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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 26th day of Sleeping, Yr 23
The Neopian Times Week 3 > Continuing Series > Lupina IV and the Ring of Power: Part Six

Lupina IV and the Ring of Power: Part Six

by thegreatlupelover

Read this story from the beginning!

The first trills of birdsong broke the morning air. I stood with my friends, watching a spectacular sunrise. Finally, Lily sighed and said, "Well, I guess it's time to go." We waved good-bye to the Uber-Earth Faerie and her attendant and took off into the morning air. We flew peacefully past some fluffy white clouds.

"Where are we going to get the Amulet of the Dark Faerie?" Rosy asked.

"The Dark Faerie lives in a cave near the Haunted Woods," Emala replied concentrating on the route. She was leading us.

We flew a few more miles. The Haunted Woods were in sight now. We fluttered down to the ground and entered the woods. Gnarled, spooky trees seemed to grab at us. We passed by the Witch's Tower. Edna the Witch leered at us. "You wouldn't be mean to a helpless old woman, would you?" she cackled, mixing her vile brew. We paid no heed. Nearby, the Esophagor moaned for food, but we ignored it. Finally, we came to the Scary Cave. We entered, tiptoeing past the young NeoPets who sat wide-eyed with fear listening to the stories. We passed out of the circle of firelight and into the shadows. I turned into a shadowed Kougra like Emala. We reached the back of the cave, or at least we thought it was the back of the cave. But Emala slipped into a crevice and we followed. The crevice quickly widened into a tunnel. I used Magic Torch and led the way. Suddenly, we heard a cackle of evil laughter. My Magic Torch went out. I quickly turned it back on. My friends were behind me. At the sight of my light, they hurried forward. Suddenly, they stopped. They couldn't go any further. Some unseen wall was blocking them. I went back and tried to reach them, but I couldn't. The same force was blocking me. I heard the evil laughter behind me and turned slowly. The Darkness Faerie stood there.

"So, you like my Invisible Wall, Lupina the Fourth?" the Darkness Faerie sneered. "Your great-grandmother was a tough fighter she was, I admit that she beat me, but I wasn't in my top physical form. Now I am, and facing a puny little wimp like you!" She laughed cruelly.

Stung by the insult, I prepared to battle. The Darkness Faerie waved her hand and we were transported to an arena. The Darkness Faerie made the first move. She used the ability Drain Life. I gasped as I weakened, but quickly used restore and flung a Supernova at her. She held out her hands, trying to shield herself from the intense light, but it was no good. It weakened her quite a bit. She used Night Time, but I used Night Vision and Grand Lightning Beam. The Darkness Faerie fell backward, shielding her eyes. This battle is easy! I thought. But the Darkness Faerie used a powerful Shadow Health to restore herself to full HP. I used a Rainbow Frost Cannon, an Icy Snowball, and the ability Mote Dance. The Darkness Faerie was frozen. I used a Tornado in a Bottle and a Trumpet of Deafening to further damage the Darkness Faerie. She drew a Sword of Domar and hurled it at me. I got a deep slash in my side, but I used Restore. Then I used Ultra Rainbow Flash and a Forest Sling. She was definitely weakening. She threw a Slave Collar. It encircled my neck. The Darkness Faerie laughed cruelly. She forced me to not attack at all. Then the Slave Collar crumbled to dust. With the fury of a thousand Lupes combined, I threw wave after wave of my most powerful blasts at her. My Lupe Moon Charm was glowing so brightly that it almost blinded me. Finally, the Darkness Faerie fell to the ground, defeated. I took the amulet from a common Dark Faerie standing nearby and was transported back to my friends. The Invisible Wall was gone. We flew back out over the Haunted Woods to camp that night halfway to Verdancia.


It was the next day. I had arrived at Verdancia with my friends, and we were seeking Lupe Moon Falls. We could hear its thundering roar in the distance. Following the sound, we soon came to the gigantic waterfall. I looked around. The only thing there was a table. I walked up to it and opened my pack. This was a queer table. On the left and right sides it had two rings sticking out of the sides, and on the front and back sides it had two hooks. On the top of the table, there was a spot that had been hollowed out.

I took the Wand of the Light Faerie out of my pack and slipped its handle through the ring on the right. Good. It fit perfectly. The Uber-Light Faerie appeared and stood at the edge of the clearing, smiling. Then I took the Staff of the Earth Faerie and slipped its handle through the ring on the left side. Again, it fit perfectly. The Uber-Earth Faerie appeared and stood beside the Light Faerie. Then, I hung the Necklace of the Water Faerie from the hook in front. The Uber-Water Faerie, looking pleased, appeared next to the Earth Faerie. Then I hung the Amulet of the Dark Faerie on the peg in the back. The Uber-Dark Faerie appeared with a sour look on her face. I took the Orb of the Fire Faerie and placed in the hollow on top of the table. The Fire Faerie appeared, wearing the latest clothes and looking quite fashionable. Finally, I removed the Circlet of the Air Faerie from my pack and put it in place. It hovered slightly above the Orb of the Fire Faerie. The Uber-Air Faerie appeared, and I saw a smile flicker across her beautiful face.

Everything was in place. The elemental Faeries formed a semicircle. I faced the waterfall and held out my paw above the circlet. I began to recite the poem. The Faeries and my friends joined in. As we progressed, each of the items began to glow brightly. When we came to the part that listed the items, I let the Faeries take their appropriate parts.

"A wand of light," the Light Faerie began. The Wand of the Light Faerie glowed especially bright, and my paw was surrounded by a ring of light.

"A circlet of Air," the Air Faerie continued. Gusts of wind came out of the Circlet of the Air Faerie and wrapped around my paw, entwining with the light.

"An orb of Fire," the Fire Faerie added. Spurts of fire emerged from the Orb of the Fire Faerie and joined the light and air.

"A necklace of Water," the Water Faerie sang. A chain of droplets added itself to the other elements.

"A staff of Earth," the Uber-Earth Faerie recited as a vine tendril grew out of the Staff of the Earth Faerie to add itself to the ring.

"An amulet of Darkness," the Uber-Darkness Faerie continued, looking a bit malevolent. Something black curled out of the Amulet of the Dark Faerie and formed the final part of the ring. But the ring was still only 6 different elements joined, it wasn't really a ring.

"And a ring to rule them all," finished the mysterious voice I had heard in the dream. And then the mystery person appeared before me. It was the Faerie Queen.

The elements glowed brightly and merged together to make a beautiful gold ring that flashed with the elements. The Faerie Queen spoke.

"Lupina the Fourth, you have succeeded on your quest. You are honored among Faeries. The ring you have obtained is the most treasured possession in the history of Neopia. When you are wearing it, you can do almost anything. Your quest was more difficult than you think. The ring was taken from the Faeries by the evils of Neopia and taken to the underworld, where it was kept in the Devil's palace. Only when the six most powerful items were gathered together and used in the proper way could the ring be retrieved. We Faeries could not do it ourselves, for although we are very wise and powerful Neopians we fight among ourselves. So we chose a NeoPet, pure of heart and mind, to embark on a quest to retrieve the ring. We chose you, Lupina. And you have succeeded beyond our wildest dreams."

I looked at the ring in awe. "So with this I can do almost anything?" I asked. The Faerie Queen nodded.

"Yes, but use it sparingly and only for the best purposes. If you use it greedily, or for some evil purpose, it will be returned to the Pant Devil, and this time he will take more care protecting it."

I was a bit worried. "Isn't it a bit, well - too powerful? I mean, if it fell into the wrong hands..."

The Faerie Queen laughed. "Lupina, as long as use it in only the most urgent of situations and for the good of Neopia, it will never leave you. You may pass it on to your direct descendants. Use it for the good of Neopia. When you are not using it, keep it locked behind a secret panel in Myra's house - I know she has many. Now, for Rosy, Lily, and Emala's rewards." My friends looked up in surprise. They hadn't been expecting a reward.

"First of all, each of you gets all the abilities from all the elements. By the way, I don't believe you gave Lupina her due abilities?" she turned to the Darkness Faerie, who cursed under her breath but gave me the abilities. "And then," the Faerie Queen continued, "you shall each get ten codestones and ten magic potions." She presented them with the items. "Finally," she concluded, "I will personally transport you and all your items back to your school. That is, after Lupina gives each of her items back to its owner." I presented the items to the Faeries. The Faerie Queen waved her hand, and we found ourselves in front of the magic school. We went in. Ms. Carma was at the door. She threw up her hands.

"What did you mean running off like that?" she exploded. "I was worried sick! You could have been destroyed or kidnapped for all we knew! Besides, you missed a week's worth of lessons!" She paused for breath. I quickly intervened.

"Oh, don't worry, we learned lots of magic," I said, winking at Rosy.

"Yeah, we sure have!" Rosy winked back.

The End

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