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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Gathering, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 136 > Articles > Things That Meridell Characters Would Never Be Caught Saying

Things That Meridell Characters Would Never Be Caught Saying

by plushieowner

MERIDELL - Almost all characters who in live in different parts of Meridell have been affected one way or another because of the plot. So I ask 'have you been following the Meridell vs. Darigan plot?'

I’m sure some of you have been completely thrown by all the twists and turns Neopets have created with the second part of the plot. I know I have.

Now, I plan to add even more confusion and make you guys even more bewildered with ‘Things That Meridell Characters Will Never Be Caught Saying’.
(Or TTMCWNBCS for short which is probably one of Neopia’s longest article title abbreviations.)


Jeran: To be honest, I think this plot is just a ploy to sell more Darigan sweatshirts and hoodies.

Zafara Dougle Agent: You know Kass, you should really get a life. Throwing spears into maps isn't very becoming and you DESPERATELY need a new hairdo.

Illusen: Hey, Darigan, I'd be happy to assist you in retrieving the orb!

Hadrak the Mynci: My plans are going to fall, Darigan would be so disappointed in me. *wipes tear*

King Skarl: You know what, you don't need to tell me a joke. I'm happy just being around on this wonderful, sunny day.

Darigan: I have something very hard to tell you Frank. I'm your...*pause* half-SISTER!

Cheese Roller Techo: I give up with cheese. I'm selling bricks instead. Try to roll those, dummy. Suckers.

Defenders of Meridell: Cuz’ King Skarl is too cheap to buy decent Battledome items for us to defend Meridell with, we’re using the next best thing... VEGETABLES! Darigan’s army will never see that coming.

Kass: Has anybody seen my green tutu? And my tiara? I've got a ballet recital tonight!!

Lisha: Jeran, I don’t want to hug you! Ever heard of something called ‘boys germs’ ?

Illusen: More tea, Jhudora?
Jhudora: I've been thinking of dying my hair pink how about it?
Illusen: Freaky, I was thinking of doing the same thing!
Jhudora: No way!
Jhudora: Yes way!

The Faerie from the Three (to others): You know, we should really take a vacation, last one to Faerieland is a rotten negg.

Court Dancer: I'm just an ex-con trying to get my kids back!

Kass:Guess what?! I'm kind of sick of throwing my enemies off cliffs and other lofty places. I've come up with another way to torture them. WITH QUIGUKI DOLLS! *tosses a Quiguki to Jeran*

Turmacculus: I'll join you! I gotta stop snacking on those Angelpi especially.

King Skarl: Carbs are the enemy..

Count Boris: Lisha, get away from me! You ate garlic and that wand is glowing too brightly!

Lisha: I admit it! I obsess over Jeran!

Gelert Prince: What, I have to kiss Jhudora?! That wasn’t in my Neopets contract..

Eyrie Guard: I demand respect! (Someone puts whack-a-Kass sign on his back.) Hey, I’m not Kass for the hundredth time.

Kass: I don't like being on top of this floating thing, I'm afraid of heights.. *looks down at Meridell* Ahhh! I’m going to fall off!

Draik Soldier: I can’t be excepted to look after the Meridell Castle all myself, if I have a little sleep on the job I’m sure nothing will happen.

Sinsi the Ixi: Heh. I will frustrate the dim-witted King Skarl when I show him my new puzzle game.

Illusen: Jhudora, I want a turn to go out with the Doc!
Sloth: Calm down girls, there’s plenty of him to go around.

The Kiss-The-Mortog Grundo: I was about to kiss the girl and then all of a sudden I just explored in her face. Kiss, kiss, BOOM!

Court Dancer: Do you think I should go on a diet?

Kayla: Lisha, yes that wand makes your behind big.

The Ultimate Bullseye Turtum: There’s an arrow in my shell, how did that get there?

Illusen: I admit it, I envy Jhudora.

Samrin the Kacheek: Balthazar, dinner is served!

Lisha:*looks at Mrs. Prenderghast* I see... nothing. Oh shoot, my glasses are smudged.

Zafara Princess: Oops, I spilt ketchup on my dress. Now I’ll never get to the ball on time!

Illusen: So, for Quest Number 49, get me a... Toy Sail Boat!

Snargan the Castle Treasurer:I’m going to get so mad to whoever told everyone that I used a rigged coin in Double or Nothing.

The Bat Thing (talking about King Skarl): HISSSSSS...FLLLL’YSS UNNNDONNEEEE..

Master Vex: You can trust me to take care of the orb, muhahaha!

King Skarl: HOO HOO HA! Oh, that was hilarious! I haven't laughed that much in years! I must remember that one...

Jhudora (to Darigan): I see your orb is bigger than mine..

One of the Giant Spyders: I’m hooked on a Vernax... Get this slimy thing away from us!!

Kass: I'm purple because I'm trying to follow in the Faerie Queen's footsteps.

Darigan: I wuv j00 all!

Valrigard the Draik: Oh, so there’s the exit. Its been staring me in the face, all this time.

Kayla: (to Lisha while doing an magic spell)
Trust me, I’m a expert at this..*experiment blows up*

Marrow Farmer Wocky: Marrows are disgusting, I think I'll start in the potato business instead.

Jeran: AHHHHHHHH! SAVE ME, MOMMY! *croaks*

The Dung Faerie: Piles of dung everywhere, I’ll have to clean this mess up straight away.

Court Dancer: Wonder what’s wrong with Jeran? He hasn't fallen for my feminine wiles yet.

The Potato Counter Kacheek: I can count, no way there was 1052 potatoes on the screen. 52, maybe.

Lisha: *reading map* Where are we? I think we are lost.
Borris: Aishas! Give the map here, I can read it.

War Machines: AHH!! I got bubble gum stuck on my wheels.

Jeran: Maybe I should join Kass, he seems nice... I would really like to be painted Darigan. It would scare the pants off my sister.

Morguss: Illusen, don’t you know how to reverse Darigan’s Blight spell? I’m open to bribes.

King Skarl: Thanks for giving this humbe sandwich, I knight you Jeran..

Peasant Mob: Half price sale at Usukiland! Better hurry before all the bargains are snapped up!

Kass: You know Skarl; I'm going to stop trying to burn Meridell to the ground so let's be friends.

Last but not least,
Darigan: You know what, have this orb back. It's useless. We're all deformed and funny looking anyway but now people are paying thousands to look like us! Maybe I should be a model....

Author’s Note:
Feel free to Neomail me any comments that you may have regarding this article. I really appreciate feedback from readers.

Thanks these villagers of Meridell:
Random_joy, Kecen, TennMagpie, Kecen, Neo_star_queen, Frostcrystal, Herp14, Cebu_that_meows, Ridergirl333 and anyone else I may have accidentally forgotten.

Please note the characters were taken from the Neopets site (e.g Neodeck cards, Neopedia, games, plot, Neopet items etc.) as well as the Battle for Meridell trading cards so characters may not be familiar to some people.

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