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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 20th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 61 > Articles > A Guide to Petpages

A Guide to Petpages

by twinfairy

PET CENTRAL - Building a petpage is not as hard as it looks. Seriously. But why build a petpage? The benefits can be tremendous.

What is a petpage?
A petpage is basically a Web site hosted by Neopets. Each Neopet receives ONE petpage that their owner can edit, add or remove content. Neopets provides their own template for every petpage, however, if you want to make your own, you can. Click here to edit yours.

How do I make one?
Basically, you can make a petpage using a page builder, or HTML codes. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language (few people actual know what HTML stands for). HTML is a series of tags, or codes that people use to build a web site. So, if I wanted to make a word bold, I would have to put tags like this around the phrase <b>Neopets rock!</b> would look like this: Neopets Rock! See the Neopets Guide to HTML to learn more about HTML codes.

Why build a petpage?
There are millions of reasons of why you should build a petpage! You can learn HTML, you could tell Neopians about yourself and life with your Neopets, you could win a trophy.... The list is endless.

Getting started : Steps

Decide on a Neopet
Well, as far as I think, it is easier to build one petpage at a time. So, if you have more than one Neopet, decide which one you would like to start on.

Pick a theme for your Neopet's petpage. It could be an autobiography of your Neopets (i.e. How they came to be, likes and dislikes, etc.) or it could be something different and original. Original themes are unique and interesting; some of my favourites are HTML guides, the plushie factory, a different world, etc. Feel free to make your petpages about a fictional place in Neopia.

Decide what you want to include (the actual text of the petpage). Examples are: a story, likes-dislikes, family, thoughts, lab ray stats, etc. Try to limit how much you put in a petpage. Anybody with slow connections really don't like waiting ten minutes for a single petpage to load if you have so much. And people really don't like spending ages scrolling down a really long petpage. Decide on much you want. Don't have too much, or too little.

Pictures : Image Hosting
Pictures are a great way of distinguishing your Web site You can use images from the Neopets Web site as well as pictures from the Neopets fun images. Or you can manipulate pictures on your computer, or draw them by hand & scan, then upload them to a host that will host images for free. Some people have slow Internet connections (like me), so making a thumbnail of your picture can be just as good as putting the full-size image. Oh yeah, by the way, images are completely optional :)

The layout, I think, is one of the most important things about a petpage. It determines where the content, pictures, etc. should be put, and how they are organised. For example, you do not want to have the "goodbye" message at the beginning and the "welcome" message at the end. I would suggest a simple layout (nothing too complicated, don't make something that has too much information, which may seem a bit unattractive to someone viewing the petpage).

Unfortunately, there are some Neopians who steal graphics and claim them as their own :( Protecting your site can help prevent some people from doing that. Disabling right-click can be useful. Or simply by putting your username on all the pictures that you made can ward of graphic-thieves.

Extras : Things to Include on your site

Decorate your site!
Want to change the colour of your scrollbar, links and shape of your cursor? You can do all that and more with CSS codes (similar to HTML, but a bit more complex). You can find a useful guide of CSS codes at

Create links to things like your userlookup, pet lookup, other petpages you may have, your shop, your guild, trades and more if you like. (Hint: If you want a direct link to your userlookup, just type #OWNERLOOKUP without any HTML codes and it'll display your username as a link to your profile, there are more useful "shortcuts", edit your pet's petpage to see them).

You can include an updates section that let visitors know what is going with your pet's page and your Neopets

Link Exchange
Create a banner for your petpage and provide an HTML code so that visitors can copy and paste your banner on to their petpage and exchange links with you. This way, your site can get more visitors.

Some Rules
1. Do not copy other people's sites (that means no plagiarising)
2. Do not use other people's graphics without their permission (you are allowed to use graphics from the Neopet's site)
3. Anything inappropriate is unacceptable.
4. No foul language or "creative" spellings
5. Remember if you submit your site to the Neopet's Site Spotlight, as directly quoted from the terms and conditions: "automatically grant... NeoPets a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, nonexclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form, medium, or technology (now known or hereafter developed or devised) throughout the universe."

Entering the Site Spotlight
If you plan on entering the site spotlight, and you are positively sure your Neopet's petpage will make it, then here is what you have to do:

• Send an e-mail to that includes: Mandatory - your username - your petpage URL ( - Brief description of why your site should be the best Optional - A logo (either attached to the e-mail or hosted on another server)
• Your petpage has to be NEOPET-RELATED, otherwise, you can count on never ever ever seeing your petpage featured in the Site Spotlight.
• New Site Spotlight winners are posted every 1, 2, or 3 days

The benefits

Learning HTML
I've learned so much HTML ever since I started Neopets; whether it was to spice up my userlookup or edit my petpage. Neopets makes HTML learning fun! This is an opportunity for you to be creative and artistic. Some people design petpages simply because it's fun and they want to. Not for the hits, or the site spotlight.

More Hits
If people visit your petpage, it's likely that they'll want to see your userlookup to see who made it, check their shop, their guild, and more!

Site Spotlight
You could enter Site Spotlight and if you win (you'll find out in approx. 1.5 - 2 months whether you've made it) you receive a nice shiny trophy for your trophy cabinet. Also, it is featured on the "new features" page and the "site spotlight" page. There have been known to be more than 2000 page hits for some site spotlight winners.

I'm finally done! What do I do next?

There are many things you could do:

• Advertise your petpage! (you can use chat boards, user or pet lookup, shop)
• Enter the Site Spotlight
• Start working on your other Neopet's petpage (if you want to)
• Tell all your Neofriends how good you are at making petpages, then prove it to them
• Taking benefit.

I say, check out a couple of petpages to get some ideas (that's right, ideas) on what you could do for your petpage. When I was building my petpage, I had a lot of fun. You want to see mine? It's at If you any questions or comments, feel free to Neomail me on the subject :) Well, what are you waiting for? Start building your petpage, right now!

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