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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 1st day of Celebrating, Yr 22
The Neopian Times Week 84 > Short Stories > Story of the Aisha Brothers

Story of the Aisha Brothers

by hamsterz_r_best

Untitled Document Shawna looked long and hard out the window of the car. It was so boring to ride for 5 hours in the Express Way of Neopia Central JUST to get to a hotel called The Royal Neopian, especially on a hot Tuesday afternoon in June.

     She had two little green Aisha boys, Kiwi and Kawi. Kiwi was like a ringleader, able to take charge in anything. He was 11 months old, probably 7 or 8 in his human years. Kawi, on the other hand, was distinctively younger than his brother Kiwi, who was a lonely little Aisha who desperately wanted a friend. Kawi was 5 months old, which was probably 3 or 4 in his human years.

     Kiwi and Kawi's family were going to the amusement parks for the summer. The roads were jam packed with cars, and it looked like car ride would last another hour longer. Jen, Shawna's little brother asked "Are we there yet?" every 30 seconds and it felt like as if the family were trapped in a noisy cage. How typical.

     Eventually, they turned up at a restaurant. " 'Kay, everybody out," said Shawna's dad. Kawi peered out of the car and examined the surroundings.

     "Hey, do you think that's The Royal Neopian?" he asked.

     Now it was Kiwi's turn to look out the car. "Nope, don't think so. It doesn't say anything about it being Royal. Wanna get out now?"

     "Sure," Kawi replied, hopping out. "Man, the great outdoors is much better than the stuffy old car."

     "I agree," Kiwi said. "Come on, let's explore. We'll be back by the time Shawna returns."

     Kawi was reluctant, but he gave in eventually. "Okee then. Did you leave the green Aisha plushies in there?"

     "Yeah, come on!"

     And they were off. Little did they know that they were going to encounter the time of their lives.


     There was a blue Kacheek and his owner playing on a steep hill. The Kacheek's owner's name was Sammy.

     "Catch!" said Sammy. He tossed the ball to his Kacheek, and he missed - the ball bounced down the steep hill.

     "Uh oh," said the Kacheek. "I'll be right back!" He chased the ball down the hill, and the ball bounced out of sight. When he reached the foot of the hill, he searched behind the trees. Rustle, rustle, rustle went one of the trees. The Kacheek became suspicious.


     The ball rolled into sight. Right when he reached to get it -


     There landed Kiwi and Kawi, right on top of the Kacheek. Kawi sighed a breath of relief and said, "Wow. That was close. We're lucky that we didn't get hurt, right Kiwi?"

     "CLOSE?! HURT?!" The Kacheek lunged up over Kiwi and Kawi.

     The Aisha brothers trembled in fear. "RUN!!" they screamed, and they dashed for dear life.

     "That Kacheek's a savage!" cried Kiwi. "Don't you think we should go back to the car?!"

     "WAIT!" A familiar voice was heard. The Kacheek!!

     "Noo, he's gaining on us! We're history!!" screamed Kawi. "There's the parking lot, jump into the--"

     Beep beep, SCREECH

     "Oh no, do you think that was our car leaving the parking lot?" said Kiwi after the car disappeared out of sight.

     "Was it a maroon Jeep?" asked Kiwi.

     "Yes… Oh NOO!!" Kawi's eyes grew large.

     "Hey kids, are you okay?" asked the Kacheek. He no longer looked like a savage.

     Kawi started to sob. "Our c-car l-l-left u-us and n-now we'll be s-s-stuck h-here f-forever."

     "Oh, that's sad," said the Kacheek. "Say, are you moving to Neopia Central by any chance?"

     "No," Kiwi said sadly. "We're just on vacation here for the summer. The Royal Neopian's the place."

     "Hmm, the Royal Neopian," the Kacheek went deep into thought. "I know where it is!"

     Kiwi and Kawi suddenly turned bright. "You do?" they said hopefully.

     But the Kacheek's face fell. "Unfortunately, I have no idea how to get there from here. I'll help you look, though."

     So the Kacheek, Kiwi, and Kawi set off down the road in search of The Royal Neopian. The roads were on the Express Way were very long, and they never knew how long it would take. To make things worse, they never knew that they were going to encounter many unfortunate events along the way.

     The day was long and hot, and at long last, the Express Way came to an end. But that wasn't the end of the story. No, not even nearly. Apparently they approached a park. "Let's take a break," said the Kacheek.

     Kiwi and Kawi were disappointed that they hadn't reached the Royal Neopian, but were they glad to finally sit down! However, there was no place to sit. The park was very crowded. It was packed with tourists of Neopia, with their pets.

     "Oh my lucky stars! I have found them!" A fat old lady scooped up Kiwi and Kawi and carried them away.

     "Huh? We're not your pets!" said Kiwi. But the lady ignored their protests and walked on, further and further away from the Kacheek.

     "HELP!!" screamed Kawi. "HELP!!" He and Kiwi struggled with all their might. Kiwi managed to wriggle out and jump down, but Kawi was taken further away.

     "I'll go get the Kacheek and get help!" shouted Kiwi. He ran back to the park. It was even more difficult than before to get through the park, because it was getting more jammed by the second. Finally Kiwi reached the center of the park. The fortunate thing was this, the Kacheek was still there.

     "Omigoodness, You got to help!" said Kiwi.

     The Kacheek looked up. "Hey kid, where's your brother?"

     "Some fat old lady took him, and we got to get him back!"

     "A fat lady?! We got to track them down!" The two Neopets pushed their way through the crowd and wriggled their way into the Neopian Bazaar.

     They searched everywhere, from the Beauty shop to the Battle Magic Shop. Not too much longer were they exhausted, and about to collapse. But before they did, a Chia police from behind said, "Look, abandoned pets. Throw them into the pound." The pound!

     The next few moments were like a blur to the Kacheek and Kiwi. First they were next to Hubert's Hot Dog stand, and next they were chucked into a cold, dark cellar with all the other Neopets.

     "This is a nightmare," said Kiwi. "We're lost, Kawi's gone, and NOW we're in the pound." Then a familiar sobbing voice came from the back of the cellar. It was vague at first, but then the voice was unmistakable. It was definitely Kawi's.

     Once again, Kiwi and the Kacheek pushed through the crowd, following Kawi's voice. They kept searching until they saw Kawi himself, covered with bruises.

     "Holy cow!" said Kiwi. "What did the fat lady do to you?"

     "W-well, she t-t-took m-me h-home t-t-to her h-h-house and t-then s-she realized t-that I wasn't t-the A-aisha she was looking f-for. She also w-w-whipped me b-because I w-wasn't h-her A-Aisha Mikalina. S-she a-a-also s-said that I l-lost her other A-Aisha L-L-likainna."

     "Woh, she's a devil," said the Kacheek. "But we still haven't solved all our problems yet." Later, the summer heat abruptly grew intense. A few minutes later, the Kacheek smelled smoke. A second later, he saw smoke. You can't get smoke without... FIRE!

     "FIRE!" the Kacheek yelled. "FIRE FIRE FIRE IN THE POUND!"

     "Fire?" the other pets murmured. Then they all saw the smoke and flames, and started to panic. "FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!" they shouted long, loud, and over and over again. Of course, the pets were locked up, so there was no way they could escape.

     After 10 seconds, Dr_Death and Rose were on their way, unlocking the cellar. After 30 seconds, everybody was out of the burning building. "Man, that was a close call!" said the Kacheek as he watched all the crying pets. "You kids okay?" Kiwi and Kawi nodded, too shocked to talk.

10 minutes later...

     "That was such a big adventure, wasn't it, Kiwi," said Kawi.

     "But not all is accomplished yet," said the Kacheek. "We still have to find The Royal Neopian." He looked at the sky. It was starting to turn pink "But on the other hand, it's starting to get dark, so our search might have to wait until tomorrow."

     Once more, the Aisha brothers became disappointed. "We do?"

     The Kacheek frowned. "Sorry to break it to you, but... huh?" He looked up. "There it is! That's the Royal Neopian!" And there it was, right in front of their eyes. The building had big neon letters saying, "THE ROYAL NEOPIAN".

     "HOORAY!" shouted the Aisha brothers, hugging each other. Kawi started his way to the door, but Kiwi waited. "Thanks, Kacheek," he said. "We couldn't have done it without you."

     The Kacheek smiled. "Big Bluey's the name. You can come over to my house whenever you want. 89576 Soup Alley. What's your name, by the way?"

     "My name is Kiwi, and my little brother is Kawi. Nice meeting you." Then Kiwi turned and walked to the door. Big Bluey was happy he helped the little Aishas. But he thought, But not all the problems are solved yet, because how in Neopia will I get home??

The End

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