Cyodrake's Gaze, one of Shenkuu's merchant vessels, lost their navigator at sea. The rest of the crew, led by Captain Tuan, were forced to set anchor at Krawk Island and were quickly discovered by Neopians that were eager to aid them in the search for their lost crewmember. After weeks of searching, and thanks to some very clever Neopians, Hoban the navigator was (miraculously) found alive.

Encouraged by this act of friendship and kindness, Captain Tuan revealed the previously hidden location of Shenkuu and welcomed Neopians to its shrouded peaks. Though the citizens of the small city were initially unsure about the travellers visiting their homeland, they soon came to welcome the new source of income -- erm, visitors.