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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 5th day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Articles > Tales of the Unknown - Tawnia the Island Uni

Tales of the Unknown - Tawnia the Island Uni

by purple_princess62

MYSTERY ISLAND - There are people in Neopia who are widely known to everyone. There is Sloth, Fyora, Jeran, Edna, me (what??? I can dream, can’t I?) and the Snowager, just to name a few. But what about the other pets? There are also quite a few characters in Neopia that are really cool, but no one even knows who they are. One of these pets is Tawnia the Island Uni.

I didn’t even know who Tawnia was until I happened to run across an article about her in the Neopedia. I read the article, and found at that Tawnia is actually really cool, so I thought that I would go find her and see if I could get an interview.

So I set off, yellow lined notebook in one hand, and mechanical pencil in the other (see how cheap I am?). Tawnia lives on Mystery Island, which is pretty far from my home in war-ridden Meridell, so I find a boat that will take me all that way, and think of some good questions to ask Tawnia when I get to Mystery Island.

Sometime later, I finally reach Mystery Island. I clutch my notebook, with all of my questions scribbled in it, tightly in my hand and tuck my pencil behind my ear as I step off the boat onto the sandy shores of Mystery Island. According to the Neopedia article, Tawnia lives in the jungle, so I ask a couple of people if they know the way to her house, really hoping I won’t be getting one of those ‘I Got Lost on Mystery Isle’ Souvenir Magnets. (Trust me, my pets would think it hilarious to get me one.) After asking a few people who had absolutely no idea (more tourists), I ran into an Island Chomby who told me that Tawnia was, as a matter of fact, out on the beach, collecting treasures.

I smiled. “Great!” I said, running off to talk to Tawnia. When I caught up with her, she was putting some shells in her bag. I asked if she’d be willing to give an interview, and she readily agreed. (Cool and nice!) So I walked around the beach with Tawnia, and she answered all my questions. But before I tell you how the interview went, here’s some background information on Tawnia.

Tawnia was an average Island Uni (though not vain at all) for the most part. She normally would collect shells and other treasures she found along the beach to sell at the Trading Post for money. One day, she found a mysterious wooden mask in the sand, and a strange Techo offered her 33,214 Neopoints for it! Tawnia immediately accepted the offer. She wasn’t a rich Uni, and money like that could support her for a long time! That night, a horrible hurricane thrashed about Mystery Island. Tawnia went to Techo Mountain and a masked figure attacked her! It was the Techo, and he wearing the mask she had sold him. The two of them fell to the ground, and both were knocked out. The hurricane immediately stopped, and Tawnia woke up in Jhuidah’s hut. Jhuidah told her that she had saved all of Mystery Island from the horrible hurricane!

Now that you know why Tawnia is so important, here is the interview!

Me: So, I’m betting that you are a lot more careful about things you find on the beach after that last little fiasco!

Tawnia: Oh, yes. I always check with Jhuidah if I find anything suspicious. You never can be too careful, you know!

Me: Yeah… *cough* worrywart *cough*

Tawnia: What was that?

Me: Oh, nothing. So, what was the most interesting thing you ever found on the beach?

Tawnia: Well, that mask, I guess I would say.

Me: Oh, yeah… Well, what advice would you give to other treasure-gatherers?

Tawnia: Well, always make sure you know what it is you’re dealing with. Don’t sell something off to some stranger before you even know what it is or what it’s worth.

Me: Yeah, always get as much money out of someone as you can!

Tawnia: *Gives me a strange look*

Me: Ahem. That’s a very interesting shell you have there. What would you say that one is worth, about?

Tawnia: This one, about twenty-five Neopoints. The prices don’t just depend on what kind of shells you have, but the size, what condit--

Me: Ooh, look! Shiny! *Grabs something out of the sand* Isn’t it pretty?

Tawnia: Um, yes…

Me: What do you think it is?!?!

Tawnia [annoyed]: It’s a bottle of blue sand.

Me: Oh, I guess it is… *tosses the bottle behind her shoulder, hitting a Kau squarely on the head* Anyway, what’s the best part about living on Mystery Island?

Tawnia: Well, it’s easy to find stuff to sell, and then I can sell them at the Trading Post, which is right near by, so it’s pretty easy to earn money. Plus, the island is really pretty.

Kau: Hey, you just hit me on the head!

Me: Yeah, so?

Kau: Well, it sure isn’t very nice! *glowers at me*

Me: Hey, are you the Kau they wrote the book about?

Kau and Tawnia: What?!

Me: You know, that book, The Angry Kau!

Kau: No, I am not that Kau!

Me: Well, you sure look angry!


Me: I did?

Kau: *groans*

Me: Okay, I’m really sorry, okay?

Kau: Yeah, yeah… *walks off*

Me: He was a little weird, wasn’t he?

Tawnia: Right…

Me: Well, I guess that’s all the questions I have. Thanks for letting me interview you!

Tawnia: No problem.

Me: Bye!

So I got back on another boat, and headed back to my home in Meridell, so I could type up my lovely interview for the Neopian Times, hoping it was good enough to get in. (If you are, in fact, reading this in the Neopian Times right now, then by some miracle, Snowflake actually though my writing was good enough to get in, so, YAY! If you aren’t reading this, well, then what’s the point of writing this part, because you aren’t even reading it anyway!)

*Author’s Note: No Kaus were harmed in the writing of this article, though that one I hit on the head while doing research for this article was… Don’t worry, he wasn’t injured badly, and I repaid him. I let him keep the bottle of sand!*

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