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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Short Stories > When the Tables Turn...

When the Tables Turn...

by dark_nightshade_

Q_t_21316 looked on with victory in her eyes and a proud smile slapped on her face. She had won, again, against another insignificant Neopet, in fact a yellow Chia. The crowds roared with applause as she stood in the battle ring, head up high. She loved that smell of victory, after her stats went skyrocketing there wasn't a time she had every lost a fight. Her family in the first row of the audience seat was jumping up and down. She looked at her owner and friend, Aya. She clapped standing up, looking at her winning and first pet, a desert Shoyru.

After the battle, her brothers and sister came running up to her, giving her pats on the back, hugs and a cool slushy drink.

"That was awesome!" cho_chang93 the shadow Aisha exclaimed.

"Wasn't much," q_t_21316 replied.

She absolutely loved to impress her younger brother. "Are you going to battle again?" menthe_kisu the white Lupe asked her.

"Well maybe, a little rest would be nice."

"Why don't we go to the chat rooms and see if we can get some good trades going," Aya suggested.

"OK," everyone chimed.

At the chat rooms, q_t_21316 lazily followed Aya, she wanted to go to the Battledome chats, to find more challenges, but it was swamped with so many owners and pets, Aya told them to stay close, before they got lost. When Aya found some people willing to trade for her faerie paint brush, q_t_21316 looked around and saw a boy with his electric Kau. He bragged and boasted about his electric Kau, and dared anyone to challenge his dominant creature. Q_t_21316 smirked, she looked down and up at his Kau It seemed scrawny and weak. The boy spoke about his stats like they were stats of battle lords. She was willing to battle him and prove who was the better. So she stomped over with confidence and pushed through the crowds to the front.

"He is the ultimate battler, he triumphs over any opponent who dares to challenge his mighty skilled, so are you willing to challenge his might?" the boy asked, scanning his eyes and finger at the crowd.

Most of the crowd backed away, but q_t_21316 stayed at the front, unimpressed. "You!" the boy exclaimed pointing to the small desert Shoyru. "Care to battle my beast?" he smirked.

"I gladly accept your challenge," she said lightly.

The crowd gasped and whispers were heard among them.

Good, I've given myself a name.

"All right, we battle now, in the Battledome…" but before he could finish, Aya stepped in.

"Q_t_21316, what have I told you about wandering off?" Aya scolded.

Q_t_21316 swirled around and looked at Aya then to the boy and his Kau "She has accepted my challenge to battle my Kau," the boy said simply, "unless you want to pull your Shoyru out of the fight because she's not good enough." The boy sneered.

Anger boiled inside of both owner and pet. "I approve of the challenge, now quit talking and let's fight!" Aya declared, pointing to the Battledome not far away.

At the Battledome, q_t_21316 and her family waited in the waiting room, q_t_21316 totally confident and relaxed, she knew she was going to win, but she wanted to prove who was better.

"Why are you bothering to fight? I mean you know you're going to win," koori_kuro the faerie Kougra commented.

"I know, I want to prove who's better, the boy should have kept his mouth closed," q_t_21316 stated.

"Would the battler q_t_21316 the desert Shoyru, please report to the Battledome arena, your opponent is looking for you," the announcement blared over the speakers.

"Well I'm off, don't forget to cheer," q_t_21316 said, hopping off her seat and giving her brother a wink.

As her foot stepped onto the arena surface, that same anticipation and tension came back, but q_t_21316 was too use to it, in fact she loved it, it made her adoring fans love her for the action and excitement being displayed.

Her opponent, the electric blue Kau, ground his hoof into the dirt, air blowing from his nostrils. Q_t_21316 simply smirked and went into her battle stance. A red Korbat referee blew the whistle and the green Scorchio referee waved the green flag, the battle had started.

The Kau gave a battle cry and charged at her with full speed. Before he actually touched her, with all her might and speed, she leapt into the air hovering above her opponent. Taking her weapons, she gave a full blast at the Kau, and sent him flying back into the ring barriers. He got up stubbornly, shaking his head, before unleashing a strange unexpected white dust at her. All at once, she felt like her wings somehow disappeared, leaving to drop to the ground. Once the dust cleared, the Kau blasted his power at her, making her skid over, she had lost a great deal of power, but she wouldn't give up. With anger in her eyes, she charged at the Kau, sending her worst blow on him. It seemed like the silence was forever, but the referees talked quickly with each other, checking the Kau on the ground. The Korbat blew the whistle and the Scorchio waved the red flag. The crowded roared once more. She had won. She smirked all over waving her arms in the air. Another victory gained. But when she looked at Aya, Aya seemed shocked. What was it? Wasn't Aya happy she won? Or was it more of a lost than a win? Questions spun inside q_t_21316's head until she met up with her family.

"Q_t_21316 you won, but you lost too," menthe_kisu, her little sister commented quietly.

"What do you mean?" q_t_21316 said obviously irritated.

Was there something she had done?

Aya quietly handed q_t_21316 a mirror, head down, staring at the floor. She was mad enough, but she looked into the mirror. Horror struck her, and she dropped the mirror on the floor, letting it shatter to pieces.

"I'M A YELLOW Chia!" she screamed. Tears flowed from her eyes and her pudgy hands covered plump yellow face. She sobbed and sobbed, her brothers and sister never seen her so struck down, so to show their compassion, everyone gave their fighting role-model a hug, but it didn't help. Q_t_21316's golden tan wings were gone, the rich and exotic desert look disappeared, most of all, her ferocity that made her look like a real battler. Now she was reduced to a small yellow Chia, which looked too cute and too weak to make the biggest Grarrl shiver and shake with fear. She wasn't even taller than menthe_kisu, her youngest sibling.

Quietly they walked back home, Aya offered to buy ice cream, a break from their monthly diet, but q_t_21316 was too depressed and walked home alone, with her anubis, Zulii, when her family went to get ice cream.

Lying on her bed, she stroked Zulii, tears falling silently on the bed sheets. "How am I ever going to be the same?" she whispered. Sure, her family was a lot richer than others were, but the prices for potions, magical toys and especially paint brushes went up. She wanted to be herself again; she didn't even match petpet anymore. Zulii crawled over to her and licked her tearstained cheeks.

"Q_t_! Dinnertime!" Aya yelled from downstairs.

Slowly, carrying Zulii in her arms, q_t_21316 walked downstairs, feeling awkward in her new body. There at the table, her siblings sat, and looked at her when she walked into the kitchen. Pamphlets were sprawled over the kitchen table; one of them was a pound and adoption information brochure. She was shocked.

"You're not going to abandon me are you?!" q_t_21316 exclaimed, tears already forming in her eyes.

"Of course not, I'd never abandon you, even if you turned into another pet, never," Aya reassured.

"We got pamphlets for you, so you can choose to become another pet," cho_chang93 explained.

"We're all behind you, Q_t_," menthe_kisu piped.

"No matter what it takes, we're do anything to make you feel better, even if it means risking our life savings," koori_kuro added.

This time tears did form and fall, she never knew how much her family actually cared and were willing to agree with her decision. She nodded, and walked over to the table, picking up a brochure, she started gazing over the millions of pictures of pets, and looked for the one that would restart her life.

The End

Author's Notes: I don't really have a problem with Chias, and yes this story was placed on an actual fight that happened, but the owner wasn't bragging about anything. And yes, q_t_ has turned into a yellow Chia, and would gladly like some suggestions in what her new shape should be.

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