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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 7 > Short Stories > The Spider Grundo

The Spider Grundo

by PoolPot

When he'd finally returned to his senses, the poor Grundo found himself strapped to a table, with a Grundo Warrior on either side. "He's coming round" one of them said. "I'll go get Master."

"Good," Sloth said, "soon Neopia will be mine! With these new Arachnomorph powers, my Spider Grundo will be almost impossible to stop." Though the assistant wriggled bravely, the Warriors held his jaws open, and in a matter of moments the potion began to take effect. Soon he had sprouted fangs and, with his six new spider legs, he began loosening the straps on the table.

It was only after the Spider Grundo had ensnared Sloth's Warriors in a massive web that the doctor had realized his mistake. "Noooooooo!!!" he cried, "I forgot to mix in a dash of the mind-control powder!!" But alas, it too late; the Spider Grundo had bounded through the window and out into the wilderness.

The Spider Grundo had been searching for days for a suitable home for him. Sloth had forgotten about the mistake he made and about the Grundo but now was making another Transmogrification Potion that'd make Gelert's into mutants. The Spider Grundo found a cave near the Spooky Caves and settled there.

Back at our hero's NeoHome they were kicked back and watching TV In case you hadn't known their names are Mufenu, MilkyWay, and Skyro. Mufenu is a Split Aisha, Skyro is a Fire Scorchio, and MilkyWay is a Green Kau.

"This is SO boring...can we do something FUN for a change? Like maybe go outside?" Mufenu said sounding annoyed.

"Hold on! This is the best part!" Skiro exclaimed. Mufenu charged out of the room. MilkyWay was in her room playing with her new Usuki Doll she got for her birthday a couple of days ago. Skiro got up and turned of the TV.

"All right! Let's go!" Skyro yelled down the hall. Mufenu came bounding down the stairs and past the hall.

"Where do you want to go?!?" Mufenu asked excitedly. MilkyWay came out of her room and went to where they were standing.

"I dunno. Where do you want to go?" Skyro asked. MilkyWay looked confused. She sat down and listened.

"I want to Haunted Woods!" Mufenu said happily. Skiro nodded and was about to go ask MilkyWay if she wanted to go but he noticed that she had already had her sweater on and everything.

"Um...All right. Hold on let me get ready." Skyro said and left the room. MilkyWay walked up to Mufenu.

"Why do you want to go to the Haunted Woods? Is something going on there?" She asked. Skyro came in and listened.

"Well. We haven't gone anywhere in a long time. Ever since our owner had gone on her vacation we haven't been doing anything. So...I want to do something!" Mufenu said and MilkyWay nodded and they left. It took about 45 minutes to get there but when they did they were glad.

They skipped the Brain Tree, the Esophagor, and especially the Spooky Caves. They found a little PetPet running around with some White Goo wrapped all around him.

"Creepy..." MilkyWay said and Mufenu shivered.

"Well it IS the Haunted Woods," Skyro said. They found a little cave that looked uninhabited so they went in. Mufenu pulled out a flashlight and looked around. They heard sobs and things clanging in the back of the cave.

"I wonder what that is..." MilkyWay said. They came closer and saw what it was. It looked like a mix between a Grundo and a Spyder. It was crying and throwing things at the wall.

"It looks sad...." Skyro said. The Spider Grundo looked at them. His face was already ugly but when he was crying it looked even worse.

"I AM sad...I was a Grundo but now look at me..." the Spider Grundo said. Mufenu looked at him and said. "Well different isn't all ways bad..."

"In his case it is bad..." Skyro whispered in MilkyWay's ear. The Spider Grundo crawled down from his web.

"I like you three. You came in here and didn't run away when you saw me. Could I ask you a favour?" he asked.

"Sure! What is it?" Mufenu asked.

"Could you make a sign that says Home Sweet Home in front of my cave? Maybe people will assume that I'm a nice person and I'll get some Neofriends," he said. They left and two days later they were back with a sign that says, 'Home Sweet Home'. They put it up on the top of the cave and left a Purple Paint Brush wrapped up at the foot of the cave with a not inside. They left and went home.

The Spider Grundo came out and saw the wrapped up item on the floor. He picked it up and unwrapped it. The note fell to the floor and the Grundo picked it up and read it.

To the Spider Grundo:

We hope you like this gift! You don't have to be a Spider Grundo anymore. If you don't like purple return it and we'll get you a different colour!

P.S. Look up!

The Spider Grundo looked up and saw the sign. He smiled and crawled down the street and towards Neopia Central. He went to the Rainbow Pool and painted himself Purple.

Nobody ever was scared to go into his little Cave anymore. In fact he held a party of all his Neofriends he had made a week after he turned Purple. And Mufenu, Skyro, and MilkyWay were right there with him.

The End

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