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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 2nd day of Running, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 137 > Articles > Shopkeeping Made Easy

Shopkeeping Made Easy

by kairos12

NEOPIA CENTRAL - Most people in Neopia have their own shops, perhaps for more Neopoints, or to attract people to their guild, or simply because shop are cool. But are their shops really successful and cool? Is YOUR shop really successful and cool? If the answer to this question is "No", then keep reading for more information on how to make your shop better. If the answer to this question is "Yes", then keep reading anyway because this is a useful article.

Before I start on the article, I think I'll tell you how this article came to be. The idea came to me while browsing a few shops, looking for a place where I could get some Iced Fish Cakes. While I was browsing, I thought to myself, "Man, some of these shops are so dull. Even I could tell them how to make it better." That's when the idea hit me: Write an article in Neopia's number 1 newspaper for all of Neopia to see and use!

Step 1: A Shop Name

The first thing that you want to do for your shop to make it better is to think of a cool new name. Don't name your shop "My Shop". It's unoriginal and boring. To catch the eye of more Neopians, simply think of a name that expresses what you want your shop to be or something that somewhat describes you. For example, my shop is called "Moxie's Pad" because the name I use is "Moxie Girl". If you are a fan of a certain kind of Neopet, like Peophins, then make the name of your store something like "Peophins R Us", or "Peophin Palace",or even "Peophin Paradise". If your store sells mostly candy, then maybe your store should be called "Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe" or something along those lines.

Step 2: A Shopkeeper Image, Name, and Greeting

The next thing to do is to make a shopkeeper, complete with a name and a greeting. If your store is something like "Peophin Paradise", then you really must love Peophins, which probably means that you own one. I would suggest that you make your shopkeeper with the name and looks of your own Peophin. If they don't have your pet's colour, then try something new! If your store is called "Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe", then try one of the chocolate pets (they come in Blumaroo, Kacheek, and Wocky).

After the shopkeeper is made, there will have to be a greeting to go with it. I suggest that it have something to do with the shopkeeper and shop and that it should be kept short, sweet, and to the point. If the shop is "Peophin Paradise", then make it something like "PEOPHINS ARE THE BEST!" If your shop is "Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe", then try for something like, "Mmm. Chocolate." Some greetings that are used a lot include : "Buy something!", "Welcome to My Shop!", "Wazzup?", and "Welcome!" I wouldn't suggest using them because they are just too common.

Step 3: A Shop Description

After the shopkeeper and the greeting are made, you need to come up with a shop description. I would suggest that you make a description that goes with the theme that you already have. If your shop is called "Peophin Paradise", then make the description about your love of Peophins and Peophin items. If your shop is called "Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe", then the description should mention chocolate and how awesome chocolate is. Another method is to look at some other successful shops and take some ideas from their descriptions. But DO NOT COPY! Keep your originality.

Step 4: Stocking

When you are done with your shop description, then you should be done your shop, right? WRONG! You still need items to put into your shop. If you have a theme, like "Peophin Paradise" or "Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe", then stick mostly with that that theme unless you see a really good deal. The Shop Wizard, The Auction House, and The Trading Post are all great places to get great deals, so definitely check them out. Here is a list of things that you really shouldn't buy because they are a waste of Neopoints and overly used: Sandals, Tiki Tack Keyring, Volcanic Rock, and Toy Sail Boat. They are stocked by EVERYONE and you want to keep your uniqueness, right?

Step 5: Extras

I don't really use them, but other people do, so I thought I'd mention them. Blogs, dolls, and backgrounds are common in shops today. Some express individuality and uniqueness, while some don't. Some of them would be terrific with your new theme, like there are Peophin backgrounds and dolls and there is a Chocolate blog. The way to get these into your shop is through HTML, which is taught under the "HELP" section in the yellow sidebar.

Step 6: Pricing

When you get your items, they have a Suggested Price, but I have never seen an item where the best deal is its Suggested Price. Take the Strawberry Artichoke, for example. It's Suggested Price is 169 Neopoints. The first thing that you must do is see the Shop Wizard to check for the lowest prices. When I looked for the Strawberry Artichoke on the Shop Wizard, the lowest Shop Wizard Price was 15 Neopoints. Waaaaaay lower than the Suggested Price. After you checked out the Shop Wizard, go back to your shop and price your items according to the prices on the Shop Wizard, but at least 5 Neopoints lower, just to make your item be the better deal and appear first on the Shop Wizard list. The Strawberry Artichoke would then be sold for 10 Neopoints.

Step 7: Step Back and Watch

After you have finished all of the above steps, then you should be raking in the Neopoints soon! You should empty your Shop Till weekly, but leave at least 100 Neopoints as a sort of reserve. If an item isn't selling, then check the Shop Wizard again to see the best deals there and change your price accordingly. If you see a good deal, like a Dark Nova for 3,000 Neopoints instead of its usual 4,500, but it's a little over your budget, which is, say, 500, then go ahead and splurge, because you'll make a 1,500 Neopoint profit!

That's all you need to do to have a cool, successful shop! Make sure to add new items as much as possible to add a little variety and remember to update your shop frequently. This is kairos12 and thanks for reading!

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