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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 32 > Articles > Restocks! Restox! Re-Stocks!

Restocks! Restox! Re-Stocks!

by ultralord

So you may wonder, where do all of these Neo-Millionaires get all of their NP? Playing NeoPets games 24/7? Lucky random events all of the time? The elite Neopian makes their money off of good shop restocks

What are Shop Restocks?
When you go to the "shops" Tab on the side of the NeoPets bar, it takes you to a map of many shops. There are many shops in all of Neopia, selling many cool and different things! You can buy books for your NeoPet, food, Battledome weapons, PetPets, and much more! A shop restock is when the shop fills with more and more new items for you to buy!

When do shops restock?
NeoPets decided to make the game of NeoPets more random and fun. A little while ago, shops used to restock at different fixed times (about 6 or 7 times an hour), but now since NeoPets changed the rules, they restock randomly. This adds an interesting twist to the game, since you never know when it will happen!

What are the best things to buy?
There are many "money making" items that people can make money off of. Most of the items are at much demand among Neopians, that is why they are worth so much. Here are some examples from different Shops:

Magic Shop
This is the favourite among many Neopians, since it stocks items that are easy to afford and make money off of, and is restocked with many items.

Faeries: Faeries are a one-time use item (meaning once you use it on your pet they disappear), which means many Neopians want them. You can buy over 6 different faeries in the magic shop, but they each are worth around the same price. Buy them at 600 NP (avg.) at the magic shop, sell on market for 3700 (avg.)

Motes: Motes are one-time use Battledome items. There are about 10 different motes, but some have drastic price changes.

Mud Mote, Snow mote - These are average and cheap motes. Don't do much damage in Battledome, so not much of a profit. I don't recommend buying them unless you want a small (maybe 500 NP) profit!

Ice mote, Water Mote - These you buy in the magic shop for roughly 400 NP (water mote), and 2000 NP (ice mote. You can sell them on the market for over 5000 NP each.

Assorted Magic Items - You can make from 2000-7000 NP off of assorted Items In the magic shop.

Battledome Items - This is where you can make big NP off the Magic shop. It can restock with rare items such as a wand or staff of either nova, supernova, darknova, or ultranova!. You can easily gain somewhere from 60,000 to 600,000 NP off of these items! (Note: you can also buy the different novas separately, and make a 1000-10000 NP profit of them as well!)

Morphing Potions: Some morphing potions are very rare, and you can make much NP off of them! Since there are so many, I wont list them all, but give you some tips to looking for a good one to buy:

- Generally know your prices, check the shop wizard to see what potions are unbuyable (over 100,000 NP), and what are common.

- Potions that are of rarer colours (Halloween instead of yellow for instance) are worth more than regular colours

Battle Magic Shop and Defence Magic Shop
This is where you can make Millions of NP! Very rarely these shops can restock with items worth over 1 million NP on the Neopian market!

Battle Magic Shop
Many good items restock here. Make sure to again check the Shop wizard to know which items are worth buying. When NeoPets usually comes out with new Battledome items, at first they can be worth a lot of NP! Find the items and sell them wisely! (you can buy assorted pets items, and assorted offensive BD items here)

Defence Magic
This generally doesn't offer as good as items as the Battle Magic shop but you can still make money off of it. It sometimes restocks with rare and expensive Scorchstones, but in general nothing else.

PetPet shops Regular PetPet shop, Egypt PetPet shop, Faerieland PetPet shop, Tyrannian pet pet shop, Krawk Island PetPet Shop

Many Neopians love PetPets! They are cute, and some are worth over 1,500,000 NP! There are many out there, but here are some you can make money in:

Krawk (PetPet): Right now this is the most sought after PetPet! It restocks In the Tyrannian and Krawk island PetPet shop! It is worth over 1,500,000 NP! Most people want it because you can actually get a real NeoPet off of it by taking it to the cave in Krawk Island!

Zumagorn: This is the second most expensive item. It restocks in the Faerie PetPet shop, and sells for about 600k

Cadro: This restocks in the Faerie shop also, and sells for 800k and up

Hasee: Very cute! Sells for 400k and up

Flizzardo: Sells for 100k and up

Bloopy: Sells for 100k and up

Noil: The cheapest money-maker. Buy in the shop for 9000 NP (avg.) sell for roughly 22k

Book Shop and Food Shop
These don't stock big money making items, but are great places for new Neopians to make NP.

Book Shop: Sells put fast, since books are now one time use. Try and user the Shop Wizard to find rare books!

Food Shop
Food sells out fast, and you can usually make a 50 -6000 NP profit

Neggs: Main money-maker of food shop

Negg: Profit of 1k

Green Negg: Profit of 2k

- One bad thing about restocks, is that to do well, you must have a fast computer. If you have a 56k connection, don't even think of getting those rare items. DSL or cable? Good Luck!

- At different times of the day, restocks are easier to get something in, or harder. Most Neopians are usually restocking between 4-10 Neopian Standard Time, while I find it easiest around 8-11 Neopian Standard Time

- The Shop Wizard is your friend! Use it wisely and use it often! If all of the people who are selling are selling it for over 100k, it is a big profit maker! From there, just go to the trading post to get specifics on how much people are selling it for!

Now you know how many rich Neopians make their NP! Have any questions Neomail me!

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