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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 21st day of Hunting, Yr 21
The Neopian Times Week 101 > Continuing Series > Ezanna in Charge: Part Two

Ezanna in Charge: Part Two

by battlesunn

Ezanna awoke the next morning with a clear head and a refreshed spirit. He yawned and rubbed his eyes, glancing at his bedside clock.

     "Excellent!" he said, smiling. "It’s exactly five thirty AM!" The Krawk gently set down his clock and tiptoed quietly into Zarrelian’s room, pausing to chuckle at how ridiculous the Ixi looked while he was sleeping, cuddling a bedraggled Mynci plushie and fitfully kicking out every so often as he dreamed. Ezanna strode over to Zarrelian’s curtains and, without any hesitation, threw them open, allowing the sun to stream its blindingly bright rays into the darkened room.

     "Rise and shine, Zarrel!" he gleefully exclaimed.

     "Eeep!" Zarrelian yelped as he leapt out of bed, stumbling blindly around his room as he tried to adjust his eyes to the light. The Ixi turned and glared angrily at Ezanna.

     "Ezanna! What time is it?" he demanded. The Krawk grinned.

     "Five thirty AM! And we’re just in time to watch the sunrise, like any perfect family does!" Ezanna continued, blissfully unaware of the fact that Zarrelian had fallen asleep once again, his oversized head drooping down to the floor. Ezanna finally caught sight of Zarrelian and ferociously shook him awake.

     "Come on Zarrel, we have to go and wake Mordegan before dawn!" the Krawk growled.

     "Wuzzafugh?" Zarrelian sleepily replied, still too weary to communicate coherently. Ezanna grabbed the Ixi’s hoof and dragged him over to Mordegan’s room, where the peacefully slumbering Lupe was treated to a similar awakening as his brother.

     Ezanna, still bursting with unwavering enthusiasm, steered his lead-eyed brothers over to the NeoHome’s large picture window. The Krawk squashed his snout up to the glass and watched in fascination as the sun, a glowing yellow orb, rose over the lush green hill, trailing behind it thin wisps of pinkish clouds and illuminating every treetop, rock, twig and blade of grass in the yard. Ezanna gently breathed out in silent wonderment.

     "Isn’t it beautiful?" he exhaled. Mordegan yawned and twitched his bushy tail as Zarrelain slumped onto his shoulder, softly snoring. Ezanna narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms over his scaly chest, glaring at his brothers.

     "No breakfast until you experience this magical sunrise!" he snarled. Mordegan groaned and Zarrelian shot Ezanna a nasty look, but they complied. Mordegan propped himself up on the window ledge and Zarrelian scrambled up to the Lupe’s head so that he could get a better view. They stared silently at the sunrise for a few moments, but then Mordegan squinted at something off in the distance.

     "Hey… what’s that blue thing on the neighbor’s roof?" he asked, cocking his head quizzically to the side. Ezanna snorted.

     "What blue thing? Here, let me see." The Krawk pushed the two pets aside and stared out the window, peering at the unidentified blue blob on the neighbor’s roof. Ezanna gasped.

     "Oh no… that’s no blob… that’s Shelly’s Meowclops, Mr. Claws, and he’s stuck on the neighbor’s roof!" Ezanna moaned in despair and crumpled to the floor.

     "ARGH! Everything isn’t PERFECT! Shelly TRUSTED me, and what do I do? I ROOF her PETPET!"

     Mordegan raised a brow and glanced at Zarrelian, twirling a paw around his ear. The Ixi nodded in unspoken agreement. Ezanna continued to sob piteously into the carpet, his black and white scales trembling.

     "What I am going to do?" the Krawk whined. Mordegan sighed and knelt down beside his sniffling brother, twining a comforting paw around his shoulders.

     "Don’t worry Ezanna, we’ll get him down," the Lupe assured. Zarrelian scowled.

     "What do you mean ‘we’? I’m not risking my tail just to rescue some furry numbskull." He retorted. Both Mordegan and Ezanna glared at the Ixi, Ezanna rising shakily to his claws. He pointed a finger at Zarrelian and snorted contemptuously.

     "Come on, Zarrel. You can lead the way to the roof." The Krawk gave Zarrelian a small kick in the tail to get him moving, and then frog-marched the grumbling Ixi up to the attic, shoving him out a small window onto a narrow beam that led to the roof. Zarrelian was terribly afraid of heights, but he still managed to clamber along the precariously swinging beam and onto the roof. Mordegan followed, strutting confidentially along, not putting a single paw out of place. Ezanna exhaled, and then crawled carefully along the beam, spreading out his arms to help keep his balance.

     When they had all arrived safely on the roof, the three Pets shaded their eyes against the glaring sun and peered discontentedly at the roofed Meowclops, who was mewing pitifully. Zarrelian covered his ears with his hooves.

     "Oh, make him stop! He sounds so cute and helpless!" he cried. Ezanna rubbed his claws together.

     "All the more motivation for us to rescue him, boys," he stoutly replied. Mordegan rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

     "Any ideas as to how we’re going to get him down?" the Lupe asked. Ezanna tapped his tail against the shingles, a classic sign of deep thought. Finally, his eyes lit up and he snapped his claws.

     "I’ve got it! We’ll create a bridge, and then Mr. Claws, being the intelligent Petpet that he is, will simply walk down the bridge and into our arms," he explained. Zarrelain snorted.

     "Great plan, oh wise and inventive Krawk. You see any bridges around here?" the Ixi replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

     Mordegan scanned the horizon and smiled. "We could break a branch of that tree over there," he offered. Ezanna nodded.

     "That’ll do. Mordegan, go get us a branch." The Krawk ordered.

     Mordegan loped over to a huge tree that stood next to their NeoHome, its top branches waving softly in the wind. Mordegan got as close to the edge of the roof as he could and reached out a paw, snapping a good-sized branch of the ancient tree. He trotted back to Ezanna, and presented the Krawk with his branch. Ezanna patted Mordegan on the back and carefully placed the branch on the edge of the roof, the opposite end resting lightly on Mr. Claws’ roof. The three brothers grinned as the vivid blue Meowclops ventured out to the branch. Mr. Claws batted the branch with his paw, and sniffed it suspiciously. Ezanna laughed triumphantly.

     "Okay guys, here he comes! He’s just about to come walking down the bridge…"

     Finally, Mr. Claws placed one paw on the makeshift bridge. Mordegan gasped, Zarrelian rolled his eyes and Ezanna clenched his fists in anticipation. Then, without any warning, Mr. Claws began to purr and rub his head against the wood. Ezanna’s jaw dropped open in shock.

     "What is he doing? He’s supposed to be coming down the bridge, not rubbing his head against it!" the Krawk howled, stomping on the roof in rage. He was stomping quite hard, too, so it was really no surprise when his foot when right through the roof, creating a sufficient hole in the shingles. Zarrelian glanced from Mr. Claws, who was still rubbing his fuzzy head lovingly against the branch, and then to Ezanna, who was currently immersed in the difficult task of pulling his foot out of the hole. The Ixi sniggered.

     "Oh dear, looks like everything isn’t perfect."

To be continued...

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