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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 27th day of Awakening, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Articles > NeoLodge Magic: Saving Your Neopoints and Sanity!

NeoLodge Magic: Saving Your Neopoints and Sanity!

by tsukubi_du

NEOPIA CENTRAL- Millions of Neopians wander over to this little spot on the great big world that is Neopia. Whether it's to go stock up on food for the day, gaze misty-eyed at a Halloween Shoyru (I know I do that a lot...) or just try and find a good deal, they're there. But one building, in the middle towards the bottom, is something none of the other shops and attractions could ever hope to be -- a hotel just for our own dear little Neopets! Yes, towering above most other buildings is the amazing Neolodge, just bursting with untapped magic. I'm sad to report, not many Neopians (That I know of, anyway...) take advantage of this little haven. 'Why do our pets need a hotel? It's not like there's anything there we can't just do by ourselves, and it costs Neopoints!' they'll say, then walk on right by it to get to the Back to School shop. Well, I've got to tell them, they are 100% wrong!

The Neolodge is pure Neopian Magic in a Can -- I mean building! While you’re relaxing far, far away from the booming blasts and chaos of your normal life, your pets will be bouncing off the walls, well fed and happy -- which is the spiffy elevator music they play to your ears! Still not convinced? Well, just keep reading, not-smart-Neolodge-patrion, and soon you’ll be flocking to that House of Happiness!

Perk One: Hungry Pets Bugging You?

You just got back from playing a tense and difficult game of Chomby and The Fungus Balls. Before you can even flop onto your nova sofa and start griping about Level Three (Ask my Pets, I do that quite often! And I always get stuck on Level Three, too…) your pets bound over to you, looks of innocence plastered on their faces. 'Mummy?' (Or Daddy as the case may be!) They start in angelic voices. 'We're hungry and we want chocolate!!' Has that ever happened to you before? I know it's happened to me, and I've lost tons of Neopoints because of it. But guess what? At the Neolodge, your pets popping up begging for sweets'll be a thing of the past! Why, you might ask? Because the Neolodge keeps your pets full all the time, and if they don't like the food, you'll be at your NeoHome, enjoying a rare moment where your hyperactive Kacheek isn't tearing up the sofa, one article of furniture at a time. Instead, he’ll be attacking the Neolodge’s furniture -- and that stuff is guarded by Jetsam Security Guards! If that doesn't sound good, I don't know what does! Now, how do I go about hiring those Security Jetsams…

Perk Two: Play With Me!! I Wanna Play NOW!

You walk in the door performing a circus act where you balance two cups of hot borovan (Which spill on you and you wonder why you went through the pain of the drink in the first place.), a deluxe blue toothbrush (Your Aisha's previous one had taken flying lessons through a window.) and that chocolate your pets where begging you for. Suddenly you're on the ground, your purchases now decorating your clothing. "We wanna play! We're bored!!" They chant like a voodoo ritual. You have no choice but to go out and buy more junk that costs Neopoints. Again, though you might be surprised to hear, the Neolodge has the answer: You're pets will always be entertained! Yes, another perk of that marvelous place were stressed owners can send their little pest- I mean angels! You can even add on activities to suit your Neopets unique interests -- like swimming for your Peophin, and tennis for your JubJub (Who knows, he might even enjoy being used as as the ball!) And yet again, you'll be free to earn Neopoints, spend, swim in, drown in, do anything with those Neopoints! *Telemarketer costume comes on* Yes, with all that free time, you could save Meridell! Find the Lost Dessert! Actually spend a day in your NeoHome without getting trampled! (Gah, that last one is a pretty scary thought!)

Perk Three: Full Wallets and Four Pets?

You’re staring glassy eyes at the beautiful royal paint brush, longing to paint one of your pets with it. Too bad you don’t have enough Neopoints! Then you trek off to the Grooming Parlor in hopes of getting some superstar shampoo -- You still can’t afford it! Not even a cheap water ring is in your budget! Of course, it’s because entertaining and feeding a growing Neopet costs -- a lot! (Especially when one of your pets only eats food from the Heath Food shop!) You may think having four Neopets means never having enough Neopoints to go around, and if you’re not using the Neolodge you may be right! But employ the Neolodge and you'll be amazed at how quickly the Neopoints rack up -- or you’ll just be amazed you have Neopoints period! I’m not saying the Neolodge is free -- everyone knows that it costs some Neopoints. After all, the good things in life often are! But, just put your pet in the cheapest one, and you’re set. Even without all the fancy add-ons and even if you put your pet in the cheapest one, they’ll have a guarantied blast. They might not be the cleanest pets in the world, but they’ll still have a blast!

So you see, all you people who just skip from the Rainbow Pool to the Auction House, ignoring the Neolodge, have been ignoring a valuable fountain of Neopoints! While you've been trekking to the Toy Shop to buy your pets a cheap toy key ring to entertain them, or off to the Heath Food shop to buy some organic tomatoes for your vegetarian Zafara, you could've been buying fun stuff while your pets live in the lap of luxury! Every pet should be allowed to stay at the Neolodge just once- And once they go hear the spiffy elevator music, they’ll never want to come back! *Spiffy elevator music comes on* Now, I'm off to gawk at that Halloween Shoyru. See you at the Neolodge!

Author's Note: Whoo! My first shot at a Neopian Times Article! So cool! Anyway, I gotta thank some people, y'know! First off my buddy l3estest who got me started on NT articles, and then to all the cool editors and NT staff who make this possible- So cool! Look for my follow-up series- Neolodge Magic 2: Which Lodge is Right for YOU? Oh, and comments? Suggestions? Flaming hate mails that will make me cry? Send all to me! (Okay, maybe not the flaming hate mails that'll make me cry...)

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