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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 16th day of Eating, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 5 > Short Stories > The Tale of Two Lupes

The Tale of Two Lupes

by Adoption_Angel529

Deep in the forests of Mystery Island lived a pack of wild Lupes. On this night a new member was born. She was a beautiful white Lupe, like her mother. She didn't have a name yet. Her mother Storm stayed close by her at all times, and loved her more than anyone could imagine. Tonight their pack was on the prowl for a Chia dinner. They kept their noses to the ground sniffing for the scent of a Chia pack. The baby Lupe watched her mother with great joy studying her every move. Suddenly the Lupe pack picked up a scent. All the Lupes perked up their heads searching for it.

"This way!" yelled the alpha male. The pup's mother picked her up by the scruff of her neck and carried her as the pack bolted after the scent.

This is so exciting! the pup thought. After a matter of seconds the pack reached a small Chia village. The mother Lupe let down the pup who stood behind her mother. The pack hid around the village waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Ten plump Chias were walking through the streets. They came very close to the bushes were the Lupes hid. The alpha male pawed the ground, signaling to prepare for attack.

Suddenly he raised his head and howled. "Attack!" he yelled. The pack pounced over the bushes towards the unsuspecting Chias. They attempted to run but they're weight slowed them down. The pup's mother pounced on one. In all the excitement the pup decided to try and imitate its mother. She ran around chasing a Chia. She watched the Chia make a quick leap over something, but continued chasing it. As soon as it touched the spot it had jumped over it felt a rope beneath its paw, and before she knew it she was hanging in a net in the trees.

"MOTHER!!!" she howled. Her mother quickly left the Chia she had caught and rushed under the net.

"No!" she yelped. The pup looked up and saw Chias on the branch above her pulling her up. She struggled and bit the net, but nothing happened.

"MOMMY!" she screamed. Her mother tried to climb up the tree but found herself falling to the ground.

"Baby!!" she screamed as her child was pulled up out of her sight into the trees. The Chias, hit her on the head knocking her out, and the last thing she saw was her crying mother.

When the pup woke up she was in a strange part of the jungle next to a river. Apparently the Chias weren't mad enough to destroy her. "Mommy!" she howled. Instinctively she waited for an answering howl. Nothing. "Mommy!!" she howled louder. Still nothing. She lied down and began to cry. "Mommy," she whispered. She could hear distant thunder, and the sky grew dark. She stood up and looked around. Nothing looked familiar. It was all terrifying. She sniffed the ground trying to find her mother's scent, but she couldn't remember the scent. She had only been alive for a few minutes before she was separated from her. Still crying she wandered aimlessly through the jungle. The thunder was growing louder and the sky darker. Suddenly small yellow eyes began popping out of the darkness glaring at her. She shrank back and shivered.

CRACK! Lightning flashed through the sky. She yelped and ran away sobbing. Rain began to poor down on her. She could see a cave. She headed for it. Sniffing inside the cave she could find no sign of another animal. Slowly she walked in the darkness. She decided to sleep behind a rock near the entrance. There she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she woke up to a wonderful sound. She could hear someone singing and playing some sort of instrument. The song was beautiful but sounded so sad. She got up and crept to the entrance. She peeked out to see 4 strange creatures. The one who was singing was holding some large wooden thing with strings.

Suddenly one of them (a large red tiger like creature) got up. It began sniffing the air. The pup slunk back behind the cave wall. She heard the creature's paws on the ground coming closer. The pup began to look out the cave. She looked out of it to see the creature's face right in hers.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" they both hollered. The pup ran back in the cave to hide behind a rock and the other creature ran back to the startled group. The music had stopped and the pup could hear talking.

"What is it?"

"I saw something in the cave!"

"You guys stay here. I'll go check it out."

The pup could hear footsteps walking in the cave and a new smell came to her nose. What she didn't know was her tail was sticking out above the rock. "Hello?" the new creature said, "Come out. I won't hurt you. I want to meet you. I can see you anyway. Why not come out?" she said.

The pup decided to come out. This creature seemed nice enough. "Hi," the creature said. "Who are you?"

"I don't have a name."

"Well I'm adoption_angel529. You can call me angel. Where's your mother?"

"She's gone!" the pup wailed.

"Oh, the creature said picking up the crying Lupe. "I'll take you home if you want."

"I don't know you."

"Well, I don't know you either but I'd like to. I see you're a Lupe. Well I'm a human." She had long thick red hair and freckles. She looked like a Faerie to the Lupe. "Do you want a name?" The Lupe nodded. "All right. How about Julieta182? Juli for short." The Lupe nodded again. "These are my other pets. You've already met alligrl3, he's a Kougra, this is blessed29, she's a Peophin, and this is Orizanda, and she's a Zafara." They all waved. Juli looked around quietly and smiled.

"What where you doing before?"

"Playing my guitar and singing. That's what I do. Do you want to go home?"

"Yes." Angel picked up her guitar and held Juli in her other arm as they began to fallow the river home

Finally they reached her home. It was small and shabby looking but to Juli it looked like a paradise! She rushed inside with angel and the others. Angel put Juli on a bed next to a window and sat down by her. " I know it's not much but-"

"It's great," Juli interrupted. Angel smiled and took out her guitar. She began to sing another song, and sang Juli to sleep.

Now Juli was much older and happier. She had learned to be kind to all creatures including Chias. She was sort of happy. Even though she only knew her family for a short while she missed being in a wild pack. "Can I go out and play angel?" she asked. She loved to explore the island but she was not to go deep in the woods. Angel nodded and let her out.

Juli darted out towards the edge of the woods. She sniffed around hoping her Gelert friend whipsmack would be there. Suddenly she heard a rustling in the bushes. She sniffed at it curiously. A Lupe! In fact it smelled like one of her old pack! She stepped back unsure of what to do. The bush kept rustling. Just then a fire Lupe leapt out and pounced on her. He rolled around with her playing but she was terrified. He jumped off laughing and Juli relaxed.

"What was that for!?" she snarled. The other Lupe shrugged.

"For fun. Aren't you from my pack? You don't look familiar," he said.

"I don't know. I was from a pack but I live with my owner now.

"Oh. What's your name?"

"Well not that it's any of your business but Julieta182. You?"

"I'm Griffen." (This was before he became the famous Chia protector) "You wanna go do something?"

"Like what?"

"Chia hunting?" Juli shrunk back shocked. She always thought that to be a brutal sport.

"No!" she snarled. Griffen shrugged.

"Yeah I was never big on it either. How 'bout swimming in the ocean."

"Um, okay," Juli said smiling. She soon found herself spending the whole day hanging out with him, becoming his friend, then a little more. She was in love after only one day! And apparently so was he. The sun began to set and Juli knew, unfortunately, that she had to go.

"So you wanna meet me here tomorrow?" Juli asked.

"Sure!" Griffen replied.

"Well I gotta' go home," Juli said. Griffen nodded and gave her a quick kiss on her cheek then ran back into the woods. Juli blushed and went on home.

"Where were you all day?" Angel asked.

"Playing with Griffen."

"Who's he?"

"A wild Lupe."

"WHAT!" Angel yelled. All, Blessed, and Orizanda looked up startled. "Wild Lupes are dangerous!" she scolded.

"I'm a wild Lupe."

"But you were just a pup without a mother. You couldn't do anything! This is a full-grown ferocious Lupe! He could have destroyed you!"

"He's not bad! He's sweet and kind and I love him!" Juli shrieked without thinking. Angel and the pets all were shocked.

"Honey you don't know what love is," Angel scolded.

"Why? Why can't I know?"

Angel looked around baffled. She didn't know what to say but, "I'm sorry but I forbid you to see him."

"You can't do that!" Juli yelled.

"I can and I will!" Angel yelled. Sobbing Juli ran to her room and locked her self in. She didn't talk to anyone else that night.

The next morning when Juli woke up it was snowing. Somehow the whether was screwed up and snowing on the island! This was perfect! Juli could sneak out the window and she'd blend in! She quickly grabbed her white cloak and snuck out the window. She raced back to were she met Griffen. Sure enough he was there waiting. Suddenly she broke down crying in his arms.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Juli blabbed the whole story to him.

"... and so I want to join your pack," she finished. Griffen looked surprised. Then he smiled.

"I'll introduce you to my pack," he said, leading her into the forest. They walked for a few minutes before they reached them. Juli saw a white female Lupe who looked and smelled strangely familiar.

"M-mother?" she asked confused. The Lupe turned around to see who addressed her. Her large eyes widened. She walked up to Juli and sniffed her.

"My daughter!" she exclaimed happily. She hugged her sobbing. "I thought the Chias destroyed you!"

"No, just left me in a strange part of the woods."

"Where have you been?"

"Living with Angel. My... owner." Her mother quickly backed away. The alpha male stepped forward growling.

"Who is this!" he growled.

"My daughter," Juli's mother said glumly. Juli looked confused.

"So you lived with a human?" the Alpha male snarled. Juli nodded confused. Griffen stepped forward.

"Get her!" the Alpha male yelled.

Griffen leapt in front of her to defend her. "Why are you attacking her!?" he yelled.

"She has lived with a human and tried to enter our pack! That is unexceptable!" the Alpha male retorted. Suddenly the Lupes began to attack.

Griffen tried to fight them off.

"Run!" he ordered to Juli. She worriedly glanced at him and slowly began to walk a little.

What am I doing? she thought. She saw Griffen being beaten up. She turned back and running at breakneck speed rammed one of the biggest Lupes in the side, knocking it out. She quickly joined Griffen. "What do we do?"

"Take down the Alpha male, and the rest will back down," he whispered. "On my signal. NOW!"

Both of them jumped at the Alpha male, teeth and claws beard. Juli clasped her teeth on his neck and dug her claws into him. Griffen bit his back and dug his own claws into the back as well. The Alpha male howled in pain. Other Lupes tried to tear away Griffen and Juli, with no victories. The worst they had done was gashed open Juli's back, but she still held on tight. Eventually the Alpha male began to fall. He felt week. Then he hit the snowy ground, staining it with blood. Griffen and Juli let go. Juli felt week herself. The Lupe pack backed down. They were shocked the Alpha male had been beaten. Griffen picked up Juli who had fallen down, and ran her out of there. She soon passed out.

When she woke up she was in the hospital. Griffen stood by her. She had bandages wrapped around her chest. She shakily got up and looked around. "How'd we get here?" she asked.

"I brought you. Are you okay?"

"I feel fine now."

"Good the healing potion worked," said the doctor who walked in the door. "I can take off your bandages now." He walked over to her and cut off the bloody bandages. There was no gash left. "You can go home now."

Juli and Griffen left the hospital in silence. "So were are you going to go now?" Juli asked.

"I'll find a new pack I guess. Are you going to come with me?"

Juli looked down and began to cry. "I can't. I belong with my family. I'm sorry."

"I figured you would and it's probably for the best."

"Will you walk me home?" Griffen nodded.

They walked in silence once again till they reached her home. Juli looked straight into Griffen's eyes. "I love you, and I always will."

"Me too. Every time I see the moon I'll think of you," he said. Juli nodded.

"Good-bye," she said, giving him a kiss. And with that he left. "I'll see you again someday!" she called after him.

Slowly she turned to the door in tears and knocked on it. Angel came to the door sobbing. "Yes?" she said rubbing her eyes.

"Angel?" Juli said. Angel stopped rubbing her eyes and looked down.

"JULI!!!!" she shrieked picking her up and hugging her. "Oh, Juli I was so worried! Where were you?" she sobbed.

"Saying good-bye," Juli replied crying.

Juli spent the whole day explaining what happened to her. Angel apologised for what she had said about Griffen. "I'm sorry honey. You know everybody has heartbreak in their life at one time or another. And I know it hurts and it always will. You'll see him again though. It sounds like he really loves you. I know he'll come back sooner or later," Angel told her.

Juli did of course get grounded, but it soon was over. Angel wasn't too mad. But every night Julieta would go out under the stars and howl at the moon, and every night, she could have worn she heard Griffen howl back.

The End

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