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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 94 > Continuing Series > Gone Buck Wild: Part Two

Gone Buck Wild: Part Two

by apparent

After fifteen minutes of mindless rambling and scribbling down phrases to add to their new trend, Krawker, Vhyek, and Malice helped themselves off of the city bus after it moaned to a stop in front of their school. Krawker, now sporting an overabundance of self-confidence within this little plan he had, strutted in front of the school while setting an example for his friends, who watched with widened eyes. As they did daily, the three friends conversed in front of the school before heading inside to face a long day of doom.

     "Now, you see? That's how we're to walk." He took a bow; not paying attention to the fact that everyone thought he looked quite ridiculous. Krawker's demonstration of the "cool" walk consisted of three steps on each opposing hind paw, and then the fourth step was to be exaggerated, making the walker look as if they had a "limp". "So, what do you two think?"

     Vhyek shrugged, not voicing much of his opinion. Malice offered a reassuring smile, while wagging her long, crimson colored tail. One of her best traits of being Krawker's friend was lying every once in a while, when she thought it was needed, and of course this situation looked like a perfect example. "Looks great, Krawker. But what about those words and phrases? They don't seem to make too much sense to me yet."

     Krawker frowned, a bit discouraged at the realization his friend granted him. Instead of making himself call off of the whole thing, the Krawk pretended as if he knew what he was talking about. He squinted at one of the things he'd scribbled down on the back of his Neopia Studies homework.

     "Uh… that's off the shizzle, homie!"

     Vhyek fell over in a fit of laughter. Malice, on the other hand, scratched at her head while trying to figure out the meaning of the words her friend just spat out. "Doesn't that something is like, off the hook?"

     The mutant Korbat peered at the list of words before exclaiming, "Holla!" in response to Malice's inquiry.

     The three friends exchanged frightened glances before falling out in a fit of laughter.

     "Okay," Krawker adjusted his backpack upon his back and began to offer his proposal. "Today's our first day of operation: buck wild. And as the title says, let's just go buck wild and see if it works."

     Malice scrunched her charcoal colored nose. She felt that the idea was going too far, and would have probably understood if it was being done for means of having a good time. However, Krawker was already going insane with the idea, which wasn't very good to start off with. Despite the fact that only Vhyek silently agreed, Krawker used one of his claws to pat Malice on the back. "Okay, let's go get started."


Due to their mindless conversation out front, the Neopets entered their first class of the day exceptionally late. Their teacher, Mr. Hoo, the Cybunny impatiently chewed a carrot while sitting on the edge of his desk. The other pupils were seated quietly in their assigned desks, paying no attention whatsoever to their teacher's anger.

     "VhyekMaliceandKrawker, why in Faerieland's name are you so LATE?" He spat, finishing the rest of the carrot that was grasped within his paw. As usual, Mr. Hoo jumbled all of his words together in a rage of fury. Without a response, Malice retreated to her seat on the back, Vhyek fluttering to his seat in the front. Krawker, however, wanted to test out his "Bucky skills", and then said:

     "It's aight, Poppa H, me an my homes was just chillin' on the north side of the school."

     Everyone burst into a fit of laughter. Mr. Hoo, who was not pleased with Krawker's response at all, lit up into a shade of red despite the color of his Starry fur. He took a ruler and hit it repeatedly on the side of his wooden desk to gain order in the classroom that broke out into a fit of utter chaos; paper balls flying everywhere, Neopets laughing while rolling on the floor, Krawker dancing happily as his act gained some sort of success.

     "KRAWKER_OTH! What kind of English is that you possess?! Did you not have me as your English teacher this year?"

     Krawker recollected himself and slumped into his seat as his teacher went about the room, squawking angrily while acknowledging the fact that there was a Grammar test the next day. A few notes wound up on the Krawk's desk - one congratulating him for standing up to the teacher, others asking why he used slang, and another calling him a complete fool.

     The day dragged on. Due to his ordeal that morning with the teacher Krawker was assigned extra homework. However, after school the story was different. With the aid of Vhyek and Malice, Krawker avoided the presence of the other students who were somewhat astounded with Krawker's little stunt.

     "Krawker_oth gone bad? Wow! I always thought he was a teacher's pet.."

     "Hey, Krawker, what's with the new style?"

     "Look, he's even got his friends on his side!"

     At the bus stop, Malice tried to keep the curious mob of Neopets from tackling down the Krawk, their cries piercing through the air. Is this what Krawker wanted? She asked herself, and then shouted aloud, "EVERYONE! Please put yourselves to good use and stand in a single file line!"

     Surprisingly, the small group did as they were told. Vhyek shuddered with fear and flew onto the bus as it screeched at the stop. Malice followed suit, as Krawker nervously attended to the once an angry mob that stared at him curiously.

     "Okay, okay, I'll answer all of your questions before I get on the bus," he declared with a slight hint of egotistical confidence within his voice, and turned to talk to the first person on line.

     As the bus sped off Vhyek and Malice pressed their noses against the back window, watching Krawker tend to his fans sadly, who was oblivious to the fact that his true friends were now heading back home without him.

To be continued...

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