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Neopedia : Spider Grundo

Name : Spider Grundo
Species : Well, he used to be a Grundo...
now who knows...
Hobbies : Terrorising those crazy enough
to venture into his damp, dark cave.
Quote : "Come right in, you're just in time for supper!"

"Here you are sir, the last ingredients for your arachnomorph potion," the Grundo assistant said as he handed a sparden leaf to Doctor Sloth. "Will that be all?"

Sloth took the ingredients and began adding them into the mix. "Actually, now that you mention it, my volunteer for this experiment appears to have fallen through. However, I think you'd make a perfect specimen for this investigation.

"Erm, sir... to tell you the truth," the petrified Grundo stuttered, "I'd really rather not."

"Oh, is that so?" Sloth boomed. "Well, I don't seem to recall you having any choice in the matter!"

When he'd finally returned to his senses, the poor Grundo found himself strapped to a table, with a Grundo Warrior on either side. "He's coming round" one of them said. "I'll go get Master."

"Good," Sloth said, "soon Neopia will be mine! With these new arachnomorph powers, my Spider Grundo will be almost impossible to stop." Though the assistant wriggled bravely, the Warriors held his jaws open, and in a matter of moments the potion began to take effect. Soon he had sprouted fangs and, with his six new spider legs, he began loosening the straps on the table.

It was only after the Spider Grundo had ensnared Sloth's Warriors in a massive web that the doctor had realised his mistake. "Noooooooo!!!" he cried "I forgot to mix in a dash of the mind-control powder!!" But alas, it was too late; the Spider Grundo had bounded through the window and out into the wilderness....

Now the Spider Grundo makes his home in a cave somewhere on the outskirts of Neopia. The location of this cave remains unknown, because no one who has ever been unfortunate enough to meet the Spider Grundo has ever lived to tell the tale.