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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 29th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > New Series > The Snow Faerie Files: Part One

The Snow Faerie Files: Part One

by nightflame46

The Day After

2nd Day of Sleeping, Year 1

It was the morning after the first year celebration in Neopia. The celebrations were over in Faerieland, but sometimes you could catch wisps of sounds of laughter and happiness from the human and neopet world below.

     Taelia awoke in a good mood for once, because the other faeries had been happy to let her in their circle to celebrate the New Year. She had celebrated with them all night. They danced together around a bonfire, told stories, gave gifts, and had loads of fun. So Taelia didn't even get mad when Poof, her Cirrus woke her up by raining on her so she could give him some food.

     With a smile, Taelia threw open the shutter to her house and looked out at the clear blue skies of Faerieland. There was freshly fallen snow on the clouds and faeries were everywhere, going about their daily business.

     "Alyce!" Taelia called.

     A pretty Earth Faerie looked at her, quickly looked around, and then walked over to Taelia's window as if she didn't want anyone to see where she was going.

     "What do you want?" Alyce whispered in an irritated way.

     Taelia was a little thrown off by her response but continued brightly anyway. "Did you wanna hang out later? I thought maybe we could go to the-"

     "Shhhhh! Stop talking to loud!" Alyce whispered again. "I don't want people to know we're talking!"

     "But we had so much fun yesterday, I thought we were friends now," Taelia said her happiness fading.

     "We are but I can't be seen with you. If I were then I would become an outcast like you and that can't happen! Sorry," Alyce said regretfully. She walked away, again looking from side to side to make sure no one saw her.

     Taelia, depressed again, closed the shutters to her window and turned on the light. She sat down at her Kauvara table with a sigh regretted even leaving the house the night before. She never wanted to leave her house again. But soon she got hungry and had to eat, so she went over to Faerie Foods to hopefully grab a taco or some pie.

     Everyone stared as she walked. To amuse them she put on her worst scowl and some even ran away, afraid. Alyce, who was in the store, didn't meet Taelia's eye.

     "A taco… please," Taelia said to the store owner. She purposefully made the "please" sound extra sarcastic to hopefully make everyone noticed how gloomy she was.

     Meanwhile, unnoticed by Taelia, a Fire Faerie named Tilaena was staring at Taelia with very narrowed eyes.

     "That Taelia is so pessimistic! How can she put on a kind face once and expect to be accepted into our group?! She doesn't deserve to live in Faerieland," Tilaena whispered to some Air and Water faeries near her. They all nodded in agreement and whispered similar comments.

     "I think we should talk to the Fyora about this," Tilaena concluded. With that she marched out of Faerie Foods and up to the Hidden Tower to see the queen.

     Now, Taelia wasn't usually pessimistic. Normally she tried to be very nice and friendly. But what Alyce had said got to her and she wanted a small revenge to make the faeries feel bad for how they treated her. She did this by being sarcastic and antisocial. But Tilaena had a particular problem with Taelia. Back on the first day of Neopia, when all the faeries were being created, Fyora had wanted to make a special Faerie, a Snow Faerie that would make spells for the greater good of the very young Neopia. The decision had been between Taelia and Tilaena, and Taelia had become the snow Faerie. It was Tilaena who had made the other faeries act so distant and haughty towards Taelia, and it was Tilaena who had made Taelia an outcast from the other faeries.

     But she didn't think of any of this as she marched with her group up to the hidden tower. Fyora was sitting at her desk, tinkering with an apple. She took a bite, and the bite disappeared, making the apple whole again.

     "Fyora," Tilaena said. "I don't think Taelia the Snow Faerie deserves to live in Faerieland. We think she is too pessimistic and mean."

     "Tilaena," Fyora said calmly. "Taelia has done nothing to deserve your remarks about her. Your jealousy has clouded your mind. Go back to you home and rethink what you said. Everyone else, please also go home and rethink what you say."

     The faeries left, silent and subdued and Tilaena felt even more jealousy toward Taelia. It seemed that Fyora thought highly Taelia and not her, and Tilaena wanted to make her pay.


Meanwhile, Taelia sat in her spell room going over the many spells she had written down. She was testing them to see if they need revising. Poof was floating around her; occasionally sprouting lightning sparks for fun. How she loved writing spells! Each one was intricate and had many layers. They could do one thing, or several things, and they were always beautiful. The only downside was the items she needed to have for each one. Sometimes they were quite expensive. But this problem didn't stop her from continuing to write new spells. But a knock on her front door roused her from her work. Puzzled she went to see who it was. She hadn't been expecting visitors from the way they had been acting towards her.

     Taelia opened the door and Alyce was there! Taelia moved aside and Alyce rushed inside and closed the door fast. Then she sighed gratefully.

     "I have to be even more careful these days Taelia," Alyce said fearfully. "I heard from some of the other faeries that Tilaena is planning something bad to get to you to leave Faerieland, or maybe even get you to leave Neopia."

     "Why are you telling me this?" Taelia asked sceptically.

     "I fear for you Taelia, you don't know Tilaena like I do. When she's mad, she won't stop at anything until she gets what she wants. And this time, she wants you."

To be continued...

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