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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 24th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 10 > Continuing Series > Fair Warning: Part Four

Fair Warning: Part Four

by westielovergurl

Fair Warning

Ellyanny woke up. She got sick again, and again and again. Finally, she looked up, and saw the Grundo who had given her a anti-NeoBlues needle looking over her. Around her was Julyanni, SuperComet, and other NeoPets who had been Neonapped.

Their hands were not bound, she was the only one. She tried to speak, but all that came out was a low moan. Julyanni locked eyes with her for a moment, but looked away before the Grundo caught her.

The world was spinning, and their voices were strange. The funny looking Grundo left, and everyone came around her.

"Are you okay??" Julyanni asked. To Ellyanny it sounded more like, "reay ouyay kayoay?" Everything hurt. The headache came back, and she was getting sick every minute or so. Her stomach hurt especially.

Ellyanny fell unconscious again. When she woke up, the seven were having dinner. Surprisingly, the seven didn't look alarmed, or scared. (Well- most of us would- how would YOU like to be stuck 498 years ahead?) They looked well fed and quite happy. The world seemed to go on in a haze. The seven played a futuristic board game that the Grundo brought.

Soon, Ellyanny was well enough to eat what the Grundo brought. After going to sleep for a little while, she no longer got sick every few minutes. The headache turned into a light throbbing, though her arms were sore and her stomach still paralyzed her from moving much.

"Hey...what's going on? Did this guy Neonap you guys?" she finally asked.

Julyanni, SuperComet, and Aeriantine (the fifth Neonapped- right before SuperComet--they were friends!) looked at each other. "We should get the Grundo to explain...." they agreed.

"NO!" Ellyanny said. "Won't he hurt us? I mean, look what he did to me?"

"Oh, he's a plushie! He means no harm. He was afraid you were working for Sloth! That's why he hit you with the anti-NeoBlues needle....he feels sorry that he beat you need him to get you a virtual vomit disposer?" SuperComet asked.

"Uh....sure....Can you get him to explain to us?"

"Oh sure, but we already know....that's why we aren't really worried. We trust he'll take us back... it's a long story. I'll get him." Aeriantine Shoyru said.

Soon, the Grundo and his 'gang' came to explain.


Ellyanny felt much better. One of the Grundos had given her a special potion. She felt in a daze. Strangely enough, during the 498 years, Neopia hadn't developed many types of medicine that would fix her condition.

"You see, we don't want to hurt you. Of course, when you guys were first Neonapped you screamed and we had to sedate you, but you see Ellyanny, is that it...? We didn't mean to hurt any of you. Really, we just wanted to warn you. You see, Ellyanny, we thought you were one of Sloth's slaves sent to get us back to our master. That's why we, uh- you know," the lead Grundo said.

"Why did you Neonap them? Why are you scared of Sloth? I thought all Grundos were enslaved....."

"We were. We escaped. By a hair. One of us didn't make it...." There were tears in the Grundo's eyes. "We Neonapped them because we HATE sloth. We did it to warn the past. We do plan to return you guys, I KNOW you have a vortex remote--" Ellyanny took out her remote to show the Grundo talking. "Yes, you do. We left that on purpose, we were hoping someone would get a sense. I didn't know you'd go so far....We wanted to return you after you got a sense of how Neopia had evolved and how Sloth took over," the Grundo finished.

"What can we do?" Julyanni asked.

"You can fight back. Don't ever let Sloth win. Learn from me. He'll enslave many NeoPets. We hand picked you NeoPets.....We know a few of you are QUITE persuasive...."

Ellyanny blushed, and a few others in the group turned quite pink.....

"Prepare Neopia. Find a way to prevent how Neopia has evolved before it all happens. We are stuck in the future. We wish we could come with you. YOU are the past. We are the FUTURE. See what has been done to us. But--you CAN change the future. Don't let that crazy Sloth take over. We wish this hadn't happened since 2001 AD. You HAVE the power. Use have the power of the past, present, and future. You have the power of preparation. Find a way to stop it......"

"How will the people in Neopia believe us?" Ellyanny asked.

"They will. Believe me!"

"Haha! I believe you....anyway, you have so much power in the future, you CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!" Aeriantine laughed.

"Now go....I didn't want to worry anyone, and I just wanted to do this. I want to help you guys in the past prevent our future. Go....go.....go back!" the Grundo said.

Just then, a large group of NeoPets came. It was probably an evolved group of Grarrls.....

They took the Grundos and with one finger, drew an invisible picture in the air. With one zap with a special gun, the picture of a cage became real. The heroic Grundos were held captive. Most likely, they would be destroyed for helping the Past.

SuperComet and Aeriantine helped the very weak and badly injured Ellyanny walk out of the crevasse in the cave. Ellyanny gave Julyanni the remote, and Julyanni zapped open the vortex for them to go.

Just as she was about to go in herself, Ellyanny Aisha looked back at the lead Grundo who was going to be tortured for helping the Past, Present, and Future avoid an ugly fate. Tears escaped from her eyes.

"Thank you....." she whispered.

The End

Ending Message: Did they save Neopia from an unbelievingly horrible fate?'ll have to wait for 498 years.....

Author's Note: Uh...the stuff about the Black Holes? I read that in a science book about DON'T have to believe you know what I mean... but I do believe it's true...I mean, I READ it as a FACT in a book about Space and Time Travel.

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