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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 25th day of Hunting, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Continuing Series > The Tale of Jeran: From Boy to Warrior -- Part Eight

The Tale of Jeran: From Boy to Warrior -- Part Eight

by jiggles24944

One of the three Kiko warriors said to his brothers, "We need to get the elevator down to this floor." They nodded their heads in agreement and prepared to roll straight for the elevator button.

     The three Kikos ran, and fast. They had their sword points first. Five Shadow guards were in front of them: a Zafara, an Aisha, an Elephante, a Lupe, and a Uni.

     The first Shadow Guard in front of them was the Uni. They cut its Horn off before it could do any damage. The horn turned to dust and floated away.

     The Elephante was next. They took it's trunk off and chopped the Elephante into dust. The other three were on two feet, with swords.

     Each of the three Kikos locked blades with one of the three Shadow Guards. This prevented them from hitting the elevator button. The three Shadow Guards were constantly teleporting around them while they were fighting. They were all around each other so they repeatedly switched whom they were fighting to keep up with the teleportation.

     The Shadow Lupe was a very challenging fighter and always popped up in a variety of places. The Kiko who fought him was having a hard time finding the Lupe, so the Shadow Guard was at an advantage. He slashed at the Kiko's stomach.


     The other two Kiko brothers looked at were their brother had fallen. Their injured brother was motionless, and the Lupe had stopped fighting him. The Lupe was smiling. Their brother, they thought, was dead.

     In rage, the two Kikos left their combatants and jumped right at the Lupe. The Lupe's smile quickly stopped and turned into sheer fear. In three seconds, the Shadow Guard was chopped into thirty-two pieces. The two Kikos looked back at the two shocked Shadow Guards. They teleported far away from the two Kikos.

     "Oh, no you don't!!!" the Kikos yelled. One ran towards them, while the other went back to his fallen brother. He turned the Kiko over to see that the Kikos eyes were wide open.

     "Can you help me up?" the fallen Kiko said. The other Kiko did just that. They went towards the elevator button and pressed the button for the elevator to return.

     During that time, the knights weren't relaxing. They were fighting.

     ChristmasTheAngel had discovered that his bow and arrow wouldn't work on the Shadow Guards. When it hit them, it would pass through and the dust would refill the arrow wound. He took out his sword and looked for a victim. He saw that the Aisha being chased by a Kiko warrior was too busy watching the Zafara Shadow Guard being attacked to notice him. He silently ran behind the Shadow Guard.

     The assassin stabbed the Aisha right in the back. With a silent scream of pain, the Aisha fell over and turned to dust. ChristmasTheAngel looked for his next target.

     ErkleZerkle had no trouble attacking, even though he was so big. He'd use his Elephante wings to float in the air and over a Shadow Guard, then he would land right on top of the Guard. Shadow Guards were on the lookout to teleport when ErkleZerkle was near.

     Scot was defeating more foes than anyone. Although his grappling hook was not working well on the teleporters, his axe was. He flew through the air, and like a hawk, he would dive towards an opponent and slice them to bits with his axe.

     Tubba was doing great with his maces. He grabbed two Shadow Guards around his size, and bashed them in the head, until they were a pile of dust. When he hit a Shadow Guard right in the face with his mace, a large chunk of the Guard's head would turn to dust.

     Roy was having the easiest time defeating enemies, he would ram into them. After a hard and challenging battle, the Ninja Kiko was the last Shadow Guard left.

     "Well if it isn't Mr. Puny Fighter!" Scot yelled when he landed on firm ground. "I bet he's ready to fight me now, right? Isn't that right, Puny?" The Kiko backed up.

     "No? Then I'll attack you!" He threw his two grappling hooks at the Kiko, and they latched onto the last Shadow Guard. The Kiko was too afraid to teleport. The last thing he saw was the sharp point of Scot's axe.

     Just then, the elevator came to the main floor. Jeran was on it. He had gotten on when it had passed by him while he was climbing upwards. Jeran saw all the knights together then saw Roy twenty feet away.

     "I'm back," Roy said, "With some knights."

     "We need to get upstairs," Jeran said. "Aizen is probably fighting Domar." The knights and the Kiko Warriors ran inside. The third button was hit. They slowly were lifted upward.


Third Floor

They had finally reached the third floor. They got out of the elevator and looked around the room. Almost everything was torn to bits. The food, the furniture, everything Domar had had in the room was chopped up. Patches of feathers and fur were strewn across the room. Domar and Aizen were nowhere to be found.

     Then they saw the giant hole in the wall. The walls on the room were made of glass. It was as if someone was punched or kicked right through the wall. The knights went towards the glowing stone to destroy it. Jeran went to the cracked window and looked outside.

     Aizen and Domar were there. They were both fighting on a boulder completely surrounded by lava. Bruises and scratches were on both of their bodies, but Aizen was in a worse state than Domar. Aizen's leg had a limp to it now, and he was almost sitting down while fighting. Domar was about to finish him off...


This part of the story starts with Jeran's schoolmates tell the story to King Skarl, then whenever there is a '***' It switches to when Jeran was fighting Domar, the when there is another '***', it switches back to the story told to Skarl.

"Then what happened?" Skarl asked as Jeran's schoolmates told the story.

     "Lots happened," ChristmasTheAngel said. "I saw Jeran when he looked out the window. He screamed with anger and jumped out the giant crack in the wall. When I ran over to see what he was doing, I saw him land, spin around, and kick Domar right off the boulder and past the lava."

     "Meanwhile," Scot said. "ErkleZerkle was hard at work trying to destroy the stone. We didn't know that it controlled the petpets, but because it was glowing, we tried to destroy it. Nothing was working until ChristmasTheAngel told him to throw it at Domar."

     "That's exactly what I did," ErkleZerkle said. "I got near ChristmasTheAngel and threw it right at Domar's head. Domar fell down unconscious, and the stone fell right in the lava and was destroyed. When we looked out the window, Metriod_Prime and the many knights outside watched as their petpet foes fell down unconscious.

     "During this time Jeran was bent over near Aizen, and they were discussing something," ChristmasTheAngel murmured.


"Jeran, I need to tell you something before I leave for the Castle Defender. I was predicting that this would happen. That is why I told you the Castle Defender's story."

     "Before I go, I need you to do something for me," Aizen said with a cough.

     "Want do you want me to do?" Jeran asked.

     "Take out your blue Lupe morphing potion." Jeran took it out. "I don't have to give the Castle Defender all my power. Take a few of my feathers from me, put it in the potion, and drink it. You will then have some of my power." Jeran drank it. "Goodbye, my friend."

     Jeran watched as Aizen's ghostly soul left it's body, and flew away, back to Meridell Castle and the Castle Defender.


"Then, after they were done talking and Aizen died..." ChristmasTheAngel said loudly, then took a gasp of air and said," Domar had awakened from the blow to the head, and he attacked!"


Domar jumped onto the boulder and yelled, "Great! I can take you out, too!"

     "You want some?" Jeran said boldly with a sneer of disgust. Jeran grabbed Aizen's sword and put it in the hand that wasn't holding a sword.

     "Yes! Die like your partner!" He jumped at the Lupe and slashed. Jeran blocked the downward slice with a sword. The two swords shook violently as the two foes tried to push the other one back. Jeran gritted his teeth, and sweat dripped off his Gelert foe's face.

     Then, after a long power struggle, Jeran slashed with his other sword, and Domar backed away from Jeran. Jeran dropped both swords, kicked Domar right in the stomach, then turned 360 degrees, did an uppercut on Domar's head, and karate kicked Domar in the stomach. Domar had the wind knocked out of him after Jeran did the combo.

     Jeran jumped in the air and kicked Domar multiple times in the face. When he landed, he put one of his legs in front of Domar's feet and pushed him. Domar tripped over Jeran's foot and slid towards the edge of the boulder.

     Domar got up, threw his Greater Sword of Domar on the floor, and said, "Let's keep this hand to hand combat. Time for your death." Domar jumped in the air and landed with a 'thud' right near Jeran. Domar punched repeatedly at Jeran. The Lupe moved quickly to block the punches with his hands. Domar kneed Jeran in the stomach, then punched Jeran in the face, and made a powerful blow to Jeran's stomach.

     The Lupe knight bounced violently backward, and was now in a lot of pain. Jeran's head was so close to the lava, he could smell the burning fumes. Domar put his foot on Jeran's chest and was about to shove Jeran off the boulder.

     "It's time for your death, Lupe. You and your knight friends should have left me and my mountain alone."


"Then was when something really strange happened," Scot said sounding confused. "Jeran's sword glowed white. We didn't know what was happening."

     "Jeran saw this and knew something was happening," ChristmasTheAngel said, "But he was held down by Domar. I had to get Domar's foot off. I shot an arrow near the Gelert's foot. As soon as Domar lifted his foot up, Jeran made his final attack on the Domar."


Jeran got up quickly and jumped like a Nimmo. He grabbed his sword and Domar's. He threw Domar's sword at the surprised Gelert.

     "Let's end this, now!" Jeran yelled. The Lupe knight charged.


"There were so many attacks Jeran did on Domar with hands and sword alike, and Jeran didn't get a single scratch. You could picture it: Jeran doing all these attacks, never getting hurt, chopping Domar's sword in half. Finally Jeran kicked Domar very hard and the Gelert fell in the lava. Domar slowly decomposed very dramatically like all defeated bad guy leaders do."

     "That is an amazing story!" Skarl said with amazement. "Jeran, do you ever think you could do that again?" Jeran was sitting in the sidelines watching while the story was told, and he had a smile to his face.

     "I don't think I ever will," the Lupe murmured, "After that battle, I've been exhausted." Everyone in Skarl's throne room laughed.

     "From what I have heard from these witnesses," Skarl said proudly, "You are the right person to take Aizen's place as Meridell Champion. Will you take Aizen's place?"

     "Of course I will!" Jeran said, "This just reminds me of when I first saw Meridell long ago. First I was a prisoner, now I'm Meridell's leading knight... it's like a destiny."



Metriod Prime took all the once cursed petpets and brought them back to Merinheim. His town made massive recovery from the battle that had taken place there when he returned. During the Meridell vs. Darigan war, he found a potion and turned himself into a Fire Kacheek.

Jeran's schoolmates didn't die during the Meridell war, and had been to the funeral for all the knights who were mauled by petpets earlier.

Domar's castle still sits around nearby Meridell, to the West. Domar and the Kikubs died... Pooglex? All he did was fall... Jeran stayed fit and healthy for the rest of his life, and was worth twenty points in the war. This concludes to a great...


PS - Thanks to yuop4 for reading my story first. All Neomail asked questions will be posted on my guild website.
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