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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 30th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 45 > Short Stories > The Lupe of Chiatown

The Lupe of Chiatown

by lopaceria_2000

Janai the green Chia heard a sound of breaking glasses from behind the door of his luxurious room. He dropped the book that he was reading and went to investigate. Dragging his lazy feet to open the door, he saw nothing and no one. He turned back to continue his bedtime reading, or intended to as he saw his room in a big mess. Some deadly paws had slashed his big wardrobe, bed sheets and pillows. Cotton stuffing was floating in the air. Janai ignored all as he ran to his beloved Scarab Amulet in the wooden frame on the wall. It was gone. His most prized procession was gone. Janai's wail could be heard throughout Chiatown.

Barik Von Lupe was called to Chiatown to handle the case. "Time to sharpen my detective skills I guess," Barik said to himself as he rubbed his paws together. He had last solved a case since Fyora knows how long. Moreover, working with Chias was always hard work. He was very wrong, almost.

The inspector emerged from his house to find a highly polished limo waiting for him. A blue Chia chauffeur opened the door and Barik went in. Janai wasted no time in explaining what had happened the night before.

"This amulet," Janai said, "was a tribute of peace to the royal family of the Lost Desert. If the amulet is lost, all peace between Lupes and Chias will be lost as well."

The limo drew to a stop before a humungous mansion. Barik was showed to the scene of the crime.

"Is there anything stolen besides the amulet?" Barik asked a Chia investigator as he drew out his handy notebook and a pen.

"I don`t think so, the room is still searched for any other stolen items," the Chia investigator said. "Apparently, the culprit did not want any peace between Lupes and Chias."

"Can you think of anyone who would do such a thing?" Barik asked.

"That could be anybody," the Chia investigator said as he blew his nose with into a hanky, "Your prime suspect would be Zairdu, Zairiu's brother, the Lupe that was always eyeing hungrily at the amulet and the Lupe who famously hated we Chias of Chiatown. Evidence showed that the claw marks belonged to a Lupe."

"Thank you very much indeed," the inspector said as he walked towards Zairdu's house puffing his pipe thoughtfully.

'On Holiday' sign was pinned onto the door of Zairdu's house. The inspector heard laughs behind him and turned to see three blue Chias.

"Looking for him?" a Chia asked.

"We saw him leave about three days ago," a second Chia said.

"I think he's gone to visit his brother Zairiu on Terror Mountain," a third Chia added.

Back to the square situation, Barik bowed his head and thought hard. ' If it wasn`t Zairdu who stole the amulet, then who? '

The inspector was about to walk back home when he bumped onto a yellow Lupe.

"Zairdu!" the inspector said, surprised.

Zairdu tried to run but Barik cut him off.

"What do you want?" Zairdu asked trying not to sound frightened.

"Nothing, just to ask you a question," the inspector said, " were you at Janai's house last night?"

"If you are, what were you doing."

Thinking Barik had already known everything, Zairdu told the truth. "All right I admit, I was at Janai's house last night stealing his crystal vase. My paws were slippery so I dropped the vase outside a room. I quickly hid and saw a green Chia come out. He went back into his room and I heard Janai scream."

"That explains the sound of breaking glasses outside Janai's room. If Zairdu was behind the door, he could not be inside the the room too and the amulet was stolen inside," the inspector said to himself." "Do you know who stole the amulet then?" Barik asked Zairdu.

"Well... I did see a Bruce and a Tuskaninny sneaking and whispering on a ledge outside the window of Janai's room...." Zairdu said.

"Aha! There is Zairdu. Get him," the Chia investigator commanded and many Chia police charged Zairdu.

"Well thank you of helping us find Zairdu. He will be tried for stealing the amulet," the Chia investigator said.

"I don`t think it is he who stole the Scarab amulet," Barik said to the Chia investigator.

The Chia investigator seemed surprised. "Who did then?"

"I`m not very sure, but I think it is Brucey B and Little Timmy," the inspector said.

The inspector and the Chia investigator followed by a few Chia police approached Brucey B's house. The Chia investigator pressed the doorbell. Brucey B opened the door and invited them in.

Little Timmy who sat on the sofa began to shake uncontrollably at their sight.

"You are suspected of stealing the Scarab amulet from Janai, we will have to search your house."

"Investigator, we found this," a Chia police said as held up a fake Lupe paw.

The Chia investigator took the fake Lupe paw and examined it: small cotton stuffing were stuck to its claws. He smiled.

The End

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