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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Continuing Series > The Egg: Part Three

The Egg: Part Three

by omegajo90

The group scaled down the mountain, winds and snow pounded against them, but they were resilient and carried on. Brian had the most troubles, since he had four legs. He stumbled on the rocks and fell a few times. Due to all this, he had numerous bruises. Butterwort, however, had just the opposite luck. He flew down to the foot of the mountain and waited for the others to catch up. Presently, he flew up and picked up Brian, he flew Brian down to the ground. Feeling sorry for the others, he flew the rest down besides Rowfort, who refused the help.

When they were all down, they entered the forests of the Haunted Woods. Jellybruan looked around nervously at his surroundings. The chirping of crows and the trickle of a black forest stream made him even more nervous, fore he was extremely afraid of crows and always had a fear of drowning. He looked over at Brian, who seemed equally scared and nervous. He turned away to keep his eyes on the path. He closed his eyes for a moment to flush out some dust that entered it. Then, in that moment, he stumbled on a rock and fell into water.

He opened his eyes and saw he was in a swift moving river and was already pulled away from his group! He saw them running along the shore toward him, but the river was faster than them. Soon, all he saw was the flying Korbat coming toward him in the distance, but soon, he didn't even see Butterwort. Water flowed into his mouth and nose, the light dimmed. He drifted off into a deep, deep sleep.

When he opened his eyes, he found himself washed up on the shore of a small pond. He looked over at the dark, murky water and sighed. He was away from the company. His food and supplies were wet beyond compare. He was stranded in the heart of the Haunted Woods. After recovering from the incident, the Chia looked for the tallest tree he could find. When he found it, he started to climb it. It seemed to take forever, but it was only about ten minutes.

Jellybruan looked off in every direction, when he looked North, he saw the faint image of the snowy mountains of Terror Mountain. At this point, he didn't care about his companions, he just knew he had to head North. He climbed down the tree, another eternity, and went to sleep. After waking from his nap, he set out North, toward Terror Mountain. As he walked further North, the woods got darker and darker until Jellybraun relied on the microscopic patches of sunlight to find his way, he didn't want to head in the wrong direction. Occasionally he heard the soothing call of a lost sparrow, or the discomforting buzz of a Buzz.

As he walked on, the buzz of Buzzes got louder until he entered a clearing, in the middle of it was a Buzz hive. Obviously, he had disturbed them in some way, because as soon as he entered the clearing, a hoard of Buzzes came at him. Weaponless, he charged through the swarm and into the woods at the other side of the clearing. He ran, and was pursued by a small group of Buzzes. The forest became dark again and when he looked back, he saw the glowing red eyes of Buzzes searching for him.

Jellybraun ducked into a stump. He watched the Buzzes slobber hungrily while searching for him. He heard their heavy breathing, the beating of their wings, their muttering of strange words. Eventually, they gave up and returned to their hive. Jellybraun decided to sleep here for the night, though he could not tell whether it was day or night in the blackness, he was tired. He slept soundly.

He woke up hours later and started on. He began to grow hungry, he estimated that he had gone on three days without food. Yet, he moved on. He climbed another tree now and looked North. The boarder of Terror Mountain was not far now, only about a score of miles. Exited he climbed down and ran a good seven miles before he dropped to the ground and fainted. This fainting spell lasted only a short while, but it left Jellybraun energetic, yet even hungrier.

Another day of journeying and he the boarder. Thank goodness! A town was only about half a mile away! He ran to it and stopped dead. A Lupe was guarding a gate into the town he eyed Jellybraun suspiciously.

"Who be ye?" said the Lupe.

"I am Jellybraun the Chia sir. And please, let me into the town... I have walked from the center of the Haunted Woods and am starving to death. Literally..."

"I've got a better idea, Chia scum," said the Lupe. Then, he swiped his claw at Jellybraun, knocking him off balance. The Chia looked up, scared. "I," said the Lupe, "am arresting you. That's right boy, you're goin' to prison. And we'll feed you. I hope you like bread and water!"

He kicked the Chia, then picked him up in his jaws. He dragged Jellybraun off to the town's prison and locked him up. He gave Jellybraun a bottle of spring water and a loaf of raisin bread. Jellybraun ate the food gratefully, but with every bite, his anger grew more and more. He looked into the cell across from him, it was small and contained at least eight Chias. He could already tell that they were losing the war. He sat there and wondered about the rest of the company. He hoped that they were safe.

The next day, he was let outside for a short period of time to exercise. He conversed with his fellow inmates and learned of the progress in the war. They were losing, all their cities and towns were taken by the Lupes. The only city that still belonged to the Chias was the stronghold of Terror Mountain City. But even that place was slowly being captured by the wretched Lupes. Jellybraun returned to his cell and cried. He wished he had never left to fight here. At dinner in the mess hall, he sat with a rather large group of Chias. Together they discussed a jailbreak and retaking the town. Over the next few nights, they planned the break and attack. Then, they were on the eve of the break. The next day, the Battle For The Border would begin.

Jellybraun woke up refreshed and ready for anything. He ate breakfast and made the final preparations for the break. They decided that exactly at noon time they would have some people create a riot in the exercise compound.

That would make most of the Lupe guards leave their posts. Then, Jellybraun and three other Chias would break open the weak bars on their cells. They would then help break open the bars for weaker prisoners. Then, the revolt would begin. They planned to recapture the town, but they didn't think they would. They just hoped and prayed, until the hour of noon came...

To be continued...

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