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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Short Stories > Caiie and Charm in: The Possessive Frying Pan

Caiie and Charm in: The Possessive Frying Pan

by _smoothcriminal

'GRUNDO'S' Proclaimed the bright red flashing sign. 'BEST SPACE BAR IN THE GALAXY' "Probably because its the ONLY Space Bar in the galaxy -_-" Charm, a golden Gelert remarked sarcastically as she poked at her food with a claw. Her best buddy sitting beside her nodded vigorously. Caiiemis (the buddy) growled to herself.

"They expect us to eat this?" It was a large grackle bug, deep-fried in car oil. Yummm.

"I don't even wanna look at it!" Charm covered her eyes gagging. "Remind me why we're here?"

"We needed a vacation from the evil Aisha that is stalking us," Caiie said dryly. "But vacations don't normally include lunches that make weird sounds when you touch them..." Charm poked at the grackle bug again; there was a crusty bubbling noise.

"All I can say is... Eeeeew."

"Let's tail it!" Caiie snorted and went to pay for 'meal'. The large mutant Grundo at the counter looked displeased with their sudden departure.

"Leaving so soon?" He drawled, raising an eyebrow.

"Uhm... can't spoil ourselves!" said the clouded Gelert with a grin.

"Send our compliments to the chef!" Charm stepped in nervously before Caiiemis could get them into trouble.

"Exactly, now... Toodles!" The two scuttled out the door giggling.

"Yeee!" Charm laughed as they trotted down a concrete sidewalk.

"So what exactly is there to do in a Space Station?" Caiie asked blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes. She didn't get an answer though. Because suddenly a shady looking character walked out from a narrow ally...

"Hey..." he growled. The shadowy fellow was a short purple Poogle. He had a black bowler and a large cigar, and it looked like he belonged in the Mafia. Caiie and Charm skidded to a halt watching the Poogle wearily. The Poogle opened his large trench coat revealing his black market wares. "Wanna buy a frying pan?" he whispered.

"Uhh.... Sure! ^^" Charm said thumping her tail against the ground.

"Nyeah, see..." The Poogle looked around. "C'mere..." He drew Charm back into the ally.

"I'll wait for ya!" said Caiie, but she soon lost interest and became engrossed in stalking a soda can.

"Sho," said the mafia Poogle. "Check it out, kid." He motioned for her to take the frying pan. Charm did.

"Oooh! I like it!"

"Nyeah, see?" The Poogle growled.

"How much?" Asked Charm.

"Eehh..." The Poogle chewed on his cigar thoughtfully. "Say, how's aboutsh I let yah have it fer free?"

"Sounds good to me!" Charm smiled.

"Aright. Yah didn't get it from me... or elsesh.." The Poogle drew a hand across his throat. He faded back into the shadows of the ally.

Charm took her frying pan and walked out to look for Caiie. Her cloud coloured friend was lying on the ground talking to an empty can of neocola.

"What? Really?" She was saying. Charm watched as Caiie leaned closer, listening for the can's answer. "So that's the meaning of life!" The Gelert laughed.

"Caiie-buddy!" Cried Charm. Caiiemis stood up.

"Hey Charm! This guy's really entertaining!"

"Sure his is..." Charm chuckled. "I think someone got too close to the grackle bug..."

"Did ya get your frying pan?" asked Caiie. The golden Gelert nodded and waved her frying pan around. Suddenly, the Gelerts shiny yellow fur flickered to a pure snowy white.

"Woooaah," Caiiemis said as a light red aura formed around her friend. "How'd you do that?"

"Do what?" Asked her friend as she glowed red.

"Uhm.. turn red and--" Suddenly Charm's frying pan exploded in bright white light. Caiiemis blinked. "Uhmm... Charmie?" But Charm had disappeared.

"Holy Chalupa!" Cried the cloud Gelert. She tramped off to the police station immediately.

Caiie flung open the door and slammed into the station, scattering piles of important papers. She ran into the maelstrom of flying papers yelling: "M-I-A! M-I-A! WE HAVE AN M-I-A AT 3:00!!" A disgruntled Chia waved her over.

"Whaddaya want?" He snarled at her as he attacked a box of Donuts.

"WE HAVE AN M-I-A!" The Gelert roared. The Chia's hat flew off his head. He stared at her. "Missing. In. Action!" she cried, waving her paws dramatically.

"I'm a police officer. I -know- what M-I-A means," he growled. "Now please describe the missing person." The Chia took out a notepad.

"Well uhm, she's my best friend and she likes Snowpuffs."

"I mean describe how she -looks-"

"Well, usually she's painted gold--she's a Gelert, but uhmm... we bought a frying pan from a shady looking Poogle in an ally and then Charm turned white and I think she got possessed and so then the frying pan exploded in light and when I was able to open my eyes she was GOOONNEEE!!" The Gelert gasped for breath at the end of her sentence.

"Get out of my station." Caiie was booted out the door with a yelp.

"What?! Don't you believe me?" she growled. "Stupid Chias..." she growled again and strode down the sidewalk depressed. "Chaaarrrmmy..." she wailed, lowering her head to sniff the ground.

"Hey, Caiiemis!" Cried a voice. Caiie's long ears snapped forward like whips.

"Ow," said the spotted Gelert in front of Caiiemis as the ears smacked her face.

"Sorry," growled Caiie. Caiiemis and Charm never got along too well with Charm's cousin...

"Trondae the Evil!"

"I'm not evil, you dweeb!" Yelled Tron indignantly.

"Oh yeah? Then why are you... FOLLOWING US?"

"I'm not. I'm looking for Sparty." The Gelert smiled. SpartyPup--Trondae's fiancÚ

"In a SPACE STATION?" Caiie asked dubiously.

"Tcheah. We're on holiday," Explained Tron.

"Whatever." Caiie went back to sniffing the ground. Tron then started amiably, trying to make amends for their edgy greeting.

"Sooo... what are you... doing?" She asked.

"Looking for your cousin. What's it to you?"

"What has Charm done now?"

"She's been possessed by a magical frying pan she bought in a dark ally!" Silence.

"Okkaaaaayy," Tron said finally. "I've heard worse..."

"It's true!" Caiie barked stubbornly.

"Right.. 'Adopt, adapt and improve'. That's the motto of the round table,"

"Sorry, did I look interested?" Caiie said with a snort of laughter.

"Shut up!" Tron snarled, getting fed up with the rude Gelert.

"Make me!" Caiiemis curled a lip. Tron sighed.

"Look, why don't we just be nice to each other until we get Charm back?"

"Fine. But you're gonna have some explaining to do later."

"About -what-?" Tron asked exasperated.

"About why -you- always show up when Charm's missing!"

"This is the first time I have -ever- showed up..."

"Well..." Caiie growled "It's ALSO the first time Charm's gone missing! That can't be coincidence!"

"Never mind," The spotted Gelert was probing at her temple, disturbed by Caiiemis' lack of wit. Then she started sensibly: "Now why don't we look for a trail or a clue that would lead us to where Charm is?"

"I told you! She changed colour and disappeared!"

"Riiiighht... can you prove it?" Tron quirked an eyebrow.

Suddenly a white, glowing Gelert ran by cackling maniacally waving a frying pan round her head. Caiie pointed with a thumb as Charm leapt into the Grundo bar where the two had ordered lunch.

"That'll do -__-;" Trondae sighed. The pair of Gelerts ran after Charm.

"Keeheeheeheheee!" Trilled Charm as she thrashed an innocent bystander with the frying pan.

"Charm!" Yelled Caiie as she skidded in the door. "Heeeyyy! That's my job!" The evil Charm turned to them, and her eyes narrowed in recognition.

"Caiie? Tron..?"

"What are you doing?" Tron backed up from her cousin.

"I'm wreaking havoc, what else?" Charm said.

"No surprise. u_u" Trondae sighed. How had she gotten involved in this again? All she had wanted to do was find Sparty...

Caiiemis was remembering the ribbon that the Nimmo from the Taco Shrine had given her.

"Hey Charm!"

"Caiie, can't you see I'm kinda busy?" The evilized Gelert asked as she fwapped the chef with the frying pan.

"Charm, snap outta it!" yelled Tron. "Think of the lawsuits!"

Caiie would have heckled Tron, but she was too busy forming a plan. She grabbed a random tourist in a suit.

"Hey Bucko!" she told him. "I need to borrow your tie!"

"I do say--" The city slicker Kacheek protested as Caiie nearly strangled him, pulling at his tie.

"Work with me!" she yelled at him as she yanked it loose. Quickly the Gelert constructed a slingshot. She grabbed a toasted grackle bug from the Kacheek's plate and pinned the magical ribbon she had received to it. Then she loaded the bug in the slingshot.

"You'll thank me later," she apologised to Charm. "BONZAI!" She fired a speeding (and magically improved) grackle bug at her friend. The result was a messy explosion of gross food and Taco magic. Snapped out of her possessed state, Charm dropped the frying pan on the floor.

"Caaaa-aaaaiie!!!" She squealed unhappily, covered in gunk. Caiie huggled her.

"At least you're not evil anymore," Caiie noted as Charm's fur turned golden again. "No more buying things from mysterious Poogles," She reprimanded. "I... cannot believe..." Trondae was saying. "That you did that." She wiped the smallest bit of grackle bug off of her paw, disgusted.

"Evil one," whispered Caiie to Charm who nodded. Tron sighed.

"Well, if you two don't mind, I really do have more important things to do..." She trotted out the door. Charm and Caiie watched her leave and blinked at each other.

"Hmnn," said Caiie

"Hey!!" Charm said, "Wanna go play Star Wars? ^O^"

"Okay! I get to be Darth Vader!" The two loped off happily.

Oh yeah. You know it's not over. XD

The End

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