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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 85 > Short Stories > What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

by tyhnos

Hi! My name is Sythons, and I'm a male, mutant Scorchio. I was my owner, Tyhnos', first pet. I also used to be the favorite until Darreliax came along. Darreliax is a blue Draik, and my owner only likes him because he's "special and rare". I don't think that he cares at all about Darreliax's personality, which was quite ugly and not nearly as beautiful as his outward appearance.

     At least, that's how Darreliax USED to be. Now he's better, he had a small personality makeover. It all happened one warm, sunny spring day in Neopia Central...

     Our owner had given us each one thousand Neopoints to spend on something that we liked. Darreliax instantly went off and wasted most of it on teeth-rotting candy. I saved mine, waiting until I found something really special.

     I made my way through the crowded marketplace, sifting through the huge crowds of colorful pets. I acquired a number of strange looks, I must admit. Mutant Pets weren’t as popular as the beautiful, mystical Faeries or the elusive and exotic island Pets. I, personally, thought that Mutant Scorchios were much cooler than the Faerie or fire ones. Both of those colors were just too surreal for my taste.

     I window-shopped for about an hour. I saw many cool items, but they were all far too expensive for my pocket. I saw a very handsome set of Scorchio armor in one display case, complete with the entire collection of fiery weapons to match. But of course, it cost over one hundred thousand Neopoints, a price that was just a tad too high for my wallet. I also spotted a beautiful Scorchio cake, a real confectioner’s masterpiece. It was delicately frosted at the top, with tiny cream rosettes and chocolate fudge decorating the sides. I felt my mouth begin to water, and I almost spent all of my Neopoints right then and there, but I told myself that a cake would only last for about ten minutes. I wanted to buy something that I could cherish and enjoy for a lifetime. Something practical that I could use, something sensible that all the other Pets desired.

     Finally, I saw it, in the form a beautiful petpet, a handsome Airax. He turned to me and clacked his shining bronze beak. His bright yellow eyes sparkled with excitement at my presence and he ruffled his beautiful, chocolate brown feathers. As though intending to impress me, he gave a small screech and flared his small wings, shaking the feathery crest atop his head with pride. I breathed out silently and grinned, placing my claws on the glass that separated me from my dream Petpet. I checked the price.

     One thousand and five hundred Neopoints.

     I reached my claws into my wallet and pulled out a crumpled, one thousand Neopoint bill. My heart fluttered. Maybe I could haggle with the shop owner and bring the price down to a thousand Neopoints. I ran into the shop, already dreaming up names for the petpet that I so desired. I pushed open the door; the tiny bell at the top jingling as the outward movement of the door jarred it. The shopkeeper, a purple Poogle, paused from his polishing of a Hypno Helmet to turn and snarl at me.

     "Whaddya want?" he growled, placing both paws on the desk. I smiled weakly, sweat beading at my brow.

     "I'd the like to buy the Airax, sir," I squeaked, quavering under the Poogle's glare. He wrinkled his nose in distaste and continued polishing the Hypno Helmet.

     "Alright, gimme a thousand five undred' Neopoints."

     "Actually, sir, I was hoping that you could lower the price a little, maybe to a thousand?"

     The Poogle snorted. "No. Now if you ain't buying, then skeedaddle before I set the Puppyblews on you!"

     Seeing that it was a lost cause, I left, sighing sadly. On my way out of the store, I bumped into Darreliax, who was munching on a chocolate Kiko. I grinned.

     "Hey Darreliax!" I said, eyeing his candy with interest. Darreliax pulled his candy bag away, glaring at me.

     "Stay away from my candy, Sythons," he replied, chewing on some taffy and watching me reproachfully. I threw a claw around his neck.

     "So, Darrel," (nick name) "--Have you spent all of your Neopoints yet?" I asked. The Draik shook his head.

     "No. I still have five hundred Neopoints left."

     I gasped; my heart seemed to have grown wings! "Darreliax," I said quickly. "Could you lend me five hundred Neopoints? I really want to buy that Airax over there..." I gestured to the caged Petpet. "--And I only need five hundred more Neopoints!"

     Darreliax sniggered. "No. I don't like Airax anyway. I certainly don’t want one in the house, squawking and stinking up the joint," he replied, smirking evilly at me. I sniffled, wiping away a tear as I fought back the urge to cry. It was just then that I felt something tugging at my tail. I whirled around and saw a little yellow Chia, clothed in a thin, green robe.

     "Excuse me sirs," she squeaked. "But I am very hungry and don't have any food. And you have lots..." She glanced at Darreliax's candy. "Can I please have one?"

     Darreliax laughed and shook his head, throwing the last of his candy into his gaping mouth. "Sorry! None left!"

     I felt sorry for the little Chia. I looked from the Airax in the store window, to my wallet, and then back to the little Chia. Finally, I heaved a great sigh and handed her all one thousand of my Neopoints. The Chia smiled and squealed with delight, throwing her arms around my middle for a hug.

     "Thank you mister Scorchio, thank you!"

     Then the Chia did something very strange. She threw off her robes to reveal a pair of shimmering, Faerie wings. A sudden thought struck me. The Chia hadn't been poor at all! She had just been lying... Lying, so that she could get my Neopoints. I felt horrible inside, as though all of my feeling were being wrapped in a slimy coat of deceit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Darreliax snickering at me. Maybe he was right, maybe everyone in Neopia was so indecent that you couldn't even give a little Chia some money without being cheated and humiliated. To my surprise, the Chia didn’t flee, as I expected, but flew up until she was level with my face and smiled.

     "You are truly a great Scorchio, sir. Me and my owner like to reward people like you!" Then the Chia turned and soared into the shop, and returned, seconds later, with the Airax soaring gleefully at her side. Upon seeing me, the Airax shrieked in delight and fluttered down to perch on my shoulder. I felt as though my heart was flying into my throat. I grinned and stroked the Airax along his silky head feathers, smiling as he purred in contentment. The Chia giggled and then presented me with ten thousand Neopoints. Darreliax was in shock. I grinned and waved to the Chia as she flew off into the sunshine, headed for Faerieland. I turned to my flabbergasted Draik brother and winked.

     "What goes around, comes around!"

     Since that day Darreliax has been much better. He often helps people, and does his best to be kind. Still, everyone now and then he does slip up, but I can forgive him because I know that he means well. And as for the Airax, he is living happily with me. I'll never forget the little Chia, and I hope, with all my heart, that she is still going around and rewarding those who were kind enough to lend her a helping paw.

The End


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