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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Short Stories > Junk Collecting 7: Legend of Long Jon Loser

Junk Collecting 7: Legend of Long Jon Loser

by jimmy_91754

Nite_jjj and Feezifriend were trying an experiment. They are trying to turn a Toy Sailboat into a Super Toy Sailboat. They tried all day and like always the failed. The finally decided they needed help so they called over their friend Vampiretony3, the Blue Eyrie. For another hour they worked but nothing but failure came to them. Vampiretony3 got bored of trying so she went and read a book...

Long ago...

A pirate named Long Jon Loser found a Toy Sailboat in the sand. He started playing with it but he stopped when his friends came. They had saw Long Jon Loser playing with the useless junk and insulted him about. Long Jon Loser got so mad that he hit his friends with a weapon. His friends got mad and wanted to fight him but unfortunately for them they had to return home soon so one f his mean friends just tossed the toy into the ocean and ran. His other friends went with him. Feeling sad Long Jon Loser slowly walked away from the ocean but then he saw something that would change his life. The toy sailboat had grown. He went into the boat checking it out when the boat started to move away from shore. Long Jon Loser did not know this because he was too busy checking out the boat. The boat sailed for hours and Long Jon Loser still did not know until it hit a cave. No not a cave, a glass cave? No a giant bottle. The boat went into the bottle and a giant cork closed up the entrance and exit. Long Jon Loser then suddenly felt dizzy and passed out. He then woke up days later finding himself on a shelf. He looked of into the distance and realised there was no distance. He was trapped in a bottle with a giant toy boat in a world with one shelf. He lived a long time and he is still alive today. He has tried to escape but found no way of doing so.

The story ends because of a ripped page.

"Awwwwwwww... I wish it finished the story," said Vampiretony3. "I wonder if there's anything else to read. Vampiretony3 then got up and looked around for a book. He then saw a book next to Nite_jjj. "May I borrow this," asked Vampiretony3. Nite_jjj didn't reply. He was too busy working. Vampiretony3 assumed it was a way of saying yes so he took it. There was no title because that book was the "magical junk book."

He started reading and got confused. Then he flipped to a familiar page. A page that talked about Long Jon Loser and the bottle he was trapped in. He then turned a page and saw a map. He studied the map carefully. He realised it was the map telling where Long Jon Loser had been all these years. It told the location of the shelf in the empty world. He also realised the trail had many stops along the way.

The next day Vampiretony3 told Nite_jjj and Feezifriend all his knowledge about Long Jon Loser and asked them if he wanted to help him search for the empty world with one shelf in it. Nite_jjj and Feezifriend had nothing to do so they said yes.

Their adventure had begun at Mystery Island. They went to this landmark that looked like a rock. There they found a note near the rock. It said: You have found note. The key you need is in the bottle of sand next to this. The pets searched but found no bottle of sand. Nite_jjj suddenly got an idea. He tried digging for the bottle of sand. Then he found something. It was the bottle of sand. Nite_jjj touched it and it started glowing. A few moments later it glowed more and soon the glowing was so strong it broke the bottle. Glass was everywhere but it wasn't just glass. There was also a key glowing. That must of made the glowing.

"I wonder why we need the key?" asked Feezifriend.

"I don't know but let's concentrate on finding Long Jon Loser," replied Vampiretony3.

The map told them to go north and there they found a chain of mountains blocking them. They decided to make camp somewhere there since they've been traveling the whole day. They traveled some more until they found a good place to set up camp for the night. The found a good place near a cave. Once they set up camp they were so tired the just went to sleep.

While they were asleep, a creature came out of the cave. It was small and not like any Neopet. It went to the camp and searched around for something. It looked for about a minute and saw the key the pets found next to the sand. It took the key and went back into the cave. "Well done," said a voice from the cave."

Vampiretony3 woke up finding out the key was gone. Nite_jjj didn't wake up until late in the morning. And Feezifriend woke up after a strange dream he had. He dreamed a small creature from the cave nearby took the key and went back into he cave. He told Vampiretony3 and Niote_jjj his dream after Vampiretony3 told Nite_jjj and Feezifriend the key was missing.

"Let's check out the cave," said Nite_jjj. "I think Feezifriend has a strange power of always being right, even when he dreams it."

Vampiretony3 and Feezifriend agreed to check out the cave. The cave was very big and roomy. As they went deeper into the cave, it looked like if someone or something was living in there. They found a pile of food and on top of it all there was the key. Nite_jjj quickly grabbed it and the pets ran for the exit.

They got out of the cave and pack their stuff to begin traveling again.

Back at the cave the small creature returned from gathering food. "Oh no," it said. "Hey boss contact the volcano team immediately."

The pets walked and walked until they reached this volcano. Feezifriend thought it would be dangerous to set up camp there but Vampiretony3 and Nite_jjj disagreed because they were too tired and needed a place to sleep. So they set up camp and quickly went to sleep like the night before.

Everyone went to sleep except Feezifriend. He kept thinking about the dream he had the day before. It seamed so real to him. Soon he got tired of thinking and went to sleep. That night he had another dream. Actually 1 to be precise. While he was in the middle of his usual candy dream, the dream froze and it suddenly changed. Now he was dreaming that grass from near a volcano, like this one, was coming to life and will try to steal the key. In his dream the grass actually succeed in stealing it.

The next morning, Feezifriend woke up because of the loud talking of Vampiretony3 and Nite_jjj about the key. It was missing again.

Feezifriend then got up and started walking around in the grass. Suddenly he felt a hard thing hit his foot. It was they key. His dreams had been right, again. Feezifriend went back to Nite_jjj and Vampiretony3.

"I found the key," he said.

"Did you have another dream about the key being lost?" asked Nite_jjj in reply.

"No time to answer," said Vampiretony. "We're almost to our destination."

They began walking again and in three hours the got to a cave. A normal looking cave.

"I think we were on a wild goose chase, or hunt, or whatever it's called," said Nite_jjj.

"Let's check inside anyway," replied Vampiretony3.

They all agreed to go so they went. And inside they found nothing. Nite_jjj threw the key at the floor.

"All that time, wasted," said Nite_jjj sadly.

A portal began to open up, and inside that portal was nothing... except a shelf and some stuff on it!!!

"Help me," said a voice from inside the bottle containing a toy sailboat.

"That must be Long Jon Loser," said Feezifriend, but already Nite_jjj and Vamiretony3 were already running to free them.

"Put the key on the bottle," said Long Jon Loser. "And also put your hand on the key."

Feezifriend quickly put his hand on the key because he thought it was a kind of game. He then got sucked into the bottle and Long Jon Loser stepped out.

"Sucker!" he said in a laughing voice. "You'll never escape from the bottle."

"I'm telling on you," said Nite_jjj.

"I will not allow that," replied Long Jon Loser. "I must wipe out all witnesses."

"Noooooooooo," said Feezifriend from inside the bottle.

He thought hard about how to save Nite_jjj, but he came up with nothing. His brain hurt because of the thinking. Then suddenly, he felt a power from inside his brain. The power was so strong he passed out.

Feezifriend slowly opened his eyes and saw that he was in bed. It looked like it was the afternoon. A figure coming inside the room startled him.

"Nite_jjj? Vampiretony3?" said Feezifriend.

No it a chunk of grass from near the volcano.

"We tried to help you, but it seems you didn't need our help after all, neophy," it said.

It quickly jumped out the window and walked away.

The End

Is Feezifriend a neophy. What is a neophy. If you know Neomail me please.

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