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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Relaxing, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Continuing Series > Searching for the Stars: Part Two

Searching for the Stars: Part Two

by adoriblelapin

Pacing back and forth angrily was Ajliso, her tempered side taking over. The baby Shoyru watched her keenly, blinking each time she passed by in front of him. His Doglefox stood by his side, cocking his head with the same expression as his young owner.

     Finally, after what felt like hours of walking continuously from the same place to another, Ajliso stopped abruptly. The baby Shoyru blinked quickly, and his PetPet was found resting beside him, his head between his paws.

     Ajliso huffed, and looked around the small basement in which they stood. Predictably, she began to complain. “I know they hate me, but I didn’t think it was that bad. They’ve never done this before, although I think they have many years ago. They usually erase their memories anyway. I want to go home. I want to go back to the lousy space ship I call home.”

     At the sound of the familiar word, the Shoyru looked up at Ajliso, staring at her, his eyes beginning to water. The alien Aisha hardly had enough time to sigh an ‘uh oh’ before the Shoyru began to wail.

     The Doglefox whimpered sadly, as Ajliso looked accusingly at the surroundings around her, as though the baby Shoyru’s crying was all the objects’ fault but hers. When she discovered plugging her ears did nothing, she snatched the struggling baby from the ground and rocked him back and forth in her arms.

     “There, there, little Shoyru,” she said, hushing him gently. She thought of how all her shipmates had called her irresponsible, and how shocked they would be to see her here right this minute, rocking a crying baby to calm him. “I know what you need,” she said suddenly, after a few minutes of silence. She placed him back beside the Doglefox to extract a few objects from the belt tied around her waist.

     As she put him beside the Doglefox, it was quiet, and for that Ajliso was relieved. She reached to her belt, and the Shoyru began to weep again.

     “Little Shoyru,” she sighed. “I think you’re going to flood Neopia before I can take one step out of this broken house.”

     Shuffling noises were heard nearby, and Ajliso discontinued her attempt to grab her destined object. She feared for what lay ahead of her and made that noise, for it was not any of them. Doglefox stood, also aware, listening carefully. The baby Shoyru was sniffling in Ajliso’s arms, but otherwise, he too was quiet.

     As the ruffling noise drew nearer, the Doglefox began to growl. Soon, he stood a stance, showing he was ready to pounce on the intruder. For a little PetPet like him, Ajliso found this very impressive.

     Seeing that she had no other choice, she used one hand to hold the Shoyru, and used the other to take a hold of her weapon. She aimed in front of her an Asparagus Powered Ray Gun, careful not to hold it close enough to the Shoyru that he could touch it.

     The Asparagus Powered Ray Gun was a very popular weapon, although it was hard to handle, for many would be laughing at its way of function and name before being able to shoot down their enemy. It was hard to manufacture, but everyone in the team had it just in case. It was only used in an emergency, or when the user was alone without another (which did not happen often, but that was occurring in Ajliso’s case).

     “Come on out,” whispered Ajliso, not intending for her voice to croak with her nervousness. “We’re ready for you at any time.”

     A hissing sound came from the stairway, and suddenly, grotesque-looking creatures popped from the area of the noise. The creatures were things many would expect from a monster. There were many types, for more than one appeared. There were hairy ones, their fur sticking out in all directions. The dark fur slipped through, covered in slime (which they seemed to use as gel for their hair), their piercing red eyes petrifying Ajliso as she held the Asparagus Powered Ray Gun in front of her.

     Another batch stood beside them, their surface constructed slime, which may have been the reason why the other creatures were covered in slime. Slits made up their squinty eyes, making Ajliso and Doglefox shiver in fear.

     “If you don’t stay back,” she warned to the creatures, which made no different for they could not understand a single word anyway. “I’ll shoot. Go on now, the Asparagus Gun is pretty powerful!”

     The creatures did not react to her hand gesture, which was the international move for shooing creatures away. Before Ajliso could trigger the ray gun, many monsters lunged toward her, making her topple backwards in surprise.

     The ray gun remained in her hand, as she shot several monsters coming toward her, their expression menacing. A single slimy monster came toward her only defence – the Asparagus Powered Ray Gun – and seemed to have gobbled it up whole.

     Ajliso kicked at it, while trying to regain her balance on her feet at the same time. The baby Shoyru, still resting in her arm, began to feel more aware of things. The alien Aisha holding him stomped and kicked at the creatures, as more piled in from the stairs. The Doglefox was beside her, growling at them and yelping whenever attacked.

     The monsters seemed to flow from the stairs, destroying many things in their path, or at least making them slimy. One hairy beast hung over her head, but she did not notice, for her mind was on the many creatures down below.

     “Ugh!” she yelled, kicking a hairy monster with all her might but with no success. “Get away from me, you slimy, hairy aliens!”

     The monster over her head plunged downwards to her, engulfing her in darkness. Ajliso began to sway, feeling dizzy and heavy, her balance weakening. She could not yell nor could speak, and her air, however unpleasant, was limited.

     There was a loud ‘chomp’, and the monster slipped off her head and lay on the ground. She looked around, trying to find who had saved her. She glanced at the Doglefox, but the PetPet was occupied with growling at the creatures.

     A hissing filled her ears, as the befuddled Ajliso listened, and then realized that it was the baby Shoyru who had been hissing. His hair was sticking on end, and he hissed as if he were a Cobrall out for revenge. The Shoyru’s heart beat wildly, and Ajliso could feel it thumping against her paw.

     “Calm down, little guy,” she said softly, rocking him back and forth in her arms. “We’ve got to get out of here.”

     She scooped Doglefox into her arms and propped him next to his owner. Hurrying out of the house, Ajliso continued to kick at any monsters that met her path. Finally spotting her asparagus powered ray gun, she picked that up, stuffed it on her belt, and ran up the stairs and through the trashed house.

     “We’re out! We’re out!” exclaimed Ajliso, hopping up and down. She placed the Doglefox on the ground, and began to search for the object she had been trying to get. “Here you are…” she said, placing it on them. “It’s a translator, see? It can translate everything you say. Usually mothers and fathers in Alien Aisha Land just get used to Neopets or PetPets who cannot speak, but a lot of the richer people have these. And our group does too, every one of us.”

     The light shone from afar, and the glint of brightness satisfied Ajliso, for she knew that most creatures could not stand the light, especially the minions. Little did she know a few had followed her, trailing behind.

To be continued...

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