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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 19th day of Relaxing, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 111 > Continuing Series > Thief's Neopet: Part Six

Thief's Neopet: Part Six

by adoriblelapin

also by tracypaper12

Lapinnie rushed out of the room she had been hiding in and followed Sazbae determinedly out of Ye Magnificente Museume.

     Meanwhile, Tracy and Lapin were trapped in large cages. Tracy had a fraud angry face, forcing herself not to look worried. Lapin, however, looked very shaken, although her eyes were dancing. Tracy's companion turned her head to face the hall, very silent, while Tracy was rattling the bars furiously.

     "Let me see them, and I mean now!" Tracy roared, her voice shaking.

     "And if I don't?" asked one of their captors.

     "If you don't, then -- then --" Tracy leaned toward Lapin and looked at her for support.

     "If you don't, then you don't get your Neopoints," Lapin said daringly, looking at the guard straight in the eye.

     A smile appeared the guards' faces. "How much are you willing to pay?"

     "Forty-thousand Neopoints each pet!" announced Tracy.

     "Hmm..." one of the captors thought. "Isn't that a little small? The life of your pets are on the line."

     "Fifty, then."


     Lapin whimpered. She glanced at Tracy, but the determined owner did not catch her eye; Lapin looked away. With the total amount of all her Neopoints, she couldn't even afford half of Lapinnie, unless... unless she wasn't there.

     "Let's see them," Tracy said.

     The figures revealed a large number of pets. There was a Kougra, a Gelert, a Chia, and a Shoyru. Tracy scanned through the bunch, and spotted a depressed mutant Cybunny at the side.

     "Buffy!" cried Tracy. "That's her, release her!"

     Lapin nudged Tracy hard on the ribs. Tracy looked at her, and saw that the child's face was full of concern. After a few seconds, Tracy found out why; Lapinnie was not among the group.

     "What have you done with --"

     Lapin gave her a look, but Tracy could not decipher it. She decided not to press on, not knowing Lapin kept her from saying it so that they did not go after a loose pet, but did the right thing nonetheless.

     "What have we done with what?" asked one of the guards, glaring at them.

     "Er, with Buffy's hair?"

     "She was like that when I found her," one growled, taking out a key and allowing Buffy to be free from her cage. "Now, how much was that? Fifty grand?"

     Tracy stirred. "Coming right up..."

     Tracy reached into her pockets and glanced at the miniscule amount of Neopoints she carried with her. "Hang on..."

     A few minutes later, Tracy looked up from her position. "I think I have everything in my bank account," she said with a forced smile.


Lucy looked at the tall building standing in front of she and Monica. "Well, we're here..."

     "Yeah." Monica shifted anxiously from foot to foot. "I really don't think..."

     "Monica," Lucy said angrily, "it's too late to back out now. Your sister and her best friend have been kidnapped, and it's up to us to save them."

     "I wasn't backing out!" Monica said defensively. "I'm just kinda nervous. I mean, us, against an entire guild."

     "Don't worry, I have a plan," Lucy whispered, dragging Monica up to the front door. "Put this on." She handed her a black, knitted balaclava.

     "I made them in Textiles at school. Nifty, eh?"

     "Great, we're stealing from a guild of thieves. Oh, the irony." Monica muttered sarcastically, pulling the balaclava over her humongous Ixi head. After a few minutes of struggling with it, she managed to pull it across her face. The wool was itchy, and had holes in several places.

     "Okay, what now?"

     "Shh, just follow me!" Lucy carefully crept along the hallway, her big feet padding silently along. Monica stepped onto the marble floor, her hooves clopping loudly.

     "SHH!" Lucy hissed, glaring angrily at Monica.

     "It's not my fault!" she snapped back. "My hooves are loud on this floor." Lucy looked around frantically.

     "We need something to cushion the impact." She carefully removed four magical Krawk plushies from a display stand, and thrust them towards Monica.

     "Tie these to your feet," she said, "And hurry!"

     "No way," Monica said, pointing her nose up, "What if I turn into a Krawk?"

     "You won't," Lucy said through gritted teeth, Monica reluctantly tying them to her dainty Ixi hooves. "Faster, Monica, before we get caught -- or before Buffy and Lapinnie are hurt."

     Monica quickened her tying pace and stepped on the floor. Her balance was slightly off, but she managed to walk on the ground silently, although in fear that each step could mean turning into a Krawk like Lucy. Monica's sister halted her as they came to a forked hallway, one with four different routes.

     "Monica, help me choose one," Lucy said.

     "Are Faerie Krawks pretty?" whimpered Monica as she looked at the four separate hallways. She shook her head in fright and managed to say, "Choose one of the middle ones, Lucy."

     "Okay, let's take the middle left one then."

     Lucy and Monica made their way into the hall and crept about. They were travelling as silently as they could, fearing the worst that could possibly come. Lucy looked tense, while Monica trailed behind her, more afraid of turning into a Krawk than being caught by the thieves guild. With one hard swallow, the two continued on, until they reached an opened door with a few steps leading to the other room.

     The Krawk motioned for Monica to follow her as they sneaked into the room stealthily. There were vehicles and large metallic doors in this room, with things big enough to hide behind. Lucy took advantage of this and hid behind a large car and breathed heavily.

     They heard someone snicker from the other end of the large, echoing room, footsteps following it. One of the metallic doors was closing, as it had been opened beforehand. Monica gave Lucy a hard stare.

     "That's Sazbae's voice; I could recognise it for miles," she said, seeing a Faerie Ixi cross the room. Lucy nodded.

     "I've got that pesky, geeky little mutant Cybunny and her little ickle friend, and I've finally got their owners too!" gloated Sazbae from afar. "Now, all I have to do is get Monica to join us, and I'm all done my little plan." Sazbae let out a scream of triumph, hurried to a shelf aligned along the walls, and stacked some items onto there.

     "Wait a minute," Lucy whispered to Monica. She pointed vaguely behind Sazbae, and Monica recognised her sight at once. Lapinnie was hiding behind a stack of items, spotting them as they were seeing her.

     "Okay, Monica, let's go," Lucy ushered, as Monica looked at her with disbelief.

     "But Lapinnie's right there! Shouldn't we get to her or something?"

     "Sazbae's here, and we can't risk anymore time. Buffy's not with Lapinnie, and if we stay in this room, we're eventually going to get caught. We can meet up with Lapinnie later for information and look for Buffy, Tracy, and Lapin later."

     From across the room, Lapinnie glanced at Lucy, who gave her a curt nod and hurried out of the room with Monica, making sure Sazbae did not spot them.

     Lucy lead Monica out of the large room and back into the hall. They looked around, Monica still grumbling about the Magical Krawk Plushies tied to her feet. The duo hurried along the halls, veering left and right, Monica simply following Lucy's lead.

     "Where are we heading?" Monica finally inquired, stopping.

     "Lapinnie should be somewhere around here, because I saw a door at the other end of the room around this area. She should be right -- here we are." Lucy said, beckoning Monica to a dark room. It was full of boxes, shelves and, most importantly, a disco Aisha.

     "Hi Lapinnie," Monica said, looking around at the Aisha and her Krawk sister. She breathed in and said, "Spill."

     Lapinnie then began telling the two about being outside alone -- although she did not explain why -- and how Buffy had went to search for her. She told them about their capture, the training and the first mission. Buffy and the other Neopets on the mission were captured, as Lapinnie had explained, and she said how she heard the voices of Tracy and Lapin in the other room. She lead her story up until they had both met in the oversized garage. This took about fifteen minutes, as it had been very descriptive and Monica and Lucy kept asking questions.

     "So... what are we going to do?" Monica finally said, her eyes twinkling.

     "I think we should call in the Chia Police," Lucy said, crouching behind a stack of crates. "They'd be more experienced in..."

     "-- Eating donuts!" Monica whispered angrily. "Look, I don't want to just call in the professionals. I've always wanted an adventure..."

     "Look, Monica! The important thing is that everyone gets home, alive and safe, and these crooks are put in their place," Lucy said, her eyes burning with rage, "we're not here for kicks, you know."

     "Woah, calm down, I'm sorry, I really am. Maybe you're right."

     "No," Lapinnie said, peering over the crates, keeping her second set of ears pressed against her back. "We don't have time. Besides, these people aren't really all that bad, I think they just need a better influence than Fozaibae."

     "Who's that?" Monica said, re-tethering one of the plushies to her feet.

     "That's not important," Lapinnie said, "but what is important is that we act fast. It was really dark and we had a map to that old building; I only have a small clue of where it is. If we lose them now, we may never find them."

     Lucy nodded. She and Monica looked out the door and to the halls.

     "Could you possibly try to lead us to that building? We'll have to get out of this place unnoticed, but we especially need you because you're the only one who knows --" Lucy began, interrupted by Lapinnie.

     "What's this?" she hissed, reaching to her cloak's pocket and withdrawing a bugging device from it. "Oh no, I don't believe it."

To be continued...

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